Rebirth I Am a Chaebol In Korea

Chapter 3: Honor value

   Zhou Wenhai temporarily forgot to borrow money from him. He put the bowl of noodles that he had eaten into the trash bag in the store, and a familiar voice remembered again.

   "Wenhaixi, would you like to take the car together? I can see you off." Jiang Chengyu asked when he returned to the store.

   Zhou Wenhai doesn't understand what the other party has. There is no reason why someone is so kind?

   "It's okay, I will leave when the rain stops."

   "Hey, you are welcome, the rain will not stop for a while, let's go together, I will pay you back later."

   Zhou Wenhai saw that all the shared umbrellas placed at the entrance of the convenience store had been borrowed, and he hesitated when he thought that he still had 50,000 yuan to collect.

   Jiang Chengyu came forward and put his hand on Zhou Wenhai's shoulder directly, and smiled and said, "Let's go."

Zhou Wenhai just half-pushed and half-placed and followed Jiang Chengyu into the car. He sat in the back row, while Jiang Chengyu was in the passenger seat. The driver was a young woman with a fashionable but ordinary appearance. The car was filled with a refreshing perfume smell. .

   The woman asked in a low voice, "My dear, who is this?"

   "My friend, say hello."

   Jiang Chengyu's tone is very flat or even a little tough.

   The woman whispered softly and obediently: "Hello, I'm Chengyu's girlfriend, my name is Jin Huimin."

   "Hello, this is Zhou Wenhai."

   "You and Chengyu have known each other for a long time, right?"

   Before Zhou Wenhai could answer, Jiang Chengyu said immediately: "Ah, drive well, don't talk such nonsense."

   Didn’t you say that you should pay back the money? But the boy in front of him didn't mean to pay back the money at all.

   "Wenhai, where did you get off?"

   The other party suddenly changed to plain language (Korean is divided into honorific and flat language). Zhou Wenhai couldn't adapt for a while. After thinking about it for a while, he realized that this kid Jiang Chengyu is indeed not an ordinary person.

   "Black Rock Cave."

   "Go to the Black Rock Cave first."

   The woman pouted a small mouth and was a little upset. Jiang Sung Woo put his hand on the woman's thigh in black stockings and stroked it.

"what happened again?"

   "My dear, why are you going to Hong Kong all of a sudden?"

   The woman remembered that she had received a call from Jiang Chengyu at noon saying that he was going to China for a business trip in Hong Kong tomorrow, so the two agreed to eat together tonight.

   "Didn't I say that before, I'm going to Hong Kong to discuss a business."

   The car stopped at an intersection and waited for the red light. Jiang Chengyu smiled and touched the woman's face, and then kissed her.

   "My dear, don't be upset, I'll be back soon, and I will bring you a gift at that time."

   While talking, Jiang Sung Woo touched his hand into the woman's short skirt.

   "Ah" the woman groaned—"Don't be like this."

   "Don't you want to be like this my dear tonight?"

   The woman bit her lower lip shyly, "Of course I do."

   The red light turns to green, and the woman continues to drive. During this time, many vehicles on the street are driving slowly.

   Jiang Chengyu turned his head and winked at Zhou Wenhai with a smile. He said, "Wenhai, you said about borrowing money this afternoon, can you wait for me to come back from Hong Kong?"

   Zhou Wenhai was sure that he had been calculated by this kid, and he remained silent and did not say whether to watch his performance.

   "Auntie is very sick?"

   This love scene has completely become Jiang Chengyu's solo show.

   "But I'm going to Hong Kong to discuss business, and I can't turn my money around, and the stocks can't be cashed out temporarily."

   "By the way, my dear, can you lend some money to Wenhai, just as I borrowed it from you, and I will pay it back."

   "Honey, how much do you want?"

   Seeing that the woman who was concentrating on driving was already hooked, Jiang Chengyu grinned, "It looks like it costs 10 million yuan, right, Wen Hai."

   Zhou Wenhai turned his head aside and did not look at him.

   "My dear, I don't seem to have enough cash."

