Rebirth I Am a Chaebol In Korea

Vol 2 Chapter 6: Money does not earn 8 eggs

   Zhou Wenhai subconsciously noticed the mobile phone he was holding. He walked into the house and said:

   "Yona xi, I just want to come to see you. I almost forgot to fly to China tomorrow morning. I have to go first. You can go to sleep here."

   After the words were over, Zhou Wenhai had put on his jacket and shoes and called Park Sunwoo's phone number.

   "Is it so sudden?"

   Zheng Youna doesn't believe it.

   "Yes, you go in and rest."

   "I will fly to Hua Guo early tomorrow morning. You will be responsible for the progress of the construction of the new factory. If there is anything in the club, please let Minister Yin, Minister Bae and Lawyer Jin discuss and solve them. If they can't decide, you can call me again."

   Zhou Wenhai walked towards the elevator, and after the call was connected, he said to Park Sunwoo.

   Zheng Youna watched Zhou Wenhai walk into the elevator, and she returned to the room lost.

   Zhou Wenhai came to the reception hall on the first floor of the hotel. He paid all the expenses for today. The snow outside had stopped, but the snow on the road was so deep that Han Dongzhu and Liu Zongxiu could not make it for a while.

   "Uncle, what are you doing here?"

   A familiar voice came. Zhou Wenhai, who was sitting on the sofa in the reception hall and playing with his mobile phone, looked up and saw that the person talking to him was Li Yuanzhu.

   "Do I look old?"

   Zhou Wenhai looked at her speechlessly and asked.

   "Uncle, you are not in the thirtieth generation?"

   "How am I in 1993."

   Zhou Wenhai replied dissatisfied with his eyes empty.

   "Okay, but what are you doing here?"

   Li Yuanzhu never said honorifics to himself, but Zhou Wenhai didn't take it seriously either.

   "I'm waiting for someone to pick me up."

   "Pick you up? Are you leaving?"

   "Yes, I am going to China tomorrow."

   Zhou Wenhai said that it was not an excuse to go to China. After talking to Park Sunwoo, he asked Han Jingen to buy him a ticket to China tomorrow morning.

   "Then what about that sister, she seems to like you very much."

   Lee Won-joo smiled at the end.

   "So you drove her to my room on purpose?"

   Li Yuanzhu smiled but didn't answer, this little girl is really small and big.

   "I'm going back first, uncle, wait yourself slowly."

   At twelve o'clock in the morning, Liu Zongxiu and Han Dongzhu finally drove over.

   "I'm sorry, Mrs. President, you have been waiting for a long time. The snow on the road is a bit deep. I dare not drive too fast."

   Liu Zongxiu got out of the car and opened the door for Zhou Wenhai, he explained.

   "It's okay, let's go to the airport."

   Zhou Wenhai patted the snow on Liu Zongxiu's body and said.

   "Wonju, what are you looking at? Close the window."

   In the hotel room, Jin Huimin said when she saw Li Yuanzhu opened the window and looked down, she was blown by the cold wind.

"I see."

   After Zhou Wenhai's car left the hotel, Li Yuanzhu slowly closed the window, and then she lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling in a daze.

   Liu Zongxiu's car was very slow. Zhou Wenhai, who was sitting in the back seat, gradually fell asleep. After an unknown period of time, when he opened his eyes again, the car drove into Seoul.

   After finding a hotel near Gimpo International Airport and resting for a few hours, Zhou Wenhai entered the airport alone.

   "Hey, Mr. Xu, sorry to disturb you so early, my schedule has changed, and I will be in China this morning. Okay, okay, see you then."

   Zhou Wenhai speaks fluent Mandarin. The person who spoke with him was the CEO of JD Retail of Huaguo JD Group.

   Coming out of China Capital International Airport, Mr. Xu’s secretary drove Zhou Wenhai straight to JD’s headquarters in the capital of China.

