When Li Xiangdong exercised with his strong upper body, Qin Huairu, who was lying on his stomach behind the window, blushed.

After waiting for someone to enter the house, she came out to prepare for cooking.

She also went to the hospital last night and only returned in the middle of the night.

He also had a task to make Li Haidong pay for his medical expenses.

But yesterday she also bumped into Chen Haifeng and the two.

I learned that Li Xiangdong said that he was a thief.

Jia Zhangshi naturally did not admit it, and cursed and rolled all over the ground.

Chen Haifeng and the two can only leave temporarily and wait for further confirmation later.

Qin Huairu knew that she was at a loss, and when Jia Dongxu was going to cut pork at the beginning, she persuaded.

All you get is a scolding, and you can't eat meat.

All the meat cooked at noon went into the stomachs of the three people.

I didn't even drink a little soup.

Qin Huairu grew up in the countryside and actually preferred a strong man like Li Xiangdong.

And not the thin Jia Dongxu.

But the conditions at home were so poor that they had to find a way to get into the city.

But now she has a falling out with her family.

Originally, the family expected her to marry a city dweller and help improve the family's plight.

But Jia Dongxu was not willing to pay at all, and he was not willing to buy tickets.

Even if she stepped on the sewing machine hard, all the rewards belonged to the Jia family.

It's all Jia Zhang's custody.

She received only a little money and tickets for each person to buy food.

In this way, she also had to be scolded for not being diligent enough to run the household.

Doing housework and odd jobs every day, I still don't have a good face.

There was nothing she could do to help her family.

If she can do it again, she will definitely not marry Jia Dongxu again.

What makes her even more uncomfortable is that her son Stick Terrier has now become the face of the Jia family, and he is completely spoiled.

The sky is not afraid, and if you don't want something, you will cry and make trouble.

Qin Huairu sighed deeply, how could he marry Jia Dongxu blindly.


When washing the dishes, Qin Huairu suddenly felt a little dizzy.

She didn't eat last night, she didn't get enough sleep, and she felt her body fluttering.

I stood holding the sink for a long time before slowly slowing down.

After drinking a little water, Qin Huairu felt a little more comfortable in her stomach.

But still a little dizzy.

After finishing cooking, Qin Huairu planned to go to the hospital after feeding the stick terrier.

Before leaving, the ghost walked to Li Xiangdong's door.

And the door opened at this time.

Li Xiangdong looked at Qin Huairu standing at the door suspiciously.


Qin Huairu shook his head and left in a hurry.

The shabby clothes could not hide the graceful figure of Qin Huairu, who was in his twenties.

No wonder Silly Pillar was fascinated to death.

Li Xiangdong didn't ask much, but roughly guessed what was going on.

He didn't plan to let the Jia family go so easily.

Some people do not obey, they will only circle around like a fly, annoying.

Like this kind of fly, Li Xiangdong likes to kill directly.

Just hide in the hospital, if you come back, you will twist the two to the police station with your backhand.

It's better not to be honest.

Hit again.

Anyway, it's a two-slap thing.

Just be honest when you stun.


Li Xiangdong went out for something else.

Yesterday I packed up two people and got two lucky draws.

A chance to draw a silver chest.

A chance to draw a gold chest.

The courtyard is smoky and not suitable for unpacking.

So Li Xiangdong deliberately went to the nearby quiet park to open the box.

The sun was shining, just the good weather to unpack.

Li Xiangdong's heart moved, and he opened the silver treasure chest first.

[Congratulations to the host for obtaining master cooking.] 】

Oh yes!

Not bad.

The silver box has such a high reward.

Eight major cuisines, cooking and frying, all kinds of secret recipes instantly poured into Li Xiangdong's mind.

The superb knife skills seem to have been practiced thousands of times, and the grasp of the fire has reached the point of pure green.

In the future, even in the wild, there will be a blessing.

Li Xiangdong was a little looking forward to what the golden treasure chest could open.

The rewards of silver chests are so good, and the gold ones are definitely not bad.

"Open the gold chest."

[Congratulations to the host for obtaining chess expertise.] 】


Li Xiangdong suspected that he had opened in the wrong order.

How come the golden treasure chest came out of this [chess mastery].

In his opinion, it is not as good as [Master Cooking].

At least the former allows him to cook food with local ingredients.

Who do hunters play chess with, with monkeys?

But soon Li Xiangdong realized that in order to [Chess Mastery], it was a golden treasure chest.

With the torrent of knowledge flooding through his mind, he instantly mastered all the chess games.

And he knew how to count three steps and five steps in one step.

It is even possible to speculate on all the thoughts of the opponent.

The same goes for prey.

He also realized another point, playing chess is a game.

How to trade the least loss for the maximum profit.

Only then did Li Xiangdong understand where the top hunters were truly sophisticated.

Predict all the movements of the prey and play the prey between the palms.

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