South Luoguxiang.

A sharp and slightly excited voice sounded.

"Out of breath, out of breath."

The residents of the courtyard soon gathered in a room in the middle courtyard.

A woman with a withered face lay motionless on the bed with her eyes open.

"Really dead?"

"I can't see it, I'm dead."

"After staying up for so long, it's better to die early."

Yi Zhonghai turned around and glared at Jia Dongxu, "What nonsense." "

Jia Zhang said dissatisfied, "My son is not wrong. Li Yulan is a rotten life, and she is still dragged sick, and she is also suffering from living a crime. "

"Okay, everyone is gone." Yan Bugui shook his head and said, "Everyone help and deal with the aftermath together." "

Everyone took a few steps back when they heard this.

It is not uncommon to die this year, and every winter there are old people who can't survive.

But going directly to move the dead, it is still inevitable to feel embarrassed.

But although they all hated it, no one moved their bodies.

His eyes kept glancing at the furniture in the house.

It seems that there is no suitable furniture, the old point is fine, you can use it.

Yan Bugui saw that none of them moved, and said again, "Take the handle, call a scooter and send it to cremation." "

"Why do you want us to help?" Jia Zhangshi pinched his nose and said, "You guys are not enough big men." "

Yan Bugui smiled, "Dongxu is not younger than me, not stronger than me? "

"Not long after our family Lao Jia left. How can you be contaminated with such obscurity? "

"It's not. You can't be tainted, we can? Yan Xiecheng said, "Dad, we won't move either." "

Jia Zhangshi squinted his eyes and said, "Dongxu is more expensive than you." "

Yan Xiecheng was suddenly angry, and he wanted to step forward and fight.


Yi Zhonghai scolded, and suddenly fell silent.

"Da Mao, you know a lot of people. Go borrow a scooter. "

"Xiecheng, Liberation, Guangfu, Guangtian, the four of you and so on help push the cart together."

"Why don't Jia Dongxu and Stupid Zhu use a cart?" Liu Guangtian said dissatisfied, "I'm not happy to push, who likes to push who pushes." "

"It is."

Liu Guangtian and Liu Guangfu left together.

Yi Zhonghai looked at Liu Haizhong with a hint of blame in his eyes.

What are your two sons doing, doesn't this make me unable to get off the stage.

With his pot-bellied bangs in his hands, he said in an official tone, "This matter is not a responsibility, it is an obligation." Everyone has an obligation. They all feel embarrassed and dirty their hands, so who will do it? "

Yan Bugui nodded approvingly.

He is on the same front as Liu Haizhong in this matter.

Why, just because you Yi Zhonghai fancy Silly Zhu and Jia Dongxu, it's so biased.

Leave the dirty work to others and let the two watch the play there.

Does our son have to move the dead?

Yi Zhonghai was a little dissatisfied, but he did not force a few people to carry the corpse.

Although he is the eldest master in the courtyard, Yan Bugui and Liu Haizhong are also the stewards of the courtyard, and the three of them manage the entire courtyard together.

Yi Zhonghai turned his gaze to others, but others were not fools.

Suddenly, the birds scattered, and all of a sudden there were no figures.

So he could only look at Silly Zhu and Jia Dongxu.

The former directly refused, "Sir, I am a cook." How can this hand touch a dead person? "

The latter just shakes his head.

Yi Zhonghai was also angry.

"If you don't want to, then let it go." However, who dares to move the things in the house directly, there is him good-looking! "

This is addressed both to those inside the house and to those outside the house.

Li Yulan was ill for a long time and had no children to take care of.

It is already a miracle that it can be dragged to this day.

But many people are waiting for Li Yulan to die.

Staring at the house and furniture left behind by Li Yulan's death, etc.

Now the people are gone.

But no one wants to be tainted.

Li Yulan, who was not blind, was still lying in the house after losing her breath.

In the evening.

In order to save money, every household lit kerosene lamps, and some used one in two or three rooms.

Only a few rooms had electric lights on.

But Li Yulan's house was dark and silent.

Knowing that there is a dead man in the yard is more or less creepy.

However, many families are discussing their plans after that.

Yan family.

Yan Bugui, the main heartbone, held the cornmeal steamed bun and ate it slowly.

"Dissolution, liberation. Wait for the morning after tomorrow, you will send Li Yulan away. "

"Dad, they're not happy. Why should we do it? "

"You know what. How do I usually teach you? "

Yan Bugui shook his head and said, "You can't eat poorly, you can't wear poor, and you can't calculate to suffer poverty." "

"Don't you know what Lao Yi's words mean? If you don't help, you are not allowed to touch Li Yulan's things. "

"Others don't want to, you help. Isn't there a reason to take something? "

"Move a table, get a chair, right?"


The two brothers looked at each other and nodded.


The Liu family is similar.

If the table can't be grabbed, the cabinet is moved back.

As for the Jia family, it is the most greedy.

Not only furniture, but also houses.

Jia Zhang handed the white-faced steamed bun to the stick terrier and said with a smile, "Good grandson, grandma will prepare a house for you in a few days." "

"I don't want a house, I want meat!"

"Did you hear that? My grandson wants to eat meat. Jia Zhangshi glanced at Qin Huairu.

Qin Huairu, who had a coquettish face, pursed her mouth and said in a low voice, "The meat ticket is gone." "

"Then think of something else."

Qin Huairu had to look at Jia Dongxu.

The latter pretended not to see it and drank to himself.

He himself does not have enough money for alcohol, where is the money to get meat tickets.

And he also wants to eat meat.

Qin Huairu sighed secretly in her heart.

Before I came to the courtyard, I thought that I would be able to live a happy life in the city.

The result is even harder than in the country, and the work is more and more tiring.

After marrying into the Jia family, he saw the true face of Jia Dongxu's mother and son.

It used to be just a disguise.

But now that the children are there, they can't break if they want to.

I can only hope that Jia Dongxu can be more motivated, instead of drinking outside with fox friends all day.

After eating, Qin Huairu went to the courtyard to wash the dishes.

Subconsciously looked into Li Yulan's house.

The door is hidden and a little creepy.

However, she still endured her fear and washed the dishes and chopsticks.

She knew that Li Yulan was very good, but she couldn't hold back her heart and was still afraid.

I heard that good people who do not blind themselves are even more resentful.

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