Poor Family Laity

Chapter 318: ,an eye for an eye

  Chapter 318, revenge must be revenged

   "Sister Xin, you were too reckless just now."

  After leaving the palace and getting into the carriage, Mrs. Shi couldn't help scolding Shi Fuxin.

   This time, even Jin Yue'e and Shi Fuyin did not stand by Shi Fuxin's side.

  Shi Fuxin's eyes drooped: "Grandma, we and the Liu family have already torn our faces."

Mrs. Shi sighed: "Of course I know this, but you have to understand that compared with us as courtiers, the emperor is definitely more willing to help Concubine Liu Gui. If you fail to handle the matter just now, what awaits you is the emperor's punishment. "

  Shi Fuxin thought about it for a while, and asked: "Grandmother, mother, sister, did you just see the reactions of Concubine Liu Gui and Madam Liu Hou after the jade carving was broken?"

   Mrs. Shi, Jin Yuee, and Shi Fuyin all looked over.

  Shi Fuxin continued: "Concubine Liu Gui turned pale with shock and squatted down to pick up the pieces herself; Mrs. Liu Hou's face was even pale, and she needed the help of a maid to stand still. What does this mean?"

   "It means that the jade carving is very precious."

"Relying on the emperor's favor, Concubine Liu Gui often doesn't even look down on the empress. The Liu family also often looks superior to others. If they can scare them like that, the broken jade carving must have something to do with the emperor. Besides, the emperor After finding out, I will definitely punish Concubine Liu Gui and the Liu family."

   "Based on these thoughts, I boldly spoke to the emperor."

   At that time, the old lady was silent. The emperor came too suddenly just now, she didn't think carefully, but now that she thinks about it, Concubine Liu Gui and the female family members of the Liu family are really too nervous.

  Shi Fuyin glanced at her younger sister with a thoughtful expression.

  It’s no secret that they entered the palace to thank them today, and it’s not surprising that Concubine Liu Gui came to stop them, but if the jade carving is really very valuable, why does Concubine Liu Gui wear it on her body?

   was broken in front of them, and then saw the emperor again, and the younger sister told it in public. All this seemed to be accidental, but it was actually a coincidence.

   And coincidences are mostly artificial arrangements.

  Shi Fuyin looked at Shi Fuxin again, her younger sister's hands shouldn't be so long, they couldn't reach the palace, could it be that someone wanted to take advantage of the conflict between the Shi family and the Liu family to deal with Concubine Liu Gui and the Liu family?

  Lady Shi also thought of this, and still looked at Shi Fuxin disapprovingly: "Even if it's really what you think, it shouldn't be you who brought the matter to the emperor."

   "If the emperor really cares so much about the jade carving and really punishes Concubine Liu Gui and the Liu family, then our family and the Liu family really have no room for change."

  Shi Fuxin sneered: "Grandmother, the Liu family has treated our family like that, how can there be room for change?"

"In the past, the power of the Liu family suppressed us wantonly, without even giving a reasonable reason. They were extremely arrogant and arrogant. Now that I have the opportunity to pull them down, of course I must seize it. Cut them to pieces."

  Hearing her granddaughter's loud answer, Mrs. Shi was taken aback, moved her lips, and said after a while: "You have such a temper"

  Shi Fuyin spoke: "Grandmother, although sister Xin sometimes acts recklessly, she is still very measured. Our family's situation is really not suitable for hiding clumsiness and forbearance."

   "The Liu family bullied the Shi family, and the reputation is not right. If we can endure this and don't fight back, wouldn't everyone dare to bully us in the future?"

  The old lady stopped talking.

  Shi Fuxin: "That's right, even if I don't speak up today, the Liu family may not let us go."

  Shi Fuyin glared at her sister, motioning her to say less.

  Shi Fuxin pursed her lips and didn't speak any more. She leaned sideways by the car window, looked out of the car, thinking about going to Ye Mo a few days ago.

   "You want to deal with the Liu family?"

   "Yes, the Liu family wantonly ruined my reputation, and let go of all the fish in my fish pond. I can't swallow this breath without showing them something powerful."

