Rebirth of the Urban Immortal

Chapter 4062: queen's plan

The black spot in the void before has become very huge now.

At this moment, it seems that it is still growing.

Luo Chen ignored it, but continued to look at Fengxian and the others. He was still groping for his dream.

Many things in the dream are actually illogical, but you will not feel strange or even doubt when you are in the dream!

Fengxian and the kings, even if it is a large army, actually enters the dream, and their strength is weakened.

This is not only a mental weakening, but a real weakening, otherwise the dream would have been shattered long ago in the battle between millions of troops and more than seventy supreme beings.

Moreover, Long Yi, who was simulated before, can also kill many Supreme Beings!

This shows that it has indeed been weakened too much.

Fengxian didn't affect a lot, otherwise he should have seen it long ago.

But now, Fengxian stood there dumbfounded!

And the Supreme is attacking and killing!

At this moment, the army has gathered again, and the total army brought by the two sides is still about one million!

And Jin Lingzi stood behind the army on his side, and then looked at the kings coldly!

"You guys want to continue killing?" Jin Lingzi looked furious!

If he could, he also wanted to kill all the kings to death!

Because they came to help the kings, but they were attacked and killed by the kings, resulting in a loss of nearly 90%!

Whoever it is, I'm afraid there will be boundless killing intent in his heart!

Mingshitu's expression was even more indifferent, he was already disappointed with the kings on Fengxian's side.

Fengxian blamed himself very much. If it wasn't for his wrong judgment, how could the entire army have lost more than 90% of it?

The combined armies on both sides exceeded 16 million at least!

The original king also exceeded hundreds!

But after falling into a dream, it turned out to be like this.

Now that the fifth prince has not been seen yet, they lost 90% of their manpower in one fell swoop!

Just for a few people?

In terms of results, it was definitely a disastrous failure!

Great fiasco!

It is difficult for anyone to accept this result!

And at this moment in the real world, the army and people who were confronting Long Yi also emerged.

That's an army of 30 million!

In the lead is a man riding a sheep.

The sheep under him looked very huge, its satin-like hair shone brightly, and the eyes of that sheep were still blood red, it looked very terrifying and weird!

He holds a whisk in his hand and sits reclined on it, his Taoist crown is impartial!

At this moment, there are also many armies behind him, and it also seems to be led by him!

"It seems that the Phoenix Immortal has already been planted!"

When we came here, there was no army, no King Tian Yu, and we could see it at a glance. It was obvious that these people should have been killed!

"Hello senior, I'm Dao Zisheng in the Dao Palace of Heaven and Humanity!" Dao Zisheng introduced himself to Long Yi.

"People from the Palace of Heaven and Humanity?" Long Yi sat down and sat on the throne!

"I have heard about the prestige of seniors." Dao Zisheng looked very humble and polite!

"You can't come, it's almost the same when your Taoist master is here!" Long Yi sneered.

"Senior was joking, don't bother my Taoist Master of Heaven and Humanity Palace for some things!"

"Besides, if it wasn't because of the big boat, senior, I'm afraid senior would have escaped long ago." Daozi said loudly.

He was mocking Long Yi!

But Long Yi wasn't angry, and he didn't pay attention to it at all. This kind of ridicule was meaningless to him.

"Senior, you can't keep it here, why don't you get out of the way?"

"I made a fortune before coming here!"

"For us, it's good luck, but for seniors, it's bad luck!"

"And senior, you'd better not get involved in the affairs of the Fifth Prince of the Eternal Family!" Dao Zisheng said softly.

"It seems that the Fifth Prince has a lot of secrets?" Long Yi asked.

"Senior joked, if senior didn't know something, how could he release the Fifth Prince from the Eternal Family?"

"The Fifth Prince is of great use in the First Era, so why do you need to go through this muddy water?" Dao Zisheng was extremely gentle, and his words made people feel like spring breeze!

"It's all calculations. Don't you feel tired after all the calculations?" Long Yi sneered.

The matter of the fifth prince is also part of the plan.

"Senior, there's no need for us to act!" Daozi said loudly.

"Senior, from all indications, you want to completely undo the seal of the endless abyss and completely release the queen's old department!"

"But it's a pity, senior, your strength is not enough, you can't solve it!" Daozi said with a loud mouth.

"I'm just here to guard that person's resurrection!"

"Senior, wise people don't speak dark words." Daozi said with open mouth.

"The queen appeared for the first time and stole the beginning of the sun of the fifth era. Why should she be placed in this endless abyss?"

"I don't want to simply resurrect, but to release the old one!"

"The first one to be released is you, and then you will take over the next plan!" Daozi said with a loud voice.

"Senior is good at deceiving people's eyes and ears, but these things can't fool our Heavenly and Human Dao Palace!" Dao Zisheng has a plan in his mind!

In fact, strictly speaking, the queen is still plotting against Luo Chen, or plotting against everyone!

Because of the matter of the fifth prince, Long Yi deceived Luo Chen.

The fifth prince's body was prepared by Long Yi long ago.

Ever since the Queen met Luo Chen for the first time and learned about the situation in the Fifth Era, the Queen had prepared a lot of things for Luo Chen.

She was sure that Luo Chen would counterattack the First Era one day, so the previous seizure was true.

But exercising Luo Chen's consciousness was also done deliberately!

And the body of the fifth prince in the back, can be regarded as deliberate!

The Fifth Prince is not a simple person, not just as simple as the Prince of the Eternal Family!

The queen has been laying out!

Although Long Yi's real purpose is to revive the dust, he also has the motive of completely releasing the endless abyss and the queen's old department!

Or maybe that's the real motivation!

"Senior, have you ever thought about what you will become if you really do it?"

"Wars broke out again in the first era, and countless people were displaced, dead and injured, children without parents, and old people without children!" Daozi Sheng said softly.

"Senior Gao Jie thinks about the common people in the world, but what senior is doing now is destroying the common people in the world!" Dao Zisheng continued.

"When you use the reincarnation plan, it's not just us who die, but the entire four eras!"

"They are also the common people in the world!" Long Yi sighed.

"Senior, is it wrong for the common people in the world to want to live?"

"That's right!" Long Yi said.

"Senior, aren't we the common people in the world?"

"Even if it is the Palace of Heaven and Humanity, even if it is the lineage of immortality, can't it be regarded as the common people in the world?"

"You're smart, I know what you're going to say!"

"Everyone in the world wants to live, and everyone should work hard for their lives, even if it hurts others!"

"After all, living creatures are hurting other creatures!" Long Yi said indifferently! "but!"

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