Real Cthulhu Running Game

Chapter 2080: mark

  Chapter 2080 mark

Liu Xing recalled it carefully, and found that just as Ling Yi said, there is only one main road from Boyang City to Yuanxi City, and the rest of the small roads can almost be described as inaccessible. After all, there are big roads to go If you go, then only unlucky people like Ge Jing who are being chased by others will take the path.

So when the defense line from Boyang City to Far West City is established, no matter who comes to attack, they can only choose one side to attack, and if they want to bypass one side and attack the other side, they will be discovered 100%. At that time, unless you have a lot of troops and can attack another city while surrounding one city, you may encounter unfavorable situations such as half-way attack or ambush.

If it was in normal times, the power of the former prince would simply seek death. After all, even if the relationship between the third prince and other princes is not good, but under such circumstances, the other princes are willing to send troops to assist the third prince. To solve the problem, as long as both sides attack Boyang City and Far West City at the same time, the problem will be solved.

However, now the former prince obviously wants to wait until the princes have torn their faces, and then stand up to do things on their own. As long as there are no accidents, Boyang City and Yuanxi City will only need to fight against each other. Facing the attack of a prince, then this line of defense can last longer.

What's more, in Liu Xing's view, although so many years have passed, the power of the former prince is still well preserved. Some major organizations should still exist, such as the Shadow Guard who left many traces in Tianshui Town, and The so-called dark sword organization that Ling Yi is lurking at present, and Feishimen, who is suspected to be working for the former prince.

Therefore, when the power of the current prince decides to attack, the power it will explode in a short period of time must not be underestimated. By then, apart from Boyang City and Far West City, it should be able to take down several weakly defended cities. After all, most of the nearby cities have only a few hundred defenders, plus the assistance of the local Wutai and various sects, it is equivalent to a thousand defenders.

What's more, in this case, it is normal for soldiers to fight against soldiers, so even if there are martial arts masters in the local area, the former prince can send martial arts masters of the same level or even stronger to challenge, or After the start of the fight, they went forward to entangle, so that the siege battle returned to the offense and defense between the soldiers, then the overall number was dominant, and the former prince who had more martial arts masters was sure to be sure.

But here comes the problem, if this is really the case, then Tianshui Town sandwiched between Boyang City and Yuanxi City will be very embarrassing, because no matter whether there are Gongzi Ying and Liang Wan'er, Liu Xing feels that the former prince's side is also They will send people to attack Tianshui Town. After all, this is a thorn in their throats and they have to get rid of it.

  So this is not a good thing for Liu Xing and others.

But having said that, the current prince of the former dynasty may have been buried in the ground long ago, because he is a few years older than the new dragon emperor, and his physical fitness is far inferior to the new dragon emperor. The emperor led the army for many years before becoming the emperor. It can be said that he has been fighting for many years, and he also practiced martial arts when he was young. Therefore, most people now think that the former prince should no longer exist. Unless he can find magical props such as shark clothes, he can survive until now.

But as soon as he talked about shark clothes, Liu Xing thought of the incident that Tang Sheng mentioned, that is, some unknown people went to attack the Yuegan tribe who owned shark clothes, so could these people be subordinates of the former crown prince? ? At that time, the former prince might be dying, and other methods could no longer maintain his life, so he thought of the legendary shark clothes?

"So the most important question right now is what is the situation of the former crown prince? If he has already been buried in the ground as most people say, then the forces he left behind are nothing to be afraid of. After all, a grasshopper without a leader can jump around for a long time, and it may lose arms and legs, even if the former prince also left an heir."

Zhang Jingxu said affirmatively: "No matter how outstanding the heir of the former prince is, it is unlikely that he will be seamlessly connected to his father's position. After all, his father's subordinates cannot be 100% loyal, because the tree fell and the monkeys scattered. Everyone understands the truth, and the stronger the person, the more ambitious; what's more, it is impossible for the former prince to use any strong means to restrain his subordinates, or to put these subordinates under his control 24 hours a day. Watching from under the eyelids, so it is normal for the subordinates to make small movements."

"And from our point of view, the subordinates of the former prince have been broken into pieces a long time ago, scattered in every corner of the New Dragon Empire. They usually do their own things. There are big activities like now. Therefore, we have reason to suspect that the former prince's side is already a mass of loose sand. Although they can find ways to squeeze together at the beginning, once they encounter problems, they will seem to be tightly held. The silt, unstoppable slipped out."

   "Then what if the former prince is still alive through some means?" Liu Xing asked subconsciously.

Zhang Jingxu had already guessed that Liu Xing would raise this question when he was still alive, so he replied directly: "As far as the physical condition of the previous prince is concerned, he must not be able to compare with the new Dragon Emperor, so even if he can live to the present, it is still worth it." If you can only survive through certain treasures, your own situation must be very bad. We can refer to some rich people in the real world. They rely on expensive drugs to maintain their vital signs, but they are only maintaining With vital signs and the most basic sanity, it seems that life is really worse than death..."

"So if the former prince is in this state, then their situation will be even worse, because the former prince has become a pure mascot, and the major factions under him are doing their own thing under his name. Therefore, it is okay for such a force to fight against the wind at the beginning, but as long as it encounters a hard stubble, many people will think carefully; the most important thing is that the former prince has a chance to survive, but he Those loyal subordinates may not be able to persist for so long, after all, it is impossible to mass-produce such treasures that can prolong life."

