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Chapter 606: Add insult to injury

   "This... still can't be done. Mr. Shang is also an important minister in the court. It is impossible to make a scene about his daughter's marriage. He said no, but he just can't. If we come to the door again, we will be kicked out by then, and it will be even more embarrassing!"

   Mrs. Chen also knew this was true, but she just couldn't bear this marriage.

   "Well, if our son can give birth normally, it would be great if Shang Ningli could conceive. When she has a big belly, only our son can marry. It's just a pity..."

  Master Chen also felt it was a pity, but there was nothing he could do.


at the same time

  As soon as Shang Chengwang got home, he asked the servants to retreat, closed the door, and asked Shang Ningli to kneel down.

  Shang Ningli said anxiously: "Father, what are you doing?"

  Madam Shang also said: "Master, she has suffered enough injuries tonight, so don't talk about her, she doesn't want to make it into the situation she is today."

   After speaking, she gave Shang Ninglu a wink.

  Shang Ninglu had no choice but to intercede, "Father, it's so late, you have to go to court tomorrow, so you should go to bed earlier."

"No." Shang Chengwang looked at Shang Ningli's mother and daughter with disappointment, "Don't think I didn't see the action between your mother and daughter just now. I said that at Nangong's house just for my face. Now At home, tell me the truth, what happened today?"

  Shang Ninglu frowned, her father had already seen that something was wrong today.

  Shang Ningli could only pretend to be stupid: "Father, what are you talking about, I was tricked by someone today? What else could be going on?"

   "Yes." Mrs. Shang persuaded: "If you want to lecture, you have to wait until tomorrow. Let the child take a bath first."

   "No, Shang Ningli, I'll give you one last chance, tell me quickly, otherwise the family law will serve you, and anyone who begs for mercy will also ask the family law!"

  Other people who want to speak will not be able to speak.

  Shang Ningli was a little hesitant. If she told the truth, her father would definitely be even angrier if he knew that the person she wanted was actually Shang Ninglu.

  She glanced at Shang Ninglu, she must know something, otherwise how could she get away so easily this time.

   I don't know who rescued her, but he had such a great ability to put her in.

  Shang Cheng saw his third daughter's eyeballs rolling restlessly, so he knew that he was really right about this matter, and that the mastermind behind the scenes was indeed his third daughter.

"Shang Ningli, why don't you say it? If you don't say it, then you don't need to stay at home anymore. Come and prepare the razor. I will shave her now and send her to the nunnery to become a nun tomorrow." !"


   After a while, Shang Ningli saw her father approaching with a razor, and hurriedly asked her mother for help.

   Mrs. Shang was about to speak, when she heard Shang Chengwang say: "If anyone asks for mercy, I will shave her hair off."

   Mrs. Shang had no choice but to give her daughter a self-seeking look.

  Shang Ninglu just watched silently without speaking.

  Aunt Gu and Shang Ningshu watched with gloating faces.

   I really didn't expect that the daughter-in-law would make such a big mistake.

   Now there is a good show to watch.

   Seeing that her father was about to touch her hair in two steps, Shang Ningli hurriedly said, "I said, father, I will tell you everything."

  Shang Chengwang returned to the original place, "Said, if you dare to lie to me again, your head will be shaved."


  Shang Ningli had no choice but to tell her plan.

   After she finished speaking, she glanced at Shang Ninglu with a guilty conscience, but she didn't say anything about plotting against Shang Ninglu.

"What did you say?" Shang Chengwang couldn't believe it: "You originally planned to design Miss Qin and Chen Quanqiang to be together, but you didn't expect Miss Qin to be rescued before Chen Quanqiang went, and you were replaced by a mysterious person. That's why things like that happened?"

"That's right." Shang Ningli cried, "I was also plotted against. I didn't do it on purpose. How would I know that Qin Zhenzhen, that bitch, was protected by someone. She must have sent someone to do my loss. down."

  Shang Chengwang clenched his fist, "Miss Qin has no grievances with you, why did you destroy her?"

   "I... I like Nangong Jun, who told her to **** Nangong Jun away."

"You!" Shang Chengwang couldn't bear it, and stepped forward to give Shang Ningli a resounding slap, "Are you still human? You're so vicious at such a young age, no wonder you ended up like this today, it's your fault retribution!"

   "Father!" Shang Ningli felt her face burning instantly, covering her face full of heartbreak, "Father, it's fine if you hit me, why did you say such hurtful words?"

Shang Chengwang sneered and said, "I can't stand just one word? Then, have you ever thought about how Qin Zhenzhen would feel if she was really ruined? Also, what you are doing now is not retribution, but What?"

   "I...I..." Shang Ningli couldn't refute for a moment.

"anything else?"


   "I'm asking you, is there anything else you're hiding from me?"

   " more."

  Shang Ninglu struggled for a moment. If she told her that she also fainted now, she and her stepmother would definitely have a bad relationship in the future, and life at home would definitely not be easy.

  But the clay figurine is still angry, and Shang Ningli has bullied her a lot in the past.

   She didn't want to miss such a good opportunity.

   Nan Gongxian has married a wife, and it should be her turn after that.

  She shouldn't be staying at home for long.

  The stepmother should not be able to bully her for too long.

   And the father will not completely let the stepmother bully her.

  Thinking of this, Shang Ninglu said, "Father, I have something to say."

  Shang Chengwang frowned and said, "If you want to beg for mercy, don't say it."

"It's not a plea." Shang Ninglu asked Shang Ningli to go with her for convenience, and she also told about her fainting, "That's it. When I wake up, I'm already in a safe place. I don’t know who saved me. Afterwards, I heard movement outside, so I went to see it together.”

  In order not to let her father doubt Dugu Huanxu and Nangong Anshan, she did not tell them about saving her.

Shang Chengwang is not a fool, he knew the meaning of the eldest daughter's words as soon as he heard it, and looked at the third daughter in shock: " actually plot against your own sister, and you want to destroy the innocence of two girls at once ? Are you still human? Shang Ningli, do you still have humanity?"

  If Chen Quanqiang was in bed with two girls at the same time, then today's incident would be a huge scandal.

  The reputation of the merchant and the Qin family is also gone.

   "I...I didn't, elder sister wronged me."

   "I wronged you? Don't you know what kind of temperament your elder sister is? If she is scheming, she can still be bullied by your mother and daughter for so many years?"


   Mrs. Shang couldn't bear it any longer, and persuaded: "Master, maybe Ah Lu is just throwing stones into the hole and wronging Ali."

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