Rebirth I Am a Chaebol In Korea

Chapter 62: Some past events

   Xu Junxiu, the 85-year-old chairman of the Shiyue Group, is lying in bed being treated and cared for by private doctors and nurses.

   Recently, his body is getting worse and worse. When he went to the toilet the other night, he accidentally fell. For this reason, the senior officials of the Shiyue Group came to visit him one after another.

   After Li Tae-sik visited Xu Junsu, when he walked to the second floor, he heard the sound of smashing from Xu Shengming's room.

   So he walked over and knocked on the door.

   "Who is it?"

   Xu Shengming asked loudly in the room.

   "Board Seo, it's me, Lee Tae-sik."

   "Executive Li, what are you doing here?"

   Xu Shengming opened the door of the room, and he looked at Li Tae-sik angrily and asked.

   "I just finished visiting the chairman, why are you so angry, Director Xu?"

   Lee Tae-sik said with a smile.

   "No matter what your business is, don't bother me if it's okay."

   "I probably know why you are upset, Director."

   Lee Tae-sik’s words are intriguing.

   "What if you know? Can you kill him for me?"

   Although Xu Shengming kept yelling about killing, he was bold and unconcerned.

   "Of course I dare not, but I do know a story."

"what story?"

   "Director Xu, should we just stand at the door and say that?"

   Xu Shengming let Li Tae-sik into the house, then he closed the door and locked it.

   "Executive Li, come on, what's the story?"

   "During the 1988 Seoul Olympics, the chairman was attacked, and I even fought for the chairman."

   Lee Tae-sik lifted up his clothes, showing the scar on his stomach, which is why he was able to become a standing director from an ordinary employee.

"I do not know how?"

   "You were young, the director, and he never mentioned it to other people."

   "Does anyone in the Republic of Korea dare to kill my old man?"

   In 1988, the Seyue Group was also ranked among the top 100 companies in South Korea. Xu Shengming could not think of anyone who would dare to attack his father Xu Junsu.

   "Of course, ordinary Koreans dare not. The people who attacked the chairman are YB's old clubs."

   "YB? You mean the Koreans of YB in China?"

"Yes, because they are foreigners, they will be arranged to leave the country immediately after the killing. This is not only a small risk but also a low cost. Even if the prosecutor finds out the truth in the future, it is too difficult to go to China to arrest people. It’s big, so using YB’s old stick to kill is the safest way."

  As for this, Li Tae-zhi didn't say any more, this Xu Shengming will understand the meaning of these words even though he is stupid.

   "But where can I find these old YB sticks to help me do things?"

   "Well, I'm not quite sure about this. You can ask around. You can always think of a way to give some money."

   "I see, thank you Mr. Li."

   Lee Tae-sik had a black line on his face, "Board Xu, please don't thank me. This matter has nothing to do with me. I'm just telling you some past events. As for what you want to do, it has nothing to do with me."

   "I know, thank you for your story."

   After Li Tae-sik left, Xu Shengming lay alone on the bed thinking of loneliness. He knew that the fewer people who knew about this kind of thing, the better.

   As the saying goes, people die for money and birds die for food.

   As long as there is money to make, there are really desperate people. Through Xu Shengming's unremitting efforts, he met a middleman.

   Xu Shengming set the price very high, and the middleman agreed to go to China YB to find someone willing to do this for him.

   one month later

   Five-star trading company’s turkey noodles sell well in Korea. The sales volume of turkey noodles in the first month reached a staggering 6 billion won. This is still in short supply.

   But Zhou Wenhai knew in his heart that no matter how popular turkey noodles are in Korea, the income it can bring is always limited. If you want to make money, you have to sell turkey noodles to China.

   If you want Chinese people to know and fall in love with turkey noodles, you have to start with Hallyu stars.

To this end, Zhou Wenhai provided a sponsorship fund of 50 million to RunningMan, a variety show produced by SBS TV. The equivalent condition is that RunningMan will show the audience the MC and the guests eating turkey noodles in at least 2 episodes of the program within a month. Scenes.

   In the conference room, Zhou Wenhai, Kim Dae-won, Yin Minghao, Pei Jiaen, Factory Manager Li, Park Sun-woo, Han Jingen and others were all present. This was Zhou Wenhai's first meeting of a five-star trading company.

   "The turkey noodles in our club are selling very well now, but this alone is not enough. I plan to sell turkey noodles to China and Southeast Asia. Do you have any comments?"

   At the square table meeting, Zhou Wenhai sat in the innermost leadership position and talked to everyone.

   "President, it is of course good to sell turkey noodles abroad, but with our current productivity, I'm afraid it won't work."

   The first speaker was Director Li.

   "The land development rights of the new factory have been approved, and the construction drawings are also in progress. It is expected that the construction will start next month, and the factory will basically be completed by this time next year."

   Zhou Wenhai answered Director Li’s concerns.

   "In that case, there will be no problem on the factory side."

   With the words of the president, Director Li seemed to have taken a reassurance.

   "Director Yoon, what do you think?"

   "I don't know much about foreign import and export trade."

   Yin Minghao answered awkwardly.

   "Then Minister Bae, what do you think?"

   Zhou Wenhai turned to Pei Jiaen.

   "When I was in Shiyue Group, I was in charge of the sales line in Southeast Asia, and I didn't know much about China."

   "From today onwards, Minister Pei, you will be responsible for matching sales in Southeast Asia, and I will do the matching in China."

   "Yes, but what about the finance department?"

   "Minister Han, you hire another financial supervisor, Minister Yoon, temporarily assign someone from your department to the Finance Department to help."

   Zhou Wenhai said to Han Jingen and Yin Minghao.


   "Park Sunwoo and Lawyer Kim, come down and prepare. You will accompany me to China next week."

  " Park Sunwoo and Kim Dae-won replied.

   "If you have no other opinions, then that's it."

   Announcing the end of the meeting, everyone went to work on their own affairs, only Zhou Wenhai was still sitting in the meeting room.

   I am going to China next week.

   Zhou Wenhai's heart is surging. The current Chinese National Assembly will not be different because of his rebirth. He doesn't know, but this complicated emotion is always rippling in his heart, and it will not dissipate for a long time.

   "The weather is getting cold, Ouba, you need to wear more clothes to avoid catching a cold."

   Jin Zhiyan sent a message.

   "Understood, Zhiyan, you should also pay attention to keep warm, don't catch a cold."

   It feels so good that someone cares!

   Ever since he dated with Jin Zhiyan, Zhou Wenhai no longer felt that he was alone.

   "Oba, do you miss me today?"

   Jin Zhiyan made a video call, in which she kept smirking at Zhou Wenhai.

   "I want to know you all the time, shouldn't you practice in the practice room now?"

   It doesn’t look like Jin Zhiyan is in the company’s practice room.

   "Today we went out to shoot the MV, and I just finished shooting."

   "Zhiyan, when are you free? I'm going to China next week. I want to have a meal with you before I go."

   "Oba, what are you doing in China?"

   "I'm going to discuss business, I want to sell turkey noodles to China."

   "Oh, I'm free on Friday night."

   "Then we'll see you on Friday night."


   After chatting with Jin Zhiyan, an unfamiliar phone number called.

   "Hey, is this President Zhou Wenhai?"

   sounds familiar, who would it be?

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