   "There is an ATM machine in front, so please stop there."

   The woman parked the car. She went to the ATM machine in the rain and took out ten million and handed it to Jiang Chengyu.

   "Thank you, dear, let me say a few words to Wen Hai, you can get in the car and wait for me."

   The woman returned to the car. Jiang Chengyu took Zhou Wenhai to the side. He put the money in his hand into his trouser pocket, and then took two banknotes worth 50,000 yuan.

   "We arrived at Heishi Cave not far ahead. Here I will pay you one hundred thousand, thanks, brother."

   Jiang Chengyu returned to the car, and the woman saw Zhou Wenhai still outside and asked, "Is your friend not in the car?"

   "He has to go to the hospital to take care of his mother. Let's go and eat."

Looking at the vehicles going away, Zhou Wenhai stood in the rain and kept shaking his head. This grandson is really amazing. He carried a big pot for him inexplicably. It seems that everything has been calculated since he borrowed the money. .

   should have exposed him just now, he just hesitated for a while to let this kid succeed.

   Hey, forget it, let him, anyway, I won’t see each other again.

   Zhou Wenhai still looks lazy, he is still adapting to this society two days after his rebirth.

   When he returned home, the familiar voice sounded as soon as he lay down.

   [Congratulations to the host for getting the new title—Ponby is a traitor, title effect: When you associate with bad guys, your favorability is increased by 50% and your honor is -1]

What does this mean? What the **** is honor?

   [Host can choose to view personal information, with honor value explanation on it]

   View personal information.

   After Zhou Wenhai read it silently in his heart, the system screen lit up in his mind, and a 3D model that looked exactly like himself appeared in the new interface.

   The left hand side of the model shows the personal information he knows and the title he has obtained. On the right hand side of the model, there are options such as honor value, prestige value, and shopping mall.

   Check the honor value.

   [The current honor value of the host is -1 point, the honor value can be used to upgrade the title or purchase goods in the mall]

   can the title be upgraded?

   [The host currently has no upgradeable title]

   How can I get honor points?

   [In order to avoid the system being blocked, the host can obtain honor points after completing system tasks or doing good deeds and promoting positive energy in daily life]

   Are you still a serious system? View reputation value.

   [The current prestige value of the host is 0 points, and the prestige value is the social status of the host. The higher the social status of the host, the higher the prestige value obtained. The prestige value can be exchanged for the honor value, and the exchange ratio is 100:1]

   100 reputation points can only be exchanged for 1 honor point? Check the mall. UU reading

  【The system mall is not currently open】

   Since the honor point is so difficult to obtain, and he was inexplicably deducted 1 point of honor point, Zhou Wenhai, who was unwilling, had an idea.

   system, why do you say that I am a spoiler for Peppi? Don’t you know that only children are right and wrong, while adults only look at the pros and cons? In the pure world of children, people are simply divided into bad people and good people, but in the adult world, the world is responsible, and there is no accurate standard for judging good people and bad people. In other words, there is no difference between good and bad people in the world, so it is totally unreasonable for you to deduct my honor value.

   Having said so much in one breath, Zhou Wenhai feels good and even a little complacent.

   [Congratulations to the host for obtaining the new title-Sophistry, title effect: Honor score -1 when you are doing sophistry]

   I... You deducted my honor again?

  【Host current honor value: -2】


   Zhou Wenhai yelled at him, what dad, mother, etc. Chinese languages ​​all exploded.

   [Congratulations to the host for getting the new title—Hua Guotong, title effect: When you talk to Chinese people in Chinese, your favorability will increase by 50%]

   Zhou Wenhai hasn't recovered yet, the system immediately said:

   [Host abuse system, deduct 1 point of host honor value, current honor value: -3]

   I... Zhou Wenhai was so angry that he was speechless. This is such a cheating system.

   Within a day, he actually won four new titles. At this moment, Zhou Wenhai really felt dumbfounded.

   Three days later, only three of the five companies replied to Zhou Wenhai. He will interview these three companies in the next two days.

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