Seeing Li Xiangdong angry, the two brothers were frightened again!

I thought that there should be no life under my hand, otherwise how could just one look be so terrifying.

Yan Xiecheng stammered, "Dong, Brother Dong, we'll go back first if it's okay." "


"Ah, what else? You do as you are told. "

"Go get pen and paper."

The two obediently went home and found out the pen that Yan Bugui hidden.

"Brother Dong, what do you want to write?"

"Each of you wrote one with all the names of the people who had entered my aunt's room this week. Write each of them. "


The two brothers did not know why, but they still obediently wrote it.

Li Xiangdong picked up the paper and looked at it, and the handwriting was crooked.

But barely recognizable.

Almost half of the residents of the yard have entered the room.

It's a bit hard to find.

"Who in the yard has a habit of petty theft?"

The two brothers looked at each other.

"Nope. There are no chains in our yard, and the gates are not closed. "

Li Xiangdong stacked the two pieces of paper together, "Think about it." "

Yan Xiecheng's forehead sweated, and he roughly guessed why Li Xiangdong asked so.

It is estimated that something was lost.

"Brother Dong, we didn't steal anything."

"yes." Yan Jiefang also hurriedly said, "Although we don't work, we have never stolen anything. "

Li Xiangdong glanced at the two lightly.

"I didn't say you stole anything. Panicked what? Be a thief with a weak heart. "

"No, no."

"Brother Dong, what did you lose? We will definitely help you catch the thief. "

Li Xiangdong looked at the two trembling brothers and had an idea in his heart.

"You two help me with something..."


The two brothers looked at each other after hearing this, and they were both a little hesitant.

"How? Unwilling. "

Yan Xie set up a horse and kicked his brother.

"Yes. Willing! Even if we don't sleep, we will definitely do it. "

"Just take your turn. Rest assured, if you catch someone, you will be paid. But if it leaks out, you know the consequences. "

The two brothers instantly sweated coldly on their backs.

"Nope! Our brothers had the tightest mouths. "

"We won't say it to death."

Li Xiangdong nodded in satisfaction, "Very good." "

He then handed the two brothers a dollar each.

Yan Xiecheng took it and said gratefully, "Thank you Brother Dong!" "

"Thank you Brother Dong!"

"Go ahead."

Li waved his hand to the east and sent the two away.

Radish and stick, it has been good since ancient times.

After a while, Li Xiangdong sprinkled the remaining wild boar leg with salt and hung it by the window.

Anyone passing by can see it.

Then two more traps were made and placed in the house.

I like to steal chickens and dogs, right?

No one ruled before, now it's time to clean up.


In the evening, the people who went to work returned one after another.

People in the middle and backyard saw the oversized wild boar legs by the window.

It makes people drool when they look at it.

But few people dare to change their minds.

Jia Dongxu and Jia Zhang are still lying in the hospital.

Li Xiangdong is also not in a hurry.

The most important thing to be a hunter is to be patient.

And he, at this point, is undoubtedly a very good hunter.

Night falls.

Late at night, a figure appeared on the corridor.

I kept staring at the big pig leg by Li Xiangdong's window.



Li Xiangdong woke up early in the morning and was still exercising in the yard.

This time, Yi Zhonghai didn't even say anything.

Coldly snorted and went to work.

Qin Huairu's courage grew a little, and he was no longer lying behind the window and waiting.

Instead, he came out with a basin to prepare breakfast.

The morning at the end of summer was very cool, but the roots of Qin Huairu's ears were a little rosy.

Lowering his head and not daring to look at Li Xiangdong, who was exercising on Chiguo's upper body.

The two of them did their own things and did not say a word.

When Li Xiangdong finished exercising, Yan Xie set up a horse to bring hot buns and boiled fresh corn.

Yan Xiecheng said enviously, "Brother Dong, you are in such a good shape. I saw that Qin Huairu's face was red, and he kept looking at you. "

Li Xiangdong smiled, he had already found out.

But some things are more interesting than they are not spoken.

"Go buy help me buy something, salt and fishing line, a little more salt, I want cured ham." The fishing line is not easy to break. "


Yan Xiecheng took the money and tickets, and he could make a little money.

But this salt ticket is really a lot.

Usually they are reluctant to put salt, just a little salty.

But Li Xiangdong actually wants to use a lot of salt to marinate ham, what a luxury!

Yan Xiecheng put the money ticket in his pocket and quickly went out.

Yan Bugui, who was just about to go to school, was a little surprised, and he was actually earlier than him.

The other was still sleeping like a dead pig in the house, not even eating breakfast.

It's time to find a way to find a job for his two sons, otherwise he will be eaten poor.

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