Chapter 3

  Now the fire, thunder, and strength types can effectively deal with zombies.

   "Both boys and girls will go tomorrow, and whoever doesn't go will starve to death!" Yang Ziyi said harshly

   After finishing speaking, the rest of the classroom was silent, but they knew that if they didn't go, they might really be left here tomorrow.

   "If you can find a good weapon in the teacher, you can find a weapon."

  Yang Ziyi circled around, but did not see Lin Xiajin, he asked, "Where is Xia Jin?"

   "Lin Xiajin said she had an upset stomach, so she went to the rooftop to get some air." Wang Tao hurriedly stood up and said.

  Yang Ziyi took a few extra glances at Wang Tao and then went up to the rooftop. The others didn't say anything on the surface.

  Wang Ping, who was still arrogant just now, suddenly froze. Her ability is the water element, so she can release a water polo the size of a palm, which is really harmless.

   "Brother Li, I'll follow you tomorrow, okay?" Wang Ping pulled her clothes, and Xiao Niao said in a friendly manner.

  Li Quan has a power-type ability. Although he is not as good as Yang Ziyi, he has killed many zombies.

  Looking at Wang Ping's flattering look, Li Quan couldn't help pinching Wang Ping's waist from behind, leaning in to Wang Ping's ear and saying, "Tonight, sleep later."

  Wang Ping was a little itchy with his beard, but Wang Ping still held back her smile and said, "Okay!"

  Wang Tao looked at the men and women in the teacher, and they seemed to be on the right number. At this time, a fat man came over, and she said, "Taozi, don't be afraid, Brother Tomorrow will protect you:"

  Wang Tao looked at this greasy, bald before the age of 20, still want to sleep with her?

  But this fat man is also a power user, so she didn't dare to say anything: "Thank you, Brother Yao."

   Fatty lost consciousness when he heard Wang Tao's voice. Before the end of the world, who would care about him? They all despise him!

  But now it is very different!

   "Fat brother, did you promise to protect me tomorrow?" Linlin walked over and stopped the fat brother's arm and said.

   "I protect everything, I protect everything, Fat Brother, I have great strength, and when I punch that zombie, his head will explode!"

   "Fat brother is amazing!" Linlin followed suit, coaxing fat brother to be elated.

  Fat brother is very proud of himself. He used to be taken as a fart, but now he can't wait to be by his side.

  Although Wang Tao greeted her with a smile, what she really wanted was Yang Ziyi!

  On the balcony, Lin Xiajin's stomach felt better at the moment. At this time, Yang Ziyi came up. Lin Xiajin frowned psychologically at the dark and thin man in front of him who was less than 170, and even had pimples on the left side of his face.

  Looking at Yang Ziyi's possessive and greedy face, she felt uncomfortable and felt sick.

   "Xia Jin, we will all be transferred to the supermarket in the canteen on the west side tomorrow. You have to follow me closely tomorrow. If you are bitten by a zombie, you will mutate." Yang Ziyi said slightly intimidatingly.

   "No need." Lin Xiajin directly refused.

  Yang Ziyi felt breathless when he saw that Lin Xiajin was still aloft in this picture of Yang Zi.

  Yang Ziyi stepped forward and grabbed Lin Xiajin's arm, trying to kiss Lin Xiajin forcefully, but was slapped directly by Lin Xiajin. ;

Thinking of the ashes that touched his nose today, he finally couldn't help it on his face. Thinking of the past half a month, he had made various offerings to Lin Xiajin, and he said: "Lin Xiajin, who is giving you such a condescending look? Look? Who do you think you are? How dare you hit me?"

   Yang Ziyi wanted to force Lin Xiajin, but Lin Xiajin was not a vegetarian either. Although she didn't have attacking abilities, she had long legs and her brother was a world taekwondo champion, so she already had a black belt in taekwondo.

  (end of this chapter)

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