Yan Xiecheng ran non-stop to the grocery store to buy a large bag of salt and the toughest fishing line.

After buying it, I didn't delay for a moment and went straight back to the courtyard.

"Brother Dong, give, this is the remaining change."

"You keep the change."

Yan Xiecheng's face was delighted, "Thank you Brother Dong!" "

He was still a little hesitant to take the initiative to give change.

In case Li Xiangdong took it smoothly, then he would have run for nothing.

But as he thought, Li Xiangdong didn't ask for change.

After these two days of contact, Yan Xiecheng also roughly understood Li Xiangdong's character.

People look raw, and they are not ambiguous.

But not an unreasonable person who will not bully people for no reason.

However, this made him even more frightened in his heart.

Because Li Xiangdong is still a hunter.

Now what they are doing is waiting for their prey to take the bait.

Whoever wants to be caught crookedly thinking about the pork leg meat by the window can be imagined.

And he knew that Li Xiangdong did it on purpose.

A whole large pig leg was deliberately placed in a place where everyone could see it.

Deliberately arouse people's greed.

Yan Xiecheng is not stupid.

He understood that Li Xiangdong went out with the fishing line not just to fish.

It's more about giving some people a chance.

If Yan Xiecheng lived for a few more decades, he might hear a word.

Phishing enforcement.

Li Xiangdong now goes fishing in the moat.

At the same time, he also fished in the courtyard.


After walking for twenty minutes, Li headed east to the moat under the city wall.

At a glance, it's all people.

Both sides of the moat are like two long dragons, and you can't see the head at a glance.

This era lacks food and clothing.

Fish has become the meat that most people can barely eat.

Needless to say, pork is in tight supply.

Except for the people in the meat factory, ordinary people can't find a way to buy pork.

The same goes for chicken and beef.

Only fish is the easiest to get your hands on.

And it doesn't cost money.

You can also exchange money through some special channels to subsidize the family.

Except for a few people who ride their bikes to fish, everyone else is there to live.

In fact, looking at the fishing rod, you can also see whether the family is solid.

Holding a wooden stick or breaking bamboo casually are often ordinary people who have little money.

If you take a fishing rod that can be plugged in, your family situation is definitely not bad.

Because fishing rods like this require specific bamboo.

It also has to be specially selected materials, dried in the shade, then roasted straight with fire, and then knotted, sanded, and painted.

The process is complicated, but the benefits are also obvious.

It is not easy to deform and is not as easy to moth as ordinary bamboo.

But very few people can use this rod.

Most of them are simply handled with a bamboo pole or stick, tied to a fishing line, and the hook is often made with a sewing needle.

The bait is basically to dig for earthworms by themselves.

Li Xiangdong's is simpler.

He doesn't even use a fishing rod, he puts his own hook on a fishing line.

Li, who was tall and horse-tall, approached to the east, and the crowd immediately gave way to a vacant lot.

This has also become a bright scenery.

There were people crowded on the side, only Li Xiangdong was three meters round and empty.

The underfed and thin angler is compared with Li Xiangdong, just like the difference between adults and young children.

Li Xiangdong didn't care about the gazes around him at all.

Shi Shiran took out the fishing line and started fishing.

He didn't really come here to fish, just to pass the time.

The moat is so wide, and there are not many people throwing fry, hundreds of people fishing every day, and it is thankful that they can catch two wide fish.

Most of them went home from the Air Force.

If you really want to fish, go to the countryside.

There are actually not many rivers flowing through Sijiucheng.

Yongding River, North Canal, Chaobai River and so on.

There are quite a few big fish in the branches of the suburbs, unlike the moat, where there are more people than fish.

But without transportation, it would take a long time to go back and forth.

And big fish are not so easy to catch.

So most people still choose to fish in the moat, even if it is not a day.


Li Xiangdong fished with his hands, which attracted the attention of many people.

A young man dressed cleanly and with hair wax on his head approached Li Xiangdong.

"Friend, your fishing is quite interesting."

Li Xiangdong raised his eyebrows slightly, it was rare to hear others not called "comrade".

And few people will take the initiative to come forward to say hello, as if ordinary people hide far away.

Li Xiangdong looked the young man up and down, he was a master who was not poor in money.

"You also look quite interesting, it doesn't look like you're here to fish."

"I came with a friend."

Li Xiangdong nodded, did not speak again, and continued to fish on the ground by the old god.

At this time, the fishing line trembles slightly.

I saw Li Xiangdong pick his wrist, a grass carp flew into the air, and finally landed firmly in Li Xiangdong's hand.

Everyone was stunned.

Good guy, you can really catch fish without a rod.

"Cow man!"

"This fish weighs at least half a pound, right?!"


"If only I could catch it too."

"No diamonds, don't work with porcelain."

"That's what people call skill."

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