"So I estimate that the leaders of the major organizations under the former prince may have changed once, or even two or three times, and these new leaders generally lead their flocks in various places. Grass, maybe only when they replace the old leader, they will go to see the former prince, so these new leaders will have contempt for the old former prince; so unless the former Prince Chao has the same ability as the new Dragon Emperor, otherwise his subordinates would have ulterior motives, and even some of the more powerful subordinates are already looking for another way out."

As soon as Zhang Jingxu finished speaking, Ling Yi nodded and said, "That's right, my master actually mentioned the former prince, but she hasn't clearly stated that she worked for the former prince, but anyway, she doesn't think highly of the former prince. I think he has no ability and is not very good, and he can run faster than anyone else, so it would be fine for him to be a mascot honestly, but if he wants to learn from someone and become a master of micromanagement, then I guess his prestige It will go down further."

Liu Xing smiled, and said: "It seems that we can still reach a consensus on this aspect, that is, the former prince has retired from the environment, so his power is just a mass of loose sand with some water left. They can be glued together for the time being, but as long as there is a little sunlight, after the water dries, the heavenly maids will really scatter, so we just need to ensure that their first wave of offensives is not too successful, then as long as they are properly Putting pressure on them can cause them to collapse on their own."

   "The truth is this, but the question is whether our Tianshui Town can last for so long!"

Zhang Jingxu said with a worried face: "Looking at the current situation, they should know the existence of Tianshui Town, and also know that there is the support of the third prince behind Tianshui Town, so if they don't do anything to Tianshui Town, I can only think of one thing. There is another possibility, that is to put a long line to catch big fish! That is, they know that Gongzi Ying is staying in Tianshui Town, so they want to use him to threaten the third prince. After all, Gongzi Ying is the third prince's most beloved youngest son, so As soon as we come, we can remove the threat from the third prince's side, and put the main force on the side of Far West City."

Liu Xing didn't agree with Zhang Jingxu's idea, "That's not necessarily the case. If I was a subordinate of the former prince and I already knew the existence of Gongzi Ying, then I should be able to guess Besides Lei and Xia Fei, there should be more powerful bodyguards guarding Young Master Ying secretly! Therefore, it is easy for them to take Tianshui Town, but it is very difficult to catch Young Master Ying. After all, Tang Sheng only We need to take Young Master Eagle into the deep mountains and old forests behind, so it is only a matter of time before we want to escape from the encirclement."

"So before I have absolute certainty, I don't think anyone will want to take down Tianshui Town, because at this time, the son eagle in Tianshui Town is like Schrödinger's cat. As long as you don't open the box, Schrödinger's cat will I don't know whether it is life or death, but there is definitely a chance that he is still alive; and the same is true for the Young Master Ying in Tianshui Town. As long as you don't think about taking Tianshui Town, then there is a high probability that Young Master Ying will stay in Tianshui Town , after all, he has no other place to go."

"In this way, those subordinates of the former prince can use this to threaten the third prince, and the third prince will more or less have some tricks. After all, as long as his son does not escape back, then his son may have an accident; This is also like a lottery that has not yet been drawn. No matter how outrageous the numbers you choose, it is possible to win the lottery, then you have the opportunity to transfer this lottery ticket to other people, but if the lottery has already been drawn, then you Unless a lottery ticket is won, there is definitely no way to sell it to other people."

Speaking of this, Liu Xing couldn't help sighing, "But, the wealth and life of our alliance can only be placed on Young Master Ying. If Young Master Ying chooses to leave early and return to Liangcheng by detour, then we The situation of the alliance can be described as a narrow escape, because even if there is no Young Master Eagle, this Tianshui Town can be regarded as a very important node, and it can also use the ready-made venues to garrison troops, and can provide faster support when necessary Two cities, or to ambush those enemy troops who want to launch a sneak attack."

   "So Young Master Eagle is very safe, but our Tianshui Town is not so safe."

Zhang Jingxu also sighed, and said helplessly: "We players who stay in Boyang City can also provide you with some information, but this information is just like that. At most, we can remind you a few hours in advance that someone is ready. Do it, but whether such information can be sent out is still open to debate... So our biggest role is to add icing on the cake, and wait until the third prince wants to take back Boyang City before making a sudden move, helping to open a city gate or something."

"Not to mention my side. Although it looks pretty good, I can move freely in Far West City, but I guess someone should be watching me in the dark. After all, I am still an intern and have not yet obtained The other party's entire trust."

Ling Yi also had a look of helplessness, and spread his hands and said: "But I also know that the alliance has placed some people in Far West City, so I will find a way to contact them, but here I have prepared a set of simple signs, It can be used to convey some simple information, so please give it to the players in Far West City after this, let them pay attention to the positions of these marks, and I will use the marks on these positions to convey some information to them in the future."

  Liu Xing nodded yes, and then took a folded white paper from Ling Yi's hand.

   "It's getting late now, I still have to go back to sleep."

Ling Yi got up and said: "How can I say my master, he is quite a big-hearted person, and he is also a complete alcoholic, so I go to the restaurant to get drunk at this time every day, so I dare to come to see you; but I also I suspect that the reason why she drinks every day is actually looking for opportunities to exchange information with other people, so I plan to drink with her in two days to see if I can find anything."

After sending Ling Yi away, Liu Xing opened the white paper with the mark on it. Although the mark on the white paper is simple, it is also the kind of mark that only players can understand, because these marks are written in the form of Some car logos in the real world are blueprinted, so players can recognize them as long as they see them.

  (end of this chapter)

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