"Brother, I want to go to the Spell High School!"

Gojo family, a silver-haired teenager who looked eight points similar to Gojo Gojo, said with a serious face.

The boy's words surprised Gojou, who wore sunglasses and had his hair hanging down.

Because the boy is not someone else, but his own brother, Gojo Kaede.

It's just different from him, a super genius who was recognized as the successor of the Gojo family shortly after he was born.

His own brother, who is eleven years younger than him, is just an ordinary person by nature because of heaven and curses.

If it weren't for the fact that the Gojo family, one of the three families of the Gojo, was headed by Gojo Gojo, Gojo Kaede's fate would definitely be as miserable as Fuhei Shir and Zenin Maki.

After all, the old stubborns of the Royal Three Families all care about the bloodline of their juniors.

"Have you figured it out?"

Although some time ago, Gojo Goku accepted Zen-in Maki, a student similar to Gojo Kaede.

But spellsmiths are still a blood-licking industry in the end.

Without great determination and perseverance, you can't do it as an ordinary person.

In particular, Gojo's younger brother is still a well-known loser and scrap material among the three royal families.

If it weren't for him, his own brother would have been expelled from the house a long time ago.

"Well, I'm sure!"

Gojo Kaede said affirmatively.

"Don't worry about it, give you two more days to think about it in the end, and I'll ask you again in two days."

Gojo didn't immediately agree.

Because he knew how unreconcilable and lazy his younger brother was.

I was afraid that he was a hot decision, so I was ready to give him two days to calm down.

And then, two days later, he happened to have another transfer student.

"Think about it at home, I still have to go beforehand!"

After speaking, Gojo realized disappeared in an instant.

Gojo Kaede looked at Gojo Gojo, who disappeared in an instant, and also shrugged helplessly.

"If you guy weren't for his invincible talent, his reputation wouldn't be much better than mine!"

After complaining, Gojo Kaede turned and walked towards the garden.

Gojo Kaede is a crosser.

It's been sixteen years since you traveled to the world of spells.

Originally, after learning that he had crossed into the spell world, Gojo Kaede was extremely excited.

But after learning that he was born with no much fate with the spell master because of the relationship between heaven and curses, he was sad for a while.

But fortunately, he crossed into the Gojo family, and Gojo became the head of the Gojo family very early.

Therefore, in the past sixteen years, Wujo Feng has also lived an incomparably rich and luxurious life as a young master.

Just when Gojo Kaede had given up the idea of making a big show in this world and was ready to be a loser of the Gojo family in peace.

A god-level check-in system was suddenly activated last year.

After a year of check-in, Gojo also has a certain strength.

And roughly understand the rules of this check-in system.

That is, the more dangerous and cursed the place to check in, the richer the reward.

That's what happened just now.

"Ding--check-in cool-off period is over, do you clock in and sign in?"

Just as Gojo Kaede was walking in the garden, a system prompt sounded in his mind.

"Sign in!"

"Ding - Congratulations to the host for successfully checking in and getting the skill reward 'Instantaneous'"

After hearing the system's prompt tone, Gojo Kaede also showed a surprised expression.

"It's really Emperor Ou's possession, and he actually made another grand prize."

This god-level check-in system is convenient and simple.

And be able to check in whenever and wherever you want.

But the rewards for checking in are also varied.

What Go nine dan, piano level 6, cooking special level, little brother increase two centimeters and so on....

Most of them are not used for birds.

There are only a handful of useful rewards for him.

Also, the more you check in to the same place, the lower your chances of getting a good reward.

That's why he was so happy after hearing that he actually drew the "instantaneous step" of the Grim Reaper World this time.

When even clicked on the system panel.

[Host: Gojo Kaede].

[Level: Quasi-Level 1].

[Combat skills: Navy Six Style, Instantaneous Step, Elementary Sight and Smell Domineering].

[General skills: cooking special, piano level 6...].

"It's really still too weak!"

After glancing at his character panel, Gojo Kaede muttered.

He had seen the spell return battle in his previous life, don't look at the first level sounds very strong.

In reality, however, it is not safe to reach the Premium Class.

You look at the first-level Nankai Jianren, and the strongest Zen-in Naobi in the first-level, how bullhide it looks.

In the end, they besieged the Special Curse together during the Shibuya Incident, resulting in one death and one injury.

Therefore, when the strength is too weak, it is absolutely impossible to expose the strength blindly.

Isn't he fragrant to sign in?

Invincible and wasted him again, isn't it fragrant?

There is also a cooldown period for check-ins in the same place, and the more check-ins, the longer the cooldown period.

So after Gojo's twenty check-ins, the cooldown period for the next check-in will be up to six months.

However, Gojo Kaede didn't care, because he would be going to the Spell High School in two days, and presumably if he signed in there, the reward would definitely not be worse.

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