The spell masters were already preparing for death, waiting for the decisive battle to break out.

Who would have thought that after a simple chat, the decisive battle would be canceled.

The enemy suddenly retreated?

"What is the situation? Why did that group of spell spirits suddenly stop fighting? "

"Divert Heroes Guild? Is this an initiative to find Gojo Kaede for a duel? "

"Whew—there's a sense of relief!"

When the spell masters were confused, the special spell masters and Leyan Temple who stood at the forefront were also stunned.

"This—just leaving?"

Ninety-nine Yuji said in surprise.

"Whew – what a blessing!"

The lower part of the day also let out a long breath, and said with a face full of feelings for the rest of his life.

"It's not good, we have to stop him and give Gojo Kaede time to prepare!"

Otoku didn't expect that he just said it casually.

This is the case.

After "Eight Eight Seven" saw Otoku's worried and anxious appearance, Leyansi said indifferently:

"No need, I'm afraid that little devil of Gojo Kaede has already run away, and this group of guys can't find anything after they pass, which just gives us more time to prepare."

Although it is said that it is so, the heart of Rakuiwaji Temple is to hope that Gojo Kaede is at the headquarters of the Hero Association.

Because in this way, after these two guys fought and lost both, he took a group of spell masters to kill them all.

Being able to get rid of his two henchmen in an instant is simply killing two birds with one stone.

After hearing Leyanji's words, Otoku also showed an angry expression.

However, he did not stop there, but let Rika take off with herself, looking at the group of spell masters and shouting:

"Everyone, Gojo Kaede is our only hope, if we let this group of spells destroy Gojo Kaede's plan, we will never have any future!"

"Everyone, come with me to the headquarters building of the Hero Guild to resist the spell and give Gojo Kaede enough time to complete his plan!"

Under Otoku's remarks, a large group of spell masters in Wuyang all showed a look of numbness and disbelief.

"Cut, what Gojo Kaede is the only system? That guy has long run away! "

"Yes, who wants to go with you." At such a critical juncture, he actually hid at the back, and now it was his turn to experience the feeling of despair! "

After experiencing the oppression of death, all the spell masters burst into a strong desire for life.

Therefore, I didn't believe Otoku's words at all, and I didn't want to believe them.

Now they just want to live well today.

Among the numb group of spell masters, Aoi Higashido took the lead and stood up.

"I'll go with you!"

He doesn't have much of a deep friendship with Gojo Kaede, but he trusts his best friend Yujin Knotweed.

"I'll go too!"

Zen-in Shinyi also walked out.

Although she is worried about her sister's departure, she still cares about Maki in the end.

After seeing that both of them stood out, Miwa Xia also gritted her teeth and walked out.

Her impression of Gojo Kaede is not bad, coupled with Otoku's words and Yagi Great Snake's reaction all indicate the key to Gojo Kaede.

So while the move was risky, she thought it was the right one.

After Nishinomiya Momo and Kamo Kenki saw that everyone had gone out, they also glanced at each other, gritted their teeth and followed out.

"Hey, what a bunch of headache imps!"

Ange Ji sighed and also walked out.

Otoku looked at the few people, and his heart was also extremely moved.

After glancing at the numb group of spell masters, he rushed towards the headquarters of the Hero Association with everyone.

He must get ahead of the Yagi Great Snake and inform the people of the Hero Association of this news, so that they can prepare early.

Ninety-nine Yuji looked at the back of everyone leaving, and after thinking about it, he spoke:

"I'll go see what's going on over there too!"

After that, Ninety-nine Yuji followed the footsteps of several people.

Leyan Temple was very dissatisfied with this scene, but he didn't say much.

After all, as long as Gojo Kaede and Yagi Great Snake die, the entire Fuso will return to the jurisdiction of the spell world.

At that time, these so-called special spell masters will not be so important.

Moreover, there is still this special spell master in the spell world. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

In his thoughts, Leyanji looked at the lower part of the day.

After seeing the performance of Hinatabe firmly staying in place, I was very satisfied in my heart.

"Sure enough, this is the special spell master that our spell world needs!"

Hinata didn't know what Rakuganji was thinking, and he was glad that Rakuganji had rejected Otoku's mind.

I also thought very happily in my heart:

"How nice it would be if the spell world were all people like the elders of the Leyan Temple!"

While the two waste materials in the spell world were still admiring each other, Otoku Yuta had already led everyone to the headquarters building of the Hero Guild in advance.

Hurriedly told everyone everything that had just happened.......

"The matter has come to this, and we can only fight to the death!"

Night Moth Masamichi said with a firm face.

The rest of the crowd also looked solemn and silently began to prepare for battle.

In any case, they must hold out until Gojo Kaede's plan is completed.

Although so far, no one knows what exactly Gojo Kaede has planned.

And when everyone was silent and preparing for war, only Aoi Todo didn't care about it.

After looking around, he asked:

"What about my best friend Knotweed? Where did he go? "

"Just now a trash fish curse ran over, he and Megumi took a few heroes to clean up that trash fish curse, and will be back soon!"

Wild Rose explained lightly.

After all, the current knotweed Youren is no longer what it used to be, and his strength has already reached the threshold of the special level.

So dealing with a trash fish curse certainly doesn't need to worry.

However, what Ye Rose and the others did not expect was that the trash fish curse was easily removed by Knotweed and Fuguro Megumi.

To Limei suddenly appeared in front of the two.

Attacked two at the same time.

"Hehe, do S-class heroes only have such a little strength?"

After freezing the two in a reversal technique, Rimey did not chase after the victory, but opened his mouth to provoke the two.

Her purpose was not to kill the two, she just did what Su Fu ordered.

"Damn, we'll all die here if this goes on!"

Knotweed Youren struggled fiercely, trying to break the ice cube and get out.

However, the hardness of the ice 5.9 pieces is too strong for them to break at all.

"Death? No, it won't, you definitely won't die! "

After Fuhei Megumi heard the word "death", a crazy look suddenly appeared in the depths of his eyes.

Ignoring Knotweed's surprise, he continued:

"It will only be me and this bastard who will die!"

At this time, the su who was in the knotweed body suddenly showed an excited expression, and laughed wildly:

"Here, this day has finally arrived!"

Just as Su was laughing maniacally, Fuguro Megumi's spell suddenly broke out.

This is his preparation for summoning a powerful god.

"Come out, Void Devil!"

With Fuguro Megumi's loud drink, the most powerful Shikami he had expected did not appear.

Above the clearing, only the two faces were laughing wildly.

"Hahaha - everyone, long time no see!"

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