At this time, a 28 bar carried a man and a woman out of Sijiu City.

The man is tall and powerful, and the woman is bright and moving.

Chen Xueru, who brought a small bag, put her arm around Li Xiangdong's thick waist and was excited.

Knowing that Li Xiangdong was going to hunt in Yuquan Mountain, more than 20 kilometers away, Chen Xueru borrowed a permanent brand 28 big bar.

She couldn't walk such a long way herself, and she was inevitably surprised by Li Xiangdong's physical strength and speed.

At the same time, I am even more looking forward to this journey.

She was originally here to play.

She didn't believe Xu Damao's words, she believed in her vision of people.

There is also a certain gambling component, but it makes her feel even more exciting!

Li Xiangdong's powerful thighs stepped on the pedals, and the car moved forward quickly.

But the road was a little bumpy, and Chen Xueru thought that Li Xiangdong was deliberately riding fast, but she still hugged Li Xiangdong's waist tightly.

The whole person is attached to the broad back, the kind that clings tightly.

Li Xiangdong actually didn't ride very fast, he didn't have any strength.

And the amazing elasticity coming from his back, as well as the warm and cool jade hand tightly wrapped around his waist, made him feel a little strange in his heart, and he couldn't ride fast.

If the speed was too fast, he was worried that Chen Xueru would be turned upside down.

The roads on the outskirts of the city are still a little worse, and they are all dirt roads.

It's not like the city is paved early on the asphalt.

More than twenty kilometers is actually not far.

Within an hour, the two arrived at the foot of the mountain.

I have to say that Yuquan Mountain is a good place.

Surrounded by mountains and water, the scenery is unique.

Li Xiangdong is actually not the first time to come.

There are not many places to hunt in Sijiu City, except for the hunting grounds left in the past, Yuquan Mountain is the best place to hunt.

Chen Xueru, who came out to play, was originally a little hurt in the ass.

But after seeing the beautiful scenery in front of him, he was happy again, and ran forward to shout to Li Xiangdong, "Come on!" "

Li Xiangdong locked the bicycle and placed it in the bushes that were not easy to see.

Then he strode to keep up.

Chen Xueru came to Yuquan Mountain for the first time, and she saw everything very novel, and she let out a silver bell-like laugh from time to time.

Li Xiangdong slowly followed behind with a giant horned bow on his back, and he was not in a hurry.

He came out to hunt and relax.

The courtyard is still a little smaller, crowded with too many people, and it cannot be compared with the wide countryside.

And this time there are beautiful peers, just play slowly.

Chen Xueru pointed to a plant and shouted, "Xiangdong, this fruit looks good, can you eat it?" "

"Can eat."

Chen Xueru immediately grabbed some bright red fruits and stuffed them in.

But soon spit it out.

Sour and astringent.

Li Xiangdong laughed and received several powder punches.

"You lied to me!"

"This is a water red seed, it can be eaten, but it is not delicious, I didn't finish speaking, you stuffed it in your mouth, what can I do?"

"Then you find me something delicious."

Li walked east to the edge of the mountain road and picked a handful of prickly berries.

"This tastes good, you taste it."

"Didn't lie to me?" Chen Xueru already had a psychological shadow over the red fruit, and her mouth was now astringent.

Li Xiangdong picked one and handed it to Chen Xueru's mouth, "I don't lie to you." "

Chen Xueruying's lips opened slightly, and she gently bit the fruit.

The red juice exploded, but with a strange sweetness.

"Didn't lie to you, did you?"

Chen Xueru nodded vigorously and opened her mouth, "I still want it." "

Li Xiangdong picked another prickly berry and handed it to Chen Xueru's bright red lips.

This time, his fingers were also caught.


Li Xiangdong's heart shook.

This was followed by a slight tingling pain.

"Feed you and bite me, have no conscience."

Chen Xueru grinned, "Who let you lie to me just now, this is your punishment!" "

Thinking of the warmth just now, Li Xiangdong smiled dumbly.

I don't know if this is a punishment or a reward.

Chen Xueru playfully snatched the remaining prickly berries in Li Xiangdong's hand, "These belong to me." "

"There are a lot of them over there, if you like it, take some with you when you go back."

"What is it called?"

"Prickly berries, but we're all called prickly bubbles."

"What a strange name, is there anything else delicious?"

"Let's watch as you go, some are out of season."

In fact, there are many wild fruits in the mountains, such as wild sweet potatoes.

There are all on the edge of the countryside and fields.

The sweet potato is ripe on June 6, and half in July, the sweet potato is rotten.

However, this sweet potato is not a white sweet potato, let alone a sweet potato.

Not long after leaving, Li Xiangdong's eyes lit up.

"Want to eat wild bananas?"


Li Xiangdong nodded and plucked the yellow-brown wild fruit that was a little scary.

"This is a banana, it's ugly!"

"Haha, ugly is ugly. But it tastes similar to bananas, try it. "

Chen Xueru was a little hesitant, but she still tasted the large banana that Li Xiangdong brought to her mouth.

"Really, it smells like a banana."

"yes, I didn't lie to you. This real name is August melon, it will be gone after a while, you are lucky. "

"You know a lot."

Li Xiangdong smiled and said, "Have you forgotten what I do?" "

"I know you're awesome."

Chen Xueru smiled happily, her eyes like a crescent moon.

However, before he reached the halfway point of the mountain, the person was so tired that he hung on Li Xiangdong breathlessly.

"No, let me rest."

Li Xiangdong picked a few large leaves and spread them on the ground, letting Chen Xueru sit and rest.

But not far away, there was a strange noise, obviously there was no wind, but the leaves on the top of the tree shook badly.

Li Xiangdong's eyes narrowed, and his right hand was already on the bow.

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