Everyone looked at the steel needles on the wall, each of them was 10 cm long, it seems that this is what Mu Xiaoguai was talking about.

  Fortunately, Wang Han and Zhang Yuan didn't rush to open the supply box just now.

   "Shouldn't there be any?" Zhang Yuan said tentatively, he seemed to have forgotten that he and Wang Han almost became a sieve just now.

  Lin Xiajin thought of the robot that his elder brother had concretized just now, and said, "Brother, can your robot also be concretized?"

  She only saw her brother appear as a wooden figure.

   "It's just a shell." Lin Xiaran shook his head and said, he can't visualize something as complicated as a robot now.

  The things he concretizes not only need energy, but also need enough understanding. The more complicated things are, the more complicated their molecular structure is.

  Seeing that there were at least a thousand steel needles that had just been shot out densely, they didn't go forward for a while.

  Lin Xiaran concretized another robot. Although it has no actual function, Lin Xiaran can control it to do some simple actions.

  The robot took out all the contents of the iron box and did not trigger any mechanism, so everyone was relieved.

  There are only 5 small boxes in such a large supply package.

   "This is definitely not a weapon." Zhang Yuan was disappointed when he saw such a small box.

   "Just look at it." Lin Xiajin was very interested. Although it is not a weapon, this kind of supply box needs to be removed. It is definitely not easy for Brother 5 to find what is in the box.

  Lin Xiajin was about to open it when he was stopped by Lin Xiaran. He was afraid that something dangerous would come out of the small box, so he stopped Lin Xiajin, and he continued to control the robot that appeared to open the small box.

   After a while, Brother 5’s small boxes were opened, and there were several transparent vials inside. The first box contained a blue liquid, the second was green, and the third was a white glass bottle.

  The fourth box contained something similar to an electronic watch, but there were only 4 pieces in it.

  The 5th box and the 4th box have the same items and 4 pieces.

   "This liquid? What kind of energy liquid?" Xin Li frowned, looking at the glass bottle which looked like a bottle for exchanging energy liquid.

   "Let me check." After Lin Xiajin finished speaking, he checked the item information in the supply from the participating equipment.

   It was only Lin Xiajin, and Zhou Yingying and the others followed suit.

   "The green one is the repair fluid, which repairs the wound!" Zhou Yingying said in surprise.

  This repair liquid can save lives in serious injuries, and the wound can recover as before in 7 days.

   "Although there are only 4 bottles, they are precious enough!" Zhou Yingying continued

  At this time, Lin Xiajin couldn't help but think of Zhu Jingjing, she is a recovery department! If she is here, at least they don't have to worry about getting hurt! Maybe Wang Han's arm can be healed!

  Now Zhu Jingjing should be in the galaxy, and when they break into the galaxy in the final stage, maybe they will be able to meet soon.

There are many dangers on the planet Camille, such as the sniper gun they encountered today. If they did not avoid it, they would be seriously injured. They did not have Zhu Jingjing. Although they had Lin Xiajin's space water, although it had certain The healing effect is high, but the effect is still slow. This kind of recovery liquid can fully recover from serious injuries within seven days!

   "I found this white bottle. It's a psychedelic liquid. There are only 10 drops in a bottle, and each drop lasts for an hour. Bloodthirsty monsters won't attack!" Xin Li said in surprise!

  This is a good thing! The biggest threat on the planet Camille is bloodthirsty monsters. This white liquid is called isolation liquid. Although there are only 10 drops in a bottle, that is, one bottle can block bloodthirsty monsters for 10 hours.

  Although there are only 4 bottles, that is 40 drops! This thing is too precious!

   "This blue color restores physical strength, and one bottle can refresh people for 10 days." Wang Han found the description of the blue color and introduced it.

  Green recovery fluid, blue spiritual fluid, white barrier fluid, and 8 electronic watches left.

   "I found it, this is an exploration instrument, it is a B-level, and it can explore a distance of 1,000 meters around!" Xin Li said excitedly when he saw the introduction

   This must be within a range of 1000 meters, and you can explore the surrounding bloodthirsty monsters and others!

   This is amazing!

   "This supply made us go big!" Zhang Yuan couldn't help but said.

   No wonder there are hidden weapons in this supply package, because the things here are really useful, if it is in the supply package, it is estimated to have 4 stars!

   With a full level of 5 stars, you know how good they got this package this time!

   Each of them bought an electronic watch and tied it directly to their hands.

   "DiDiDi, participating equipment upgrade."

  At the same time, their participating equipment made such a sound.

   Soon, their competition equipment was successfully upgraded to a second-level competition equipment due to the addition of electronic watches, and their glasses competition equipment was scrapped at the same time, emitting a puff of white smoke.

   "Level 2 participating equipment?" Lin Xiajin said. Some Zhang Er couldn't figure it out. Only then did they know that the participating equipment can still be upgraded. Is this considered hidden?

Now their participating equipment has changed from glasses to watches, and the participating equipment has also added functions to monitor the safety range of 1000 around. Of course, this can only monitor the lower level of their own. If the other party’s equipment level is higher than theirs, they are monitoring less than.

   "It's much more convenient to wear on your hands than on your eyes." Xin Li said

The participating eyes are worn on the eyes. Although it can be hidden, it is only invisible on the surface. If you want to wash your face and touch it, you can still feel it. What's more, it is dark now, and the night vision equipment they bring has to be superimposed with participating equipment. some influence.

  But now that their participating equipment has been upgraded, they can now carry it on their hands. I don’t know if there are other functions!

  But just one more function can beat other participating teams!

  Everyone was immersed in joy, only Lin Xiajin looked at the supply package on the ground and saw the isolation liquid again.

  Lin Xiajin clicked on the participating equipment, and the red dots of the supplies that had been taken away disappeared and turned gray, which meant they had already been collected, and those that hadn’t changed meant they hadn’t been collected yet.

  Lin Xiajin saw that most of the parcels had been collected, except for the parcels outside the security circle, many of which had not been collected for the time being. After all, it was the fourth wave of bloodthirsty monsters attacking outside, and no one was collecting the parcels at this time.

   "I suddenly have an idea!" Lin Xiajin said while looking at the crowd with the isolation fluid.

  " "You figured out the safety circle? "Lin Xiaran is Lin Xiajin's elder brother, so he guessed Lin Xiajin's thoughts immediately.

   "Yes! I have space and teleportation, and I added spacer fluid, and now there are three packages in the security circle near us!" Lin Xiajin said in a deep voice.

  Three supply packages! They can totally get it! She will hesitate a little before again, but now there is isolation fluid! Nothing goes wrong!

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