In order to see Chen Xueru, Xu Damao ran to the silk shop again.

Yesterday, he ordered clothes just to see Chen Xueru today.

Last night, he didn't dream of Lou Xiao'e, but he dreamed of Chen Xueru.

In his dictionary, there is no one-and-end statement.

Besides, he is not married to Lou Xiao'e yet.

There are opportunities on both sides.

But obviously Chen Xueru is more bright and moving.

Take it out to save face.

Xu Damao couldn't forget Chen Xueru's style.

Originally, he thought that Qin Huairu was already the limit.

But I didn't expect to meet Chen Xueru, who was even better.

If you really want to marry Chen Xueru, the people in the courtyard are estimated to be envious and crazy!

Jia Dongxu was proud of marrying Qin Huairu.

Xu Damao was also very hungry, and occasionally joked with Qin Huairu.

Unlike stupid pillars, there is a thief's heart, and there is no thief's guts.

Now there are better opportunities in front of you, and those who do not cherish the opportunity will be punished by God.

Xu Damao was specially dressed neatly, combed a big back, and his leather shoes were polished and shiny, and the flies couldn't stand when they came.

The whole body smells of petroleum jelly mixed with spices.

Closer, still a little flushed.

The bangs hated the smell the most, pinched his nose and asked, "How much hair wax did you kid rub, does it stink!" "

"You don't understand that, do you?" Xu Damao took a deep breath, "This is the high-grade hair wax I specially bought, a box of two pieces." "

"What?! Two pieces? Go crazy you. "

"Forget it. I don't understand what I tell you. "

Xu Damao raised his head, and Shi Shiran walked out.

But when passing by the middle courtyard, he couldn't help but speed up his pace, for fear of bumping into Li Xiangdong.

The second aunt guessed, "Da Mao is going on a blind date, right?" "

"Who can see his shoehorn face."

"Don't say that, Da Mao is still quite tall. And it works well! Easy and earned. "

"Sooner or later, someone will have to report it."

"He is such a projectionist in the factory, which is really delicious. Do you say that broad day and light blessing can be learned? "

"Do you think Xu Damao will be willing to teach?" Liu Haizhong scoffed, "Just his petty appearance, in addition, you don't understand what it is to call a church apprentice, starving a master." "

"If it doesn't work, forget it. What are you yelling at me! "

It was not Xu Damao who was angry in the bangs, but his two sons who were not angry.

The second aunt suddenly said, "By the way, do you say that Li Xiangdong will be willing to teach hunting?"

"Hunting is also a hunter's housekeeping skill, and he may not be willing to teach it."

"You are the second uncle in the courtyard, he always has to give you face, right?"

Liu Haizhong touched his chin, "Of course. And Lao Yi didn't wait to see him. "

"But I see that Yan Xiecheng has followed Li Xiangdong all day in the past two days, and Yan Bugui should be on his side."

"Old Yan is a master who sees the wind and steers, pick it, you think he really has the right to speak."

"Then you talk to Li Xiangdong? If we can shoot back a wild boar, we will be able to eat meat every day, and we will not be short of money. "

"I'll ask in the evening."

There is some intention in the bangs, even if you can't learn hunting kung fu, you can get something.


Li Xiangdong still didn't know that many people had beaten his mind.

After two days without harvest, he planned to go outside.

See if there's anything wild.

Perhaps because he went back to live in the courtyard every day, the thief did not dare to come to the door.

He volunteered to leave to give the opportunity.

Li Xiangdong brought a kettle, put a bow and arrow on his back and went out.

Before leaving, he also said hello to the three mothers and said that they were going hunting.

With the gossip personality of the three mothers, it is presumably that soon the whole hospital will know the news of his departure.

Without his explanation, Yan Xiecheng and the two brothers would also pay attention to the situation in the middle court.

When Li Xiangdong was about to leave the city, he suddenly flashed into the alley.

A figure sneakily appeared at the mouth of the alley and looked in.


In an instant, the person who was following was pressed against the wall by Li Xiangdong and could not move.

"The guts are quite fat, do you want to make money or kill you?"


Li Xiangdong pinched the other party's neck with a big hand and sneered, "Don't say it, right? "


"Okay, it seems that you don't cry if you don't see the coffin."


With just one punch, the stalker was punched out of acid.


"Don't say it yet."



The people who followed him cried, he was pinched by the neck, how to say.

"Bang bang!"

"Hmm, I, I said..."

Only then did Li Xiangdong let go of his hand and lift the hood of the person who came, but he didn't expect it to be an acquaintance.

"Van Kim has? How are you? "

"Woo hoo"

"Stop crying, why are you following me secretly? I thought it was some kind of enemy. "

Fan Jinyou, who was tearful and snotty, cried, with a look of grievance.

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