Li Xiangxian was stupid, his Kun Kun was still so small, and then it was stolen by someone, and all thoughts were ashen, and he accidentally fell from it.

These seven boundless realms are really a pit daddy, Li Xiangxian reached out and touched it, and found that he was back, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

What kind of sword spectrum to ward off evil, it is not as good as these seven endless realms, and the tumor disappeared after practice.

This is not a miracle, it is a painless excision.

[You have cultivated the Seven Boundless Realms, you have an epiphany, you draw inferences from one example, you have created a divine skill that can restrain the Seven Infinite Realms: Yanyang Phaseless! ] 】

You must know that the Seven Infinite Realm can dodge all attacks, and it is the strongest defensive martial art.

A person who has practiced this move is theoretically invincible, and no one can hurt him.

The key to the seven realms of nothingness: take qi to retain form, turn qi into form, turn void into reality, and escape into nothingness.

As long as the internal qi can be condensed, it can be transformed into the God of War form.

Cultivate to the highest realm, there will be no phase to break the vitality, and when you reach this realm, you can turn the void into reality, turn nothing into nothing, and break the extraordinary realm of the yuan and destroy!

This is where the Seven Endless Realm is really powerful, extraordinary, and no longer belongs to the category of martial arts.

And the Yanyang Phaseless Divine Skill, can fight the fire with thought, there is no gap, and can also transform the body into a flame form to avoid attacks.

In principle, it is the same as the Seven Endless Realms, and it can also transform flames into entities and virtual and real transformations.

Both can make themselves escape into the realm of nothingness, and Yanyang Wuxiang Divine Skill, in the opponent's use of the Seven Infinity Divine Skill, you use Yanyang Wuxian Divine Skill, you can absorb the opponent's internal force.

Once the internal force is lost, then the person loses the fulcrum, and someone has lost its steel bar and collapsed with a bang.

When you practice to the highest level, you can directly digest people, just like people absorb nutrients, and all good things are sucked away, leaving waste.

Take its essence, remove its waste, the hot sun is phaseless, and the fire is merciless!


Finally, there is a technique that can restrain Emperor Shitian, which is what Li Xiangxian wants.

Emperor Shitian alone can live for more than a thousand years, and people who believe that the Nine Heavens are guilty, and they did not discover the existence of Emperor Shitian, which is really a bit outrageous.

It can only be said that Di Shitian is really meticulous, and it is more than a thousand years, and it really belongs to this one.

Li Chungang, Luo Qingyang and the like are certainly powerful, but can they be compared with Emperor Shitian these days?

What a sword opens the gate of heaven, it sounds very powerful, the emperor released the angel with a move and seven endless realms, who can help him.

The so-called Gate of Heaven is just a passage, a passage to other places.

The world only knows nine days, but they don't know that there are still ten places, that is the legendary immortal world, of course, it is not the real immortal world.

Of course, these things are still far from Li Xiangxian, and he must be happy that he can now realize the exercises that restrain the Emperor Shi Tian's martial arts.

Anyway, a monster that has lived for more than a thousand years is naturally very strong, and wants to take the dragon yuan from him.

There must be a way to restrain the other party, so calculated, now Li Xiangxian has two exercises comparable to Emperor Shitian.

"Forget it, don't think about it, I haven't eaten for a day, so it doesn't grow tall."

Then he hurried to the dining room, everyone was already seated, and now Lee Sang-hyun and the evil Zen master did not come.

"Little junior brother, come and sit here with me."

As soon as he saw Li Xiangxian coming, he directly let him sit next to him, because today's meal can be regarded as a celebration banquet.

With the pure yang exercises in the Lenga Sutra, the lowest cultivation of those present is innate, and seventy percent of the people before are acquired.

As a result, since obtaining that exercise, everyone's internal strength has greatly increased, and they have stepped into the innate, grandmaster, and void has also stepped into the half-step Tianyuan realm, that is, the grandmaster.

There is a huge gap between the grandmaster and the Tianyuan, so there is a saying that the grandmaster is a half-step Tianyuan, making up for the gap between the two martial arts realms, so the comparison is three-dimensional.

