Chapter 111: Peach Rabbit! See you in our new world!

“In the next time you are going to go to the New World, think about it, sooner or later the navy will withdraw the title of the Seven Martial Seas under the king, and then Han Cook will definitely be rewarded, and nine snake islands will certainly not be spared, in order to avoid trouble, I plan to move away together.”

Luo Qi said it very easily, but it made the Warring States all freeze. Even the donuts delivered to the mouth forgot to chew!

Moving an island away for fear of trouble? Can normal people do this kind of thing?

Looking at their surprised expressions, Luo Qi shrugged helplessly and opened his mouth.

“I met the escaped Golden Lion on the Great Passage before, and this guy wanted to grab the God Forbidden Zone potion in my hand to restore his broken legs, so I solved him and temporarily gained his ability, thinking that it could not be wasted before the ability disappeared, so I simply moved Hydra Island away. ”

The Golden Lion is dead…? This one.

Warring States they directly grew mouths, and even the donuts in the mouths of Warring States fell to the ground.

“Has Poja Hancock decided to give up his position as king of the Seven Martial Seas?”

Sengoku regained his senses and asked Rozaki about it.

“No, strictly speaking, it is not to abandon the Seven Martial Seas under the King, but to wait for the Navy to abolish the system of the Seven Martial Seas under the King, during which time they do not listen to the tune or listen to the announcement.”

Luo Qi replied very bluntly.

The Warring States, who had stepped down from their positions as marshals, would no longer pay any attention to the tedious affairs of the Navy and were basically in a state of rarely returning to the Naval Headquarters. Not to mention.

Up to now, Rozaki has no intention of hiding anything.

Under the strong power, the strategy and strategy have become meaningless.


“Marshal of the Warring States, they are all out of office, don’t put on such a serious attitude, we are not enemies, fighting, killing and killing things, I have no interest in participating, so how, today you let me take away a few people, back to the new world, I invite you to eat a big dinner.”

Luo Qi turned his head and pointed to the several ships behind him, and then he began to propose.

Several people were speechless.

When I first started doing business, I didn’t let it go step by step. Now take care of yourself, and want to send them off at a big meal.

Sengoku and Karp are certainly not happy, not to mention that these are still sea thieves.

“I have been demoted, and now I am a lieutenant general, but I can’t afford the title of marshal, Luo Qi, you can’t go away with these pirates, and if the navy touches the sea thieves, it is not possible.”

I saw the expressions on the faces of several people.

Luo Qi smashed his mouth, immediately understood the meaning of several people, and then opened his mouth again.

“So be it! Warring States… Sir, Lieutenant General Karp, Lieutenant General Crane, I alone told you a secret, how about the chip for the change? ”

As soon as I heard this. The three of them were instantly interested.

Karp, in particular, was the first to say yes.

Pirates can’t be caught, and they can be caught at any time, and he is more willing to listen to secrets than to catch pirates. Look at Karp’s attitude.

Sengoku and cranes don’t have much to say.

Neither a definitive answer nor a rejection was given.

Luo Qi understood and immediately reached out and pointed at Kapu’s forehead. Moment!

The image of Ace being sent back to Windmill Village by Shanks appeared in Karp’s mind. Tears immediately welled up in Cap’s bloodshot eyes.

Wait until Rozaki finishes the picture.

The old man actually cried loudly, crying and laughing.

Both Sengoku and Lieutenant General Tsuru couldn’t help but wonder what Rozaki had shown Karp that could make him so out of shape.

“Rozaki! Thank you! ”

After a long time, Karp calmed down and thanked him very sincerely. At this moment, Karp’s heart was redeemed.

…… Then.

Razaki walked towards sengoku again, wanting to repeat the picture while getting the sengoku’s abilities in hand. But the Sengoku guy was very clever, and directly took a step back and said.

“If you want to tell me anything, just say, I don’t want you to get my ability to do something wrong.”

Skimming his lips, Luo Qi silently complained in his heart.

When did he mess up, he sighed and reached out to make a gesture of please. Leading the Warring States to the side, he whispered.

“Your old partner, former Admiral Ichizawa of the Naval Headquarters, will soon defect from the Navy.”

The Warring States were stunned.

He didn’t expect that the news that Luo Qi had told him would be this. But how credible is Rasa’s words?

At least in trading, he can be sure that it is 100% credible.

It was just that he wondered what had caused Zepha to defect from the Navy.

Luo Qi knew that Sengoku was curious. But he didn’t tell him.

Because all this is the trouble caused by the imminent red dog.

It was necessary to recruit a Whitebeard II who had a vendetta against Zefa to become the King of the Seven Martial Seas…

Taking a few quick steps away from the Sengoku, Rasazaki walked over to Lieutenant General Tsuru again, opened his mouth again, and whispered the same thing.

“You’ve been hunting down Don Quixote Doflamingo all along, and if I told you that one day he would be defeated by Cap’s grandson Luffy, would you believe it?”

Just this one sentence.

It complicates the crane’s eyes.

The look in Luo Qi’s eyes was also full of curiosity. It seems like this guy.

Always grasp what everyone cares about most.

Luo Qi shrugged his shoulders without question, and immediately said.

“The deal has been made, and now I’ll take the people I need, and leave the rest at your disposal.”


The body took off and flew.

He flew towards the four boats, and halfway through the flight, Rasa suddenly turned and winked at Momo-doo Gion and smiled.

“Lieutenant General Peach Rabbit!” We’ll see you again in the New World! ”


Body drops.

It fell straight into the ship where the Wald Pirates were located. Just landed on deck.

Everyone tensed up.

“Just listened to Binjack, Nechen, they said, you are the most popular big celebrity this year, powerful, even known as the sea

“Business wizard.”

“The King of Arms?”

Only Bundy Walder, looking at him with disdain, obviously had just learned the identity of Luo Qi, but he did not know how strong Luo Qi’s strength really was!


Luo Qi was not happy 2.1 Fun and an old guy who had taken away the ability of the Demon Fruit by himself, and said coldly.

“I came to you, just to ask for a person with you, give Me The Nechen, I can give you the opportunity to escape from the Navy, as to whether you can escape is your business, if you don’t pay, then I will change my way!”

“Snort! People are small and big! When I became famous on the sea, you were not born yet! ”

Bundy Wald snorted coldly.

Luo Qi did not hesitate to launch the Overlord Color Domineering Spirit! Moment.

The violent domineering spirit that was as violent as substance instantly impacted the entire Wald Pirate Regiment. Even the black Maria, Charlotte Brinn, bellow Betty on both sides.

Even the Cap and the Warring States on the warships felt the powerful domineering pressure. Dark clouds rolled in the sky.

Make the whole sea tremble with it!

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