"Coming, the spell is coming!"

After an outpost spell master shouted, the ready spell masters all cheered up their spirits.

One by one, they all looked nervously at the end of the road.

Soon, a large black shadow that stretched to the edge of the sky appeared in front of everyone~.

This scene made everyone inexplicably take a step back, giving birth to great fear.

"This—that's too much!"

"Boom, more, there is no way, we have nowhere to escape."

"It would be nice if Gojo Kaede was there at this time, his technique is most suitable for cleaning up such a number of curses."

"Don't mention him, this coward must have run away a long time ago, and almost half of the heroes of the Hero Association have already left the association and returned to the spell world."

"Hey - I didn't expect a strong man like him to be so cowardly."

While the spell master was talking, Hinata, who was standing at the forefront of the battle formation, showed an extremely jealous expression.

"It's really enviable that that hateful little devil actually escaped."

At this time, Ninety-nine Yuji, who was standing next to the lower part of the day, showed a surprised expression and said:

"Huh? What did you say? "

Seeing that he had accidentally spoken out of his heart, Rixia quickly showed an embarrassed smile and said:

"No, it's nothing, I just said that that little devil of the Gojo family is really hateful, hahaha!"

Otoku Yuta was also standing next to the two at this time, because they were both recognized as special spell masters by the five elders, so they naturally stood at the forefront.

After hearing Hyugia's words, he said with a confident face:

"I believe Kaede, he will definitely not escape!"

Ninety-nine Yuji pouted:

"Although I am not familiar with that little ghost, but in this case, the big people who say to wait for three more days are basically running away."

After all, Ninety-nine Yuji is older, has more experience, and has the deepest understanding of the horrors of the human heart.

"Although most people will choose to run, I still believe that Gojo Kaede is the existence of that small part!"

Otoku Yuta still trusts Gojo Kaede.

Otherwise, he would not have promised Gojo Kaede to stay in the spell world.

"Well, I hope to live up to your trust!"

Ninety-nine Yuhime didn't bother to argue, it was naturally best to be able to leave a call to resist the curse.

Rixia also sighed secretly at this moment:

"Hey—what's going on!"

He also didn't expect that he would become a special spell master without doing anything.

No matter how he refuted it, no matter how he said that the previous events had nothing to do with him, everyone did not believe it.

Although the treatment went up, the fame increased.

But when danger comes, he suffers!

For example, at this time, let him directly be at the forefront of the battle formation, isn't this sending him to death?

The more I think about it, the more unconsciously the lower part of the day retreats.

After a while, he quickly retreated to the position of a first-level spell master.

"Hinata-senpai, what are you doing?"

Miwa Kasumi, who had successfully upgraded to a first-level spell master through hard work, asked with a curious look.

Looking at the innocent and cute face of Miwa Kasumi, Rixia was also extremely embarrassed to touch the back of his head and smiled awkwardly:

"Hahaha - the floor is so slippery, before you know it, it slipped down!"

Kenki Kamo said speechlessly:

"This ground is all asphalt, how can it be slippery!"

"Is this guy really that powerful? It looks like it's so waste! "

Zen-in Masayi also said with a skeptical look.

"Hey—I hope it's a real weird uncle!"

Nishinomiya Momo sighed.

Only Aoi Todo didn't care about this, but looked left and right:

"What about my best friend Knotweed? Why hasn't he appeared yet? "

In this regard, everyone rolled their eyes, and their faces were full of disgust.

"All concentrate, the battle is about to begin!"

Angeji suddenly reminded in a loud voice. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

As for the underworld of the spellmaster camp, he had already returned abroad with Youyou long before the decisive battle began.

And not ready to return to Fuso.

After all, her property has long been transferred, enough for her to live comfortably abroad for a lifetime.

Just as everyone returned to focus, the Yagi Great Serpent sat on his throne, and was carried by several curses in mid-air and slowly flew to a group of spell masters.

Condescendingly glanced at the team of only hundreds of thousands of spellmasters, and was slightly surprised:

"What about your strongest, Gojo Kaede?"

For the Yagi Great Snake, except for the five maples.

There is no longer a strong man among mankind who deserves his attention.

"Huh, wouldn't your army of curses just to find him?"

Rakuyanji Kaji slowly walked out of the group with a crutch, and looked at the Yagi Great Snake Road with a resolute face.

"Old man, do you want to be the first to die?"

When Ibaraki Boyko saw Rakuienji Kashin talking to the Yagi Great Snake like this, he responded viciously.

"Huh, what's the difference between the first one and the last? It's nothing more than death! "

Leyansi said with a fearless look.

Although he is the leader of the conservative faction, the five elders at the top end are the oldest, and he has not fled.

The other four said it nicely, but in the end, they used various methods to leave Fuso and go abroad.

It's just that this kind of thing that blows everyone's popularity, Leyan Temple didn't say it.

"Hmph, dead old man, since I am tired of living, let me die immediately!"

After remembering his previous poor performance in front of the Yagi Great Snake, Otengu also kept thinking about when he would be able to perform again.

Therefore, seeing such a good opportunity, even if he came out of the crowd, he was ready to destroy the Leyan Temple.

However, as soon as he landed, he was stopped by Otoku Yuta.

"Hey, big man, it seems that our fight is not over yet!"

The big tengu saw Otoku not far away, and did not take another half a step forward.

It's not that he doesn't want to, but Rika, who Otoku Yuta recreated with his spell, has stopped in front of him.

Just one step further, and the big war will begin.

Just when the Great Tengu was in a dilemma, the Great Snake of Yagi slowly spoke:

"Could it be that Gojo Kaede ran away? Did he spend so much mental temptation just to escape? "

After hearing the words of the Great Snake of Yagi, Otoku retorted without hesitation:

"Kaede won't run, tomorrow at the latest, you will disappear into this world forever."

After hearing Otoku's words, the curse spirits all showed angry looks.

Only the Yagi Great Snake was the calmest, and after thinking for a moment, his eyes were full of essence:

"You mean, what is Gojo Kaede plotting, it will take tomorrow to be able to come out!"

After hearing the words of the Yagi Great Snake, Otoku immediately showed a surprised expression.

Just as he wanted to say something, he saw the Yagi Great Serpent suddenly issue an order to the group of cursed spirits:

"Everyone obey the order, turn to the Heroes Association!"

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