Void also noticed that the evil Zen master was coming, so he quickly walked to the master and said, "Master, why are you here?"

Go to the evil Zen master and ask curiously: "Empty, in the past, at this time, you all ran early and disappeared, why are you all still practicing today!"

If they had changed before, they would have left one by one, and now I am afraid that there is only one person in the void, but today they are all practicing one by one, and they are so devoted, when are they so energetic.

"Master, they have been stimulated, so they work overtime to practice."

"What stimulus?"

"The little junior brother only practiced one-finger meditation today, and now he can break a 100-meter target with one finger."

"100 meters?"

It's a little confused to go to the evil Zen master!

There is no mistake, you must know that a person like him who is in the free realm, one finger Zen has only cultivated to more than two hundred meters.

As a result, he told him that Li Xiangxian was already 100 meters, and he must know that Li Xiangxian was only in the innate realm, and he could not compare with him at all, and the result was that he could break 100 meters.

After all, he still underestimated Lee Sang-hsien's talent, this kid's future is promising, it's really amazing!


I still don't believe it when I go to the evil Zen master, you must know that Kong is a grandmaster master, and the result is not ten meters.

It can't be said that he is stupid, but it is true that he has not opened his mind, and he has been taught by the evil Zen master no less than twenty times, but he still has not broken through.

"All the disciples saw with their own eyes, originally we thought it would be difficult to break ten meters, who knew that he broke fifty meters."

"Later, I checked it and found that the 100-meter target was also broken by him."

At that time, he was not convinced, but later went to see the target a hundred meters away and discovered the mystery.

The evil Zen master was very happy, so he continued to ask: "I see that you are practicing a seventy meter target, and it was difficult for you to even break twenty before."

"This is the guidance of the little junior disciple, so all of us have greatly improved our one-finger meditation."

"What he said."

They said the tricks that Li Xiangxian had taught them, and they couldn't help but be surprised when they went to the evil Zen master, and from the tips in it, it really greatly increased the speed of cultivation.

But the one-finger meditation is to make people calm down, not to evolve into a killing move, which is equivalent to Lee Xiangxian abandoning the role of meditation and focusing entirely on attack.

"The power of practicing in this way is indeed amazing, but without the meaning of Zen, it cannot make people calm their hearts."

"Master, then do we still practice?"

"Well, just practice according to what your little junior brother taught! After all, it is still strength that speaks. "


Go to the evil Zen master is very clear in his heart, respect martial arts, as long as you are strong in martial arts, others will not dare to provoke you, your words are authority, and your fist is the truth.

If it weren't for the inferior martial arts back then, why did you come here, what Zen, it was all nonsense, your martial arts skills are high, you naturally know what Zen is.

High martial arts, say something that everyone does not understand, and then you pretend to be unfathomable, you are a high-level monk.

In a word: pretending is over!

He used to be a lay family member and naturally admired those high monks, but later he became a high monk in the eyes of others and understood this truth.

There are any high-ranking monks, but if you don't read a few books, if you talk nonsense, you layman thinks it makes sense.

After all, the truth needs to be talked about with a fist, so what is Zen, that's all shit, everyone's strength has improved, that is the king.

He will naturally support Lee Sang-hsien's approach, and Lee Sang-hyun also crawled out of the pile of dead people, and if he wants to live, he must have strength.


In the early morning, Li Xiangxian had found a very high place, meditated and basked in the sun, and he was practicing the Great Law of the Yanyang and absorbing the sun of the rising sun.

This place is very good, it is meditating on the treetops, definitely the first person, can do this, the whole courtyard is a master.

Of course, Uncle Shi's "where to go" may also be, he is not in the courtyard now, he went to the Shaolin Temple, naturally he went to communicate.

It is likely that the elders of the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion can also do it, but they are unknown.

Everyone was also convinced, Li Xiangxian was able to be as light as a swallow, and he could meditate on the treetops, this ability is absolutely unique.

"Little junior brother, senior brother has a problem."

He still wanted to cultivate a finger of Zen to a hundred meters away, and he could shoot others like a gun, and specially came to visit Li Xiangxian and let him point him out.

Li Xiangxian heard someone call him, stepped into the air, and looked at the empty road with a puzzled expression: "Senior brother, why are you here?"

"Little Junior Brother, I just want to ask you how this finger Zen can break through 100 meters with one finger."

"Senior brother, didn't I already say it yesterday?"

Yesterday he had already said it clearly, could it be that he was distracted and did not remember.

You know, the master brother does not want to do a finger of Zen, but wants to learn other things, the master brother must be idle and have nothing to do.

"Senior brother, you go and bring the Lenga Sutra, and then you will naturally be able to break through a hundred meters with one finger."

Empty confused, but still did as Li Xiangxian said, took a hand-copied lenga and handed it to Li Xiangxian.

"Senior brother, I don't need this thing, but let you practice it, and reciting the Lenga Sutra backwards is an exercise."


Kong was taken aback, knowing that he had copied this Lenga Sutra by hand at least fifty times, but he did not find it, but Li Xiangxian found it.

It won't be to deceive him, Yukong immediately looked up according to what Li Xiangxian said, and the more he looked, the more wrong it became, and practiced according to the above.

Sure enough, a pure yang power was slowly born, and the empty eyes were as big as Tongling, is this the golden house in the book?

"Senior brother, don't call me for lunch."

After Li Xiangxian said this, he once again used the Void Escape Technique, and he was already slightly above, slowly meditating, absorbing the essence of the sun.


Looking at the little junior brother's divine void escape, the void was also startled, just now he was obviously still around, how could the person disappear all of a sudden.

Thinking that his name is Li Xiangxian, it seems to make sense, now with this precious divine skill, practice first and then talk.

Naturally, he practiced alone for a while before going to teach all the disciples.

You can't throw the sutra at them and let them cultivate!

Li Xiangxian absorbed the essence of the sun and moon in the morning, remembering the seven absolute realms that Emperor Shitian had mentioned before, and the old guy thought that he finished speaking quickly, and he couldn't remember it at all.

As everyone knows, Li Xiangxian is not an ordinary person, he has long remembered all those martial arts that Emperor Shitian said, and the seven endless realms are similar to the void escape technique.

Of course, the two are also very different, but they are both peerless good exercises to avoid enemy attacks, escape, and hunt down.

Emperor Shitian once said that the Seven Endless Realms can turn the body into a quantum state, and it can be reorganized at will, immune to all attacks.

First of all, this Seven Infinite Realm Divine Skill can decompose itself into atoms, and then within a certain range, it can be recombined anywhere.

Of course, this range has a threshold, otherwise it is across space.

But this alone can be said to be rare in the world.

Di Shitian, Di Shitian, you deceived me as a child, I can't remember your exercises, smart but clever and mistaken, how can an old guy who has lived for more than a thousand years put a six-year-old doll in his eyes.

With a preliminary idea, plus understanding the principle of the exercises, Li Xiangxian had already begun to try, and over and over again, his skills were too shallow.

But Li Xiangxian still forcibly cultivated, just because of the sunlight, he had the strength to not play, and it was still a little difficult to decompose himself into atoms.

After nine nine or eight thousand attempts, Li Xiangxian seems to have touched the threshold, and today's practice can be regarded as complete.

"Reap the credit."

Lee Sang-hyun is ready to, and then goes back!

Who knew that when he looked down, he couldn't help but shout: "What about my kun? Who stole my kun? "

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