Restart the Gaming Era

Chapter 52: Regular meeting

"Xiao Zhong, this is the case. I did say before that 30% of the 10% of net income at your disposal will give you a bonus, but recently, things have changed. Mr. Lu knows that our project's profitability has improved a lot. I ’m happy, I hope that our project can work harder to mention the data again, so the following tasks are performed. Some of the tasks here, such as replacing art resources, recruiting people, etc., are urgently used. So this fund I'm stretched out. There is no way but to squeeze the bonus money a little ... "

Zhongzhong Ming immediately replied: "Director Liu, I can understand this. Is it possible to make an IOU for the bonus that has not been paid and reissue it later?"

那 At the other end of the screen, Director Liu's face was black at the time.

I already said that, you still do n’t know how to find a step and hurry up, why do you kick your nose on your face? I still have an IOU. I took the money, can I spit it out? Can I still give you an IOU?

Director Liu stabilized his emotions: "Xiao Zhong, you have just graduated now, and you need to take a long-term view when you need to exercise. I am also thinking about the project now. The project makes more money, so everyone can pay more, right? You have just received a salary of more than 20,000 a month after you graduated. This is far more than most of your peers. Do n’t swell, be down-to-earth, understand? "

Zhong Zhongming sneered, but it didn't make sense, and started to draw me big cakes and chicken soup.

He did not continue to ask, because after seeing it, Director Liu did not want to pay the remaining bonuses at all, so he always looked at him in terms of project benefits and future development.

As for the real reason? Zhong Ming didn't believe it was such a grandiose reason, probably because it was too much bonus to be paid, Liu Yuxin repented!

Wu Zhongming simply did not reply anymore.

Liu Yuxin waited for a while, seeing Zhong Ming no longer reply, a little unhappy.

"This little bell, it's so straightforward and not polite. It seems that he still has a small temper."

"Forget it, let's have a small temper, he will definitely figure it out after a while."

宇 Liu Yuxin didn't take this matter too seriously. An intern received more than 20,000 bonuses. What else did he want? Liu Yuxin is the supervisor, and the work of several major persons in charge, including Zhou Zhen, Sun Hongsheng and Zhang Qiuze, has already been done. An intern can still make the project impossible?

Zhong Zhongming closed the chat window with Liu Yuxin, and then opened his own design document.

设计 This design document mainly involves several derivative functions of the Xinghai Battlefield, mainly to increase the gameplay, make players more fun, and extend the life of the entire gameplay.

In addition, there are some functions to pave the way for new features in the future.

Today is Monday.

On Friday ’s regular meeting, there is a high probability that Liu Yuxin will give everyone a meeting to fight chicken blood, and Zhong Ming has four days left.

At this time, neither the art group nor the program group had any other tasks, so the documentation could not be started immediately, and Zhong Ming was not anxious to write slowly. But even if you write slowly like this, the progress is much faster than others, and the completion of these documents is basically over half.

Zhongming directly deleted all written content and rewritten all!

These documents have not been uploaded yet, and they are all stored in the local folder of Zhongming computer, because the historical version will be retained after uploading, and then deleted at that time. People with higher permissions such as Zhang Qiuze and Zhou Zhen can also directly pull out the historical version. Check it out.

In fact, Zhong Ming can deliberately design these functions into a large amount of gold deposits and recharge activities to dig a hole for Liu Yuxin, but he does not want to do this. The players are innocent. Now everyone has a great time playing the Xinghai battlefield. If it is because of Zhong Ming and Liu Yuxin, The conflict made players unhappy, which is not the original intention of Zhong Ming.

So Zhong Ming just wrote some useless functions that won't be disgusting to the player, it just makes the player feel boring and not touch.

Of course, these functions may be perceived by Liu Yuxin as perfunctory, but it does not matter, because Zhong Ming has no intention to continue to work for Liu Yuxin.

I really thought I would drink chicken soup?

宇 Liu Yuxin said quite well, for the project and future development, but Zhong Ming is not a three-year-old child, how could it be brainwashed by this big cake?

The new function was completely designed and promoted by Zhong Ming, and achieved great success. Liu Yuxin was unwilling to take out 3% of the project's profit. After that, he continued to work, and he must be a hard worker. Don't expect a pull The leader will become generous in the future, that is impossible.

So, Zhong Ming decided. This is the end of this matter. I will not write any design documents for this project and Liu Yuxin in the future.

Not only that, he also had to take apart Liu Yuxin's face in person!

宇 Liu Yuxin is so fearless because he knows that ordinary employees will not know the specific data of the project profit, and the core employees who know the data must have greeted and compensated in advance.

When the bonus was issued, Zhou Zhen and Xiong Kai were expressionless and could prove this!

Liu Yuxin, don't you think that you have hidden the sky and crossed the sea, and you have swallowed the bonus privately?

It's okay, I have a way to let the entire project know. I'll see how you end it!

Uh ...

I blinked and it was Friday.

一周 Another week has passed, and the optimizations of the new version have been successfully completed. In the morning, the optimized content has been updated to the game, and the feedback from players is also good.

These optimizations are to change art resources, change some unreasonable UI interaction interface, change sound effects, etc. It will definitely not make mistakes, so players are more satisfied.

The next goal is the next new version.

As Zhong Ming expected, after the regular meeting of the person in charge in the morning, Liu Yuxin again called all the staff of the entire project to the large conference room in the afternoon to start the chicken blood link before the development of the new version.

In fact, the purpose of this meeting is also very simple, that is, Liu Yuxin aroused everyone's enthusiasm for work, so that the development of the new version can be promoted more smoothly.

A few days later, UU reading Liu Yuxin had long forgotten about Zhong Ming's question about his bonus before.

宇 Liu Yuxin was originally worried that Zhong Ming would go to Zhou Zhen, Zhang Qiuze and other people to ask questions, but he didn't. Zhong Ming, like no longer thinking about it, wrote design documents seriously every day, and Liu Yuxin was relieved soon.

After all, he's a newcomer, and he just passed away.

In this new version, the main work is actually Zhong Ming here, which is the follow-up function plan written by Liu Yuxin before Zhong Ming. Therefore, Liu Yuxin still let Zhong Ming sit on his right hand side to explain the function at that time.

"In the last version, our project has made good progress, and everyone knows it, and you can feel it from the income. But please do n’t be proud or complacent. The monthly flow of our project can continue to improve. It ’s not impossible to reach the top 100 of the best-selling list as long as everyone works hard! "

"Once the monthly flow of our project can really reach the level of 10 million, the 10% bonus is more than 600,000! This is only the basic bonus, so there are so many every month! Therefore, everyone should work harder, we are only now Take a small step and there are better prospects ... "

宇 Liu Yuxin was very excited, dancing and passionate.

I have to say that as a supervisor, Liu Yuxin's ability to irrigate chicken soup and draw cakes is really up to standard.

There are a lot of bottled mineral water on the conference table, which are for the meeting people to drink. Zhong Ming took a bottle of mineral water, unscrewed it, and handed it to Liu Yuxin.

宇 Liu Yuxin said dry and thirsty, Zhong Ming passed the water over.

可以 "Yes, this boy suddenly came on the road."

宇 Liu Yuxin was very happy, took a small bottle of mineral water and poured it.

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