They were able to make such great progress one by one, it was all the credit of Li Xiangxian, if it were not for him, they would not have been able to find it by copying the Lenga Sutra 10,000 times.

Everyone naturally gave up the front position to Li Xiangxian, plus Li Xiangxian is young, and the senior brother should let the senior brother also do that.

I went to the dining room and immediately noticed that something was wrong, today's food is a little good, and meat, this is not right.

In addition, the evil Zen master also found that everyone's cultivation seemed to have improved a lot, which made him wonder in his heart.

What happened?

As a strong man in the Vajra Realm, he was shocked to see through everyone's cultivation realm at a glance.

The big apprentice is already a half-step Tianyuan realm, and he only needs an opportunity to break through and become a Tianyuan realm powerhouse.

Wuhe is also a grandmaster realm, knowing that their talent is also good, but they didn't expect it to be so fast.

No, go to the evil Zen master immediately began to investigate, this does not know, a probe is shocked.

Except for them, everyone has grown, and none of the people present have an acquired realm, and two-thirds of them are acquired before.

I didn't see it for a day, and I became stronger, which is still an improvement in overall strength.

If one or two people go up in cultivation, they don't think it's a fuss to go to the evil Zen master, and the problems are all raised!

The evil Zen master wondered in his heart: "What kind of creation can greatly increase the strength of the enlightened Zen master?"

"Master, you are here!"

As soon as he saw the evil Zen master coming, he quickly shouted.

The evil Zen master came over, saw the manuscript of the Lenga Sutra in his empty hand, and then sat down and said in a positive tone:

"It's empty, it's time to eat, what are you still doing with the scriptures?"

"By the way, why have you improved your cultivation a lot."

This is what the evil Zen master is curious about, to know that the empty time is not hard, plus when eating, you are not allowed to look at these things, he is knowingly committing it.

Seeing this, he respectfully handed the manuscript of the Lenga Sutra to the evil Zen master.

This makes the evil even more surprised, why did you give this thing to me.

What, can there still be beautiful women in your manuscript?

"Master, you look at the Lenga Sutra upside down."

Go to the evil Zen master is even more puzzled, the scriptures are read backwards, isn't that bullshit?

But he still took the Leng Jia Sutra and slowly looked up from behind, this look did not matter, and his pupils shook instantly.

This is a cultivation method of exercises, trying to cultivate according to the above path, and found that this thing is a pure yang exercise, which is simply created for Buddhist disciples.

Everyone was staring at the evil Zen master, because when they knew about this, they were even more exaggerated, not only their eyes, but also their mouths were wide open.

The evil Zen master's eyes were full of shock, as a host, this Lenga Sutra was copied no less than a hundred times, memorized it thoroughly, and the result was that he never discovered this secret.

"This turned out to be a pure yang exercise, I told you a long time ago, read the book a hundred times to see its own righteousness, the book has its own golden house, now you know!"

The evil Zen master was naturally surprised, but he also reacted quickly, calmed the excitement in his heart, and smiled lightly.

Go to the evil Zen master is very clear in his heart that this pure yang technique is definitely a rare martial art, comparable to a finger Zen, unfathomable.

If you can cultivate to the extreme, it is pure Yang Wuji, which is too suitable for everyone to cultivate.

When the sky and the others saw the master, who had always been as stable as an old dog, he gaffed twice, which is really rare!

"It's time for dinner!"

In order to alleviate the embarrassment, the evil Zen master said with a kind face, and gave the scripture empty.

The crowd also began to cook.

The evil Zen master looked at the little apprentice Li Xiangxian and knew that this matter should have been discovered by Li Xiangxian.

Except for him, the others have been in the courtyard for so many years, I don't know how many times they copied it, but they still didn't find it, only Li Xiangxian was new.

Coupled with his extraordinary talent, he was the most discerning person among all the disciples, and no one could find him except him.

Eating like this, no one spoke, and finally went to the evil Zen master and spoke.

"Who found out?"

"Little Junior Brother!"

"So read more, read more, and you will be able to discover the mystery."

"This is the wisdom of our ancestors! In order to preserve the long history of martial arts, it is a scripture and a martial art backwards. "

Everyone: Master, you have seen more than all of us, why didn't you find out?


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