Rebirth I Am a Chaebol In Korea

Vol 2 Chapter 9: Rongsheng

   Zhou Wenhai was sitting in the cabin of a Boeing 747. This huge plane was diving through the thick dark clouds, preparing to land at Incheon International Airport.

   The cold fog in January made the land foggy, and the renovators in raincoats walked in the airport.

   When I got off the plane, I could see the large Samsung billboard erected on the airport building as soon as I looked up.

"Finally home."

   Zhou Wenhai gained a lot from this trip to China.

  RunningMan’s Monday couples Kang Gary and Song Ji-hyo promoted the turkey noodles for him in the famous variety show "KLDBY" in China, and the signing with JD went smoothly.

   In the future, the turkey noodles will be sent directly from South Korea to JD's warehouses across China. The first order from the JD Group in China has an advance payment of 10 billion won.

   Not only that, during his stay in China, Zhou Wenhai also triggered the hidden food task of the system, and therefore some food recipes appeared in the system mall.

   After selecting one by one, Zhou Wenhai chose to purchase the best-selling Chinese food recipes in Korea in his previous life, such as spicy noodles, corn hot dog sausage, and self-heating hot pot.

   He plans to take the recipes of these foods to the factory for production and sales.

   may cause controversy over the origin of hot pot in the future.

   At 5 pm, coming out of the airport, Park Sunwoo drove in front of the Audi A8, followed by the Cadillac Escalade driven by Liu Zongxiu.

   "How is the factory built?"

   After leaving South Korea for more than ten days, Zhou Wenhai was more concerned about the progress of factory construction than the group.

   "Three workshops are ready for production, and two other workshops are under construction. The foundation of the office building has just been completed."

  The workshops are all built with light steel structure, so the construction time is much faster than the hybrid structure.

  Park Sunwoo graduated from the architecture department of a local university. He had also worked in a construction company before. Zhou Wenhai asked him to go to the construction site to supervise work from time to time.

   "Where is your old husband?"

   "Uncle, he agreed to your proposal."

   Before he went to China, Han Jingen’s father had not yet agreed to Zhou Wenhai’s acquisition plan. He asked Park Sunwoo and Han Jingen to do the ideological work of President Han. Under their hardship, President Han finally agreed to sell the shares of the supermarket to Zhou Wenhai.

   "Don't worry, your father-in-law will take the position of the supermarket president. I won't break my promise."


   "By the way, you will be able to see the show I recorded in China soon."

   Zhou Wenhai smiled.

"What program?"

   Park Sunwoo asked curiously.

   "A blind date show."

   "Why are you interested in participating in these programs."

  Park Sunwoo doesn't understand what the president is thinking.

   "It's boring, I always look for some shows to have fun."


   "What did Reporter Liu say?"

   "Reporter Liu said that people from China have indeed come to discuss cooperation recently. He also said that 100 million yuan may not be able to buy the copyright of Runningman in China, but the copyright of other programs should be fine."

   "Then you can make an appointment with Reporter Liu for me immediately. I want to see him."


   "Of course it is now, time is waiting for no one, please call."


   Park Sun-woo pulled the car over, and he continued to drive after speaking to reporter Liu.

   Yangcheon District, Seoul City

   I ate a lot of spicy food in China, and Zhou Wenhai wanted to eat lighter-tasting food tonight, so he chose to entertain reporter Liu for dinner at a ginseng chicken soup restaurant.

   Park Sun-woo, Han Dong-soo, and Yoo Jong-soo sit at the table next to them so as not to disturb him and reporter Liu.

   "Reporter Liu, I asked Shanyu to ask about you. What is the situation now?"

   After drinking a bowl of ginseng chicken soup, Zhou Wenhai asked.

   "Chairman, RunningMan's copyright issue may not be solved by 100 million yuan."

   "What about other shows?"

   "The king of masked singers, real men, and the refrigerator, please. I think about 100 million yuan should be able to get their copyright in China."

   "Then please take a snack."

   Zhou Wenhai winked at Park Shanyu, and he handed out an envelope for reporter Liu with a clear understanding.

   "Just forget it."

   Reporter Liu chose to reject this time.

"What's wrong?"

   "I will definitely handle things for you, but, my sire, I want to ask you for help."

   Reporter Liu's tone suddenly became humble and respectful.

   "Did something happen? Reporter Liu, but you say it's okay."

   "President, you don't need to say honorifics to me."

   Zhou Wenhai understands what reporter Liu meant, and it seems that the other party is indeed asking for something.

   "Well, Reporter Liu, tell me, what the **** is it?"

   "I want to ask you to help me become the director of our SBS Entertainment Broadcasting Bureau."

   As he said, Reporter Liu glanced at Zhou Wenhai's wink.

   "But, I have nothing to do with your SBS president."

   Reporter Liu is considered an old man in the circle. This time he wants to fight for the position of director of the SBS Entertainment Broadcasting Bureau. Zhou Wenhai should help out because of his emotions and reasons, but he doesn't know the president of SBS.

   "The relationship between Vice President Zhou and our President Ha is very close, and I only met Vice President Zhou through the introduction of President Ha."

   Ask Zhou Wu for help again?

   I just let Zhou Wu and Che Daoying become section chiefs, and now I go to ask him for help. Does it seem that he is very cheap?

   Zhou Wenhai gradually fell into contemplation.

  If Reporter Liu can be supported, he will definitely take his orders in the future. Thinking of this, Zhou Wenhai decided to give it a try.

   "Well, I will go to discuss this matter with the Deputy Chief Zhou."

   When Zhou Wenhai agreed to his request, reporter Liu's face instantly bloomed with joy.

   "Thank you, I will grow up, please let me know if you have anything in the future."

  "Let’s talk about things in the future. At present, I hope you can help me get the copyright of these entertainment This is Zhou Wenhai's top priority.


"No matter how much the copyright fee of RunningMan is, I have to take it. I hope you can keep it at around 100 million yuan as much as possible for the copyright fees of several other programs. If necessary, I will tell them separately. of."

   "Yes, I will try my best to do it, so please take care of my business."

   As soon as reporter Liu finished speaking, Zhou Wuyi called.

   "Hey, Wen Hai, where are you?"

   It sounds like Zhou Wuyi is in a happy mood.

   "Secondary Chief, I am with Reporter Liu now. Listening to your voice, is there a happy event?"

   Zhou Wenhai was infected by the other party's laughter, and he also laughed.

   "Munhae, thanks to your help, I have been officially appointed as the head of the Seoul High Prosecutor's Office (the chief prosecutor)."

   Zhou Wuyi continued with a smile.

   "Congratulations, Deputy Chief, no, it's the director."


   "Don't you want to see Xingmao? At 7 o'clock tomorrow evening, I have an appointment with Director Cui and Xingmao. Come over, the place is at my house."

   Entertaining guests at home, and those who can be invited are people who Zhou Wuyi can trust. This proves from the side that Zhou Wenhai has now won the trust of Zhou Wuyi.

   "Yes, I must be there on time, the director, we will see you then."

   hung up the phone, Zhou Wenhai's face was filled with joy.

   "Reporter Liu, I will go and ask Director Zhou to say hello to your President He tomorrow."

   "Director? Chairman, do you mean that Zhou Jichang has been promoted to director?"

   Zhou Wenhai smiled without saying a word, he just nodded.

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