   "The Liu family is not easy to deal with. The person standing behind them is the emperor. As long as the emperor still needs them, no one can move them."

   "I know that the emperor pointed at the fourth prince and the Liu family to constrain the prince and the Wei family. I don't expect to completely remove the Liu family like the Qing Dynasty Duke's mansion, but it shouldn't be difficult to cut off their arms or thighs, right?"

  Shi Fuxin looked at Ye Mo: "Master Ye, you are the first commander of the Special Investigation Division. When Master Liu took over, you should have dug a hole for him, right?"

  Ye Mo was silent for a while: "When I was looking through the files of the Prince Regent case, I found a few clues, followed the clues, and found the key to the royal treasure."

   "I know very well that the emperor just wants to use me to eliminate dissidents. Once I am useless, he will kill me to avenge the official anger. Therefore, I did not hand over the treasure key at that time."

   "In the Special Investigation Department, I still have some people who can be used. If you really want to deal with the Liu family, I will disclose the news of the treasure key to Master Liu."

"The Liu family and the fourth prince have been favored by the emperor over the years, and the idea of ​​seizing the throne has become more and more serious. But money is needed to win over the courtiers. If they get the treasure key, they will not hand it over to the emperor in all likelihood. "

   "The emperor hates others' betrayal the most. As long as this matter is brought to the emperor, even if the emperor still needs the fourth prince and the Liu family to restrain the prince and the Wei family, he will punish them."

  Shi Fuxin hesitated slightly: "The key to the treasure? Can you open the treasure with the key?"

  Ye Mo shook his head: "How is it possible? I don't know where the treasure is. The regent line has never revealed the treasure map. It is unknown whether the royal treasure will ever see the light of day again."

  Shi Fuxin felt relieved and then looked happy: "This idea is good, but any individual will launch a violent attack when his own interests are violated, let alone this person is the emperor."

   "In the eyes of the emperor, the royal treasure is his private property. Whoever moves it is against him."

   Then there was the scene that happened in the imperial garden today.

  After so many years, Shi Fuxin's ability to control objects through the air has become stronger and stronger. Through her mental power, she found out where the jade carving was hidden in Jingren Palace, and then quietly placed the jade carving on Liu Guifei's body, and then quietly broke it.

  After returning to Bo's mansion, Shi Dinghao came back not long after Shi Fuxin finished washing.

  When Dinghao came back, he brought back the news that Concubine Liu Gui had been banned from Jingren Palace, and Lord Liu Hou was deprived of the command post of the Special Investigation Division.

  Although the fourth prince was not punished, the courtiers felt that the fourth prince was treated coldly by the emperor the next morning. On the contrary, the eldest prince was promoted and took part of the errands that originally belonged to the fourth prince.

  Shi Fuxin knew it, and laughed: "This is really a surprise."

  The Great Prince's Mansion, the secret room.

  Because the eldest prince didn't enter the palace yesterday, he didn't know exactly what happened. After hearing what Chu Yao said, he couldn't help laughing and said: "I found that the Shi family seems to be really prosperous for me."

  Chu Yao nodded his head: "Now His Highness takes over part of the real power in the hands of the fourth prince, so you don't have to worry about not being able to gain a foothold in the court."

  The eldest prince said again: "At that time, the sixth girl of the family was really courageous, she offended the Liu family to death this time."

  Chu Yao's eyes flickered: "She is a person who has revenge."

  Eldest Prince: "After all, it's too sharp."

  Chu Yao glanced at him: "If you are bullied, of course you have to fight back, even if you lose 800 to yourself, you have to change the enemy by 1,000."

  The eldest prince looked at Chu Yao in surprise: "You seem to be very optimistic about the sixth girl of the family at that time."

  Chu Yao did not deny it: "I like people who dare to stand up for themselves and can stand up for themselves."

  The eldest prince was silent. His situation was very similar to that of Chu Yao. Although he came from a noble family, his family relationship was complicated, and there were too many restraints and constraints. When he was wronged, he could only endure and suppress it.

  (end of this chapter)

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