When the young man on the side saw this magical fishing method, his eyes burst into a strong brilliance.


"Friend, I can't say anything about this fishing technique."

Li Xiangdong smiled slightly, and then casually threw the fish.

Everyone was stunned again.

Half a pound of grass carp said no, don't want it?


Someone jumped directly into the river and tried to catch the fish that Li Xiangdong had thrown away.

Seeing this, Li Xiangdong shook his head.

Such a small fish, he didn't even bother to ask for it.

It also splashed and muddied the water.

Originally, he was not fishing for the sake of fishing, just looking for something to do.

Being stirred up like this, I suddenly lost my mood.

Li Xiangdong simply put away the fishing line and prepared to leave.

"Friend, wait for me."

"Anything else?"

The young man introduced himself, "My name is Fan Jinyou, make a friend." "

Li Xiangdong paused, his name was so familiar.

"Your name is Fan Jinyou?"

"Right. You know me? "

Li Xiangdong's face was a little strange, didn't he cross into the world of [Love Man Courtyard], but a multiple film and television world?

In his previous life, he hadn't seen [Little Women Under Zhengyang's Gate], but he had also heard about it by friends.

Fan Jinyou is a bit like Xu Damao, only loves himself.

But it's different, looking more correct, and there are more glamorous jobs.

Li Xiangdong found things more interesting.

"What are you looking for me for?"

"It's okay, just want to make friends and go for a drink?" I treat you. "


"Wait for me, I'll talk to my friend."

Fan Jin said goodbye to his friend who was still concentrating on fishing in the distance.

"Go, I know a tavern is exceptional. The wine inside is not mixed with any water at all. "

Hearing the "tavern", Li Xiangdong was even more convinced that his idea was right.

Fan Jin led the way, and the two came to the big front gate tavern.

As soon as he entered the door, Li Xiangdong's gaze was attracted by the graceful woman in the middle.

Bright red lips, fair skin, delicate curly hair.

He also wears a close-fitting cheongsam.

The red cheongsam can't hide the proud figure.

The touching demeanor attracted the attention of all the men in the tavern.

However, when Li Xiangdong stepped into the threshold, everyone unconsciously looked at the tall and mighty Li Xiangdong.

Chen Xueru and Xu Huizhen are no exception.

When the latter saw that there were guests, he immediately greeted, "Sit down, there is enough wine." "

"Van Jin, your friend? How tall and strong! "

"No introduction?"

Fan Jinyou straightened his back and raised his chin, "My friend, Li Xiangdong." Fishing is great! "

Li Xiangdong glanced at the guests of the tavern, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

The sound of the system just sounded in my head again.

[Congratulations to the host for checking in the tavern and getting the gift package! ] 】

【Do you want to open the pack?】 】

Li Xiangdong's heart moved, "Open." "

[Congratulations to the host for winning the title of Brewing Master.] 】

A stream of information about wine rushed into his mind in an instant.

He knows how to make wine and taste wine.

I didn't expect another windfall.


Fan Jin saw that there was no empty table, so he said, "Xueru, make a table?" "

The charming Chen Xueru looked at Li Xiangdong, her eyes rolling, "Okay." "

Three-person sharing table.

"Drink what?" Fan Jinyou asked.

Chen Xueru laughed and said, "I only drink white." "

"What about to the east?"


"Okay, then come three or two first."

"Three or two is enough! Come a pound. "

Chen Xueru, who drinks boldly, is like a "wine fairy".

The combination of inadvertent flattery and pride is more intoxicating than wine.

The eyes of the drinkers at the next table were straight, and their souls were even hooked away by Chen Xueru.

But Li Xiangdong did not.

At first, he was amazed by Chen Xueru's dress.

In this era of simple dressing style, Chen Xueru's red cheongsam and beautiful curly hair make people's eyes shine.

Li Xiangdong said to Xu Huizhen, who brought the wine, "Let's order the wine." "

"Right away."

Fan Jinyou whispered to Li Xiangdong, "How is it? Is this place right? "


Chen Xueru smiled and asked, "The wine is good, or what's good?" "

"All good."

"Then you have to have a drink, come, touch one."

The two clinked glasses, Fan Jinyou just picked up the wine glass, and the two had already started drinking.

Halfway through the drink, Van Kim was drunk.

The more Li Xiangdong drank, the brighter his eyes became.

Chen Xueru's eyes were full of flattery, like drunk but not really drunk.

I accidentally touched my chopsticks while holding a wine glass.

The chopsticks that fell to the ground rolled to Li Xiangdong's feet.

Li Xiangdong leaned over to pick up the chopsticks, but what came into view was a pair of delicate white calves, and the snow-white stretched upward.

The rounded thighs that overlap are full of elasticity.

A pair of red embroidered shoes accentuates the white calves.

Intentional or unintentional?

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