   The purpose of Zhou Wenhai's trip is to negotiate a good cooperation with JD, sell turkey noodles to JD, and then JD will sell it on its own mall.

   The equivalent condition is that the turkey noodles produced by Five Star Foods can only be sold to JD Group in China, which means that JD monopolizes the sales channels of turkey noodles in China.

   The advantage of doing this is that Zhou Wenhai can quickly gather funds, and he does not need to worry about sales.

   "Orders of at least 30 billion won per year."

   Zhou Wenhai proposed his second condition.

   "Zhou, your condition is a bit harsh."

  JD's Mr. Xu smiled and said after hearing Zhou Wenhai's second condition.

   "Mr. Xu, in South Korea, my sales in the first month have reached 6 billion won. The market in China is dozens of times larger than South Korea, so there is definitely no problem."

   "This still needs me to report to Chairman Liu before replying to you."

   "No problem, I will continue to let Hallyu stars come to China to promote turkey noodles. Please rest assured that you and Liu Dong."

   "But, Mr. Zhou, why do you speak Chinese so well?"

   Hearing Zhou Wenhai's Mandarin is so standard, Mr. Xu asked curiously.

   "I used to live in China."

   The strength of JD is much stronger than Zhou Wenhai’s current Five-Star Group. He will lower his posture. If he can get this order, then after the factory is built, the work of 1,000 workers will not be a problem.

   The boss of JD is in the United States to discuss matters. There will be a company video conference tomorrow, and Mr. Xu plans to report to the boss at that time.

   At night, Zhou Wenhai ate long-lost Chinese cuisine.

   At the wine table, Zhou Wenhai’s amount of alcohol really shocked everyone present. With the effect of the title of "Hua Guo Tong", he quickly became acquainted with this group of people.

   "Zhou, this is my cousin. He is now a choreographer on JS TV."

   Mr. Xu brought a man about 30 years old to Zhou Wenhai and introduced him.

   "Zhou, I toast you a cup."

   "Guide Xu, please."

   Zhou Wenhai smiled and had a drink with the other party.

   "Mr. Zhou, you must know many Korean artists in Korea, right?"

   Xu Dao and Zhou Wenhai are close to each other. It turns out that this is his purpose.

   "I do know some artists."

   "Zhou, do you know Liu Zaishi?"

   "More than I know him, but Director Xu, do you also know Liu Zaishi?"

   "Of course, I just wanted to do this business because of watching his infinite challenges and Runingman will never end."

   Talking about his own business, Director Xu talked endlessly.

   "Then what do you think of running, brother?"

   Zhou Wenhai remembered that many variety shows in the previous state of China copied or bought Korean copyrights.

   "Run, what's the show, brother? Is it Yoo Jae-seok's latest variety show?"

   Director Xu asked blankly.

   "Run, brother, don't you know? Just..."

   Wait, it doesn't look like this kid is lying.

   "It is indeed a variety show that Liu Jae-shik is currently preparing."

   He changed his words.

   Zhou Wenhai took out his mobile phone and searched Du Niang for the information of Brother Run.

   Can’t, if I remember correctly, run, don’t you already start broadcasting on ZJ TV in 2014?

   searched Du Niang for a while, but he really didn't find the information of Brother Run Bar.

   It seems like turkey noodles. In this parallel world, ZJ Satellite TV has not yet started to make the idea of ​​running, brothers, and even most of the choreographers in China have not yet come up with the concept of introducing Korean variety shows.

  Only Mango TV introduced "I Am a Singer" in 13 years and their newly produced "Where Are You Going Dad" was broadcast on TV last year.

   Money doesn’t make a bastard.

   "Zhou, looking at you so young, I wonder if you are married?"

   Director Xu continued to ask.

"Not yet."

   "Do you have a girlfriend?"


   "It's great, I'm currently doing a blind date show on JS TV called "Not Sincere", I wonder if you are interested in participating?"

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