Time went back to 1 hour ago, Fan Jinyou went to a silk shop to see if Li Xiangdong was there.

Yesterday he invited him to drink, in fact, he wanted Li Xiangdong to help do something.

So first make friends with Li Xiangdong with a warm attitude.

By the way, go to the tavern to meet Xu Huizhen.

Then beat up a drinker who secretly coveted Xu Huizhen.

A few days ago, someone ran to Xu Huizhen's house and wanted to plot against him.

When he learned about it at the tavern, he beat up the drinker.

I wanted to win the hearts of beautiful people, but I didn't succeed.

And it also has a bad effect.

The news of his beating reached the street office, and Mrs. Ren asked him to pay attention.

Later, he met Li Xiangdong, who was tall and big, and thought carefully.

I want to borrow Li Xiangdong's hand to clean up the drinkers and Cai Quanwu.

So he invited Li Xiangdong to drink, but he didn't think that Chen Xueru was also there, and ordered a pound of white.

He drank directly and lay down.

I didn't talk about business, and I paid for the drink after waking up, and was laughed at by Xu Huizhen.

He thought that Li Xiangdong was chatting with Chen Xueru very happily, so he went to the silk store to see if Li Xiangdong was there.

If not, ask Chen Xueru if she knows where Li Xiangdong lives.

As he was about to enter the door, he heard someone talking about Li Xiangdong.

He has a shoehorn face, and the back of his head is smeared with a bunch of hair wax.

He was dressed like a dog, but he always wanted to be close to Chen Xueru.

He eavesdropped on the door for a moment.

Knowing that Li Xiangdong was originally a hunter, he came from the countryside and was wild.

It's like an untamed beast.

I beat people at every turn, and now there are two people lying in the hospital.

It is estimated that he will be arrested soon, so stay away as soon as possible, otherwise he will be easily implicated.

Fan Jinyou also heard the address of the courtyard, and there was a scene of following Li Xiangdong later.

He actually had doubts in his heart, and planned to take a look first.

If it were really a reckless man from the country, it would be easier to do.

Just stuff some money directly and let Li Xiangdong secretly clean up the two.

But before he could go far, he was discovered.

Caught off guard, he was pinched and beaten by the neck, and there was no chance to resist.

He felt his stomach churning.

It looks like the ribs are broken!


Fan Jinyou finally couldn't help it and began to vomit.

The overnight meal was spit out.

Li Xiangdong dodged sideways and patted Fan Jinyou's back, "Old Fan, what kind of trouble are you, such a big person still plays games." "

"Bang bang!"

Fan Jinyou couldn't withstand the slap of the giant hand, and was directly beaten to the ground, and his whole face was directly thrown into the white and yellow thing that had just spit out.

"Sorry, sorry."

"Old Fan, your body is too thin, practice with me another day."

"In less than three months, I promise to practice until your mother doesn't know you."


Fan Jinyou hid in the corner, and for a moment he couldn't figure out whether Li Xiangdong was deliberately rectifying him.

But listening to Li Xiangdong's concerned tone, it is not very similar.

And in general, people with developed limbs have a relatively simple mind and do not have so many mental eyes.

Fan Jin thought that he should have thought too much.

Li Xiangdong, who had eight hundred heart eyes, looked at Fan Jinyou with a smile.

"Old Fan, originally I wanted to go hunting, but seeing you like this, let's send you to the hospital first."


Fan Jin wanted to curse, didn't I get beaten by you?

How it makes it look like it's delaying you from going hunting.

But after all, he himself trailed behind, and it was not good to say anything.

"Then it will trouble you, I am so painful that I can't walk."

"A trifle. I was in a hurry yesterday, and I haven't thanked you for inviting me to drink, and I'll invite you next time. "

"Okay, that's it. Another day, no, tomorrow we will go for a drink together, still the old place. "

Li Xiangdong raised his eyebrows, he was tired of cats, and he was so anxious to drink like this.

"I'm afraid it won't work tomorrow. After taking you to the hospital, I still have to go hunting, and I won't be able to come back in two or three days." "

"Then, then wait for you to come back."


Li Xiangdong picked up Fan Jin with one hand, like carrying a dog to the outside of the alley.

Van Jin was dumbfounded.

He curled up in pain, he really looked like a dog.

It's like a chicken, a chicken that has no power to resist.

"To the east, that..." Fan Jinyou pleaded, "can you stop carrying me like that?" "


Li Xiangdong changed to grabbing Fan Jin's clothes with one hand on his back and waist.

It's like carrying a bundle of firewood.

People on the street cast strange gazes.

Some of the kids ran behind, laughing at Van Kim You.


Van Kim gave up the struggle and closed his eyes.

But he didn't expect to meet his favorite Xu Huizhen and Chen Xueru one after another.

The face of this life is lost!

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