Opening two treasure chests in a row, Li Xiangdong was in a happy mood.

It's really the right thing to come to the courtyard, otherwise I don't know if I can turn on the system.

Not to mention special rewards.

There were people playing chess in the park, and Li Xiangdong had just obtained [Chess Mastery], so he came closer to watch.

In his previous life, he knew a lot of chess, such as chess, military flags, flying chess, checkers and so on.

The most powerful is Gomoku, which dominated the class that year.

A few old men gathered around to play chess, and Li Xiangdong leaned over.

In an instant, a huge shadow shrouded the entire chessboard and everyone.

"I lean!"

"What did you eat and grow up? So strong!"

"It's your turn, Old Zhou, hurry up."

The old man in the black shirt touched his chin and urged.

The old man in the blue shirt glared, "What's the hurry, let me think." "

After more than ten seconds, Lao Zhou picked up the horse.

Li Xiangdong looked straight and shook his head, who said that the old men in the park were all peerless masters.

It is clearly a stinky chess basket.

The other party was going to be killed after the horse, and he actually left it alone.

Li Xiangdong shook his head, and the shadow of the huge human head on the chessboard also shook with it.

Old Zhou glanced at Li Xiangdong, who shook his head, with his afterlight, and put the horse down.

After thinking for a while, he mentioned that the elephant was ready to block the horse of the old man in black shirt.

But Li Xiangdong was shaking his head again.

Old Zhou couldn't be messed up.

This doesn't work, that doesn't work, you talk about how to get down.

Light shakes his head there, who knows what you think.

Old Zhou didn't think much about it anymore and hung up the elephant directly.

Then he heard a sigh, so angry that the corner of Old Zhou's mouth twitched.

The old man in black shirt smiled and still lifted the horse.

Ma Sheng is in a flexible one.

Directly over the elephant, and another step can form [Horse Artillery Killing].

The victory is in hand!

Old Zhou also saw it.

So I pondered how to crack this trick.

Subconsciously looked at Li Xiangdong above his head.

"I'm coming?"

Playing chess without saying a word, a true gentleman.

Li Xiangdong prefers to get started directly.

Old Zhou's chess skills are indeed worse, but breaking the game is more interesting.

The old man in black shirt didn't mind either, "It's the same for anyone." Old Zhou, you give way, he is so tall, I am not used to standing on the side. "

"Then losing this game can't be counted as mine."

"Look at you like that." The black-shirted old man shook his head and smiled, "If it doesn't count, it doesn't count." Today I'm free, and it doesn't matter if I take the next set. "

But as Li Xiangdong lifted the "car" straight to the base camp, the old man in black shirt couldn't laugh.

"Want to change? Not so easy. "

"Who said it was time to change cars." Li Xiangdong smiled and moved the cannon to the back of the car.


"Whatever you will."

Li Xiangdong lost all the soldiers and elephants.

Only one "handsome" is left alone.

But at this time the attack and defense switched, and Li mounted to the east.

[Fishing horses. 】

Directly ate the appearance of the old man in the black shirt, and cooperated with the car to kill chess.

As a last resort, the black-shirted old man could only temporarily pull the cannon back to the general's side to protect it.

Li moved the car to the east, making the black-shirted old man a little unclear.

But when the horse jumped to the opposite corner of the general Tian Zi grid, the old man in the black shirt was dumbfounded.

[High fishing horse kill. 】

Come to an end!

Old Monday didn't react at first.

When Li Xiangdong got up, he found that he had won.


"Win, old Yang, you can't!"

"Losing to people who are young, hahaha"

The black-robed old man rolled his eyes, "It's not you who won." "

"Young man, wait. One more round. "

Li Xiangdong had nothing to do, so he simply continued to sit down.

"It's not interesting to play chess alone, let's get some color, how about a game?"


Old Zhou looked at Li Xiangdong in amazement.

You kid really dare to say it!

Any idea who is sitting across from you?

Old Zhou just wanted to reprimand, but was stopped by the old man in black shirt.

"Okay. There are colorful heads, which is indeed more interesting. But isn't one piece a bit too much? "

A dollar is already a day's salary for many workers.

But Li Xiangdong just sold several hundred pounds of pork yesterday, and his deposit was a thousand smaller.

A dollar is really nothing.

However, considering that the old man may not have much money, Li Xiangdong still changed the amount.

"It's okay, then a dime."

A faint flash of anger flashed on the black-robed old man's face.

He hasn't just exerted his full strength.

The result seems to be underestimated.

"No thanks. One piece after another. "

The onlookers were immediately excited.

Now the largest face value is only ten yuan, and one dollar is enough to buy more than a dozen pounds of cornmeal, which can be eaten for a week.

And it's still a game at a time, and it's really big!

Li Xiangdong didn't feel anything.

In the past life, there were often endgames on the street, ten or twenty pieces each time, and if they could be solved, they would be given a hundred.

He may not have been able to solve it before, but now he can solve most of the chess games.

Except for a few unsolved chess games, this is the confidence that [Chess Mastery] gives him.

It is not difficult to deal with a few park old men.

Coloring heads is completely a habit of past lives.

What is the point of fighting the landlord without playing with a little money.

Li Xiangdong let the old man in black shirt take the lead.

But I didn't expect that the other party really had something.

At the beginning, he was a [river patrol cannon], and he also knew how to use horses to cover.

However, Li Xiangdong has seen through it all, and everything is under control.

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