Chen Xueru noticed Li Xiangdong's strange appearance and couldn't help but get nervous.

"What's wrong?"

Li Xiangdong did not speak, but stared closely ahead.

Suddenly, there was a shaking in the trees.

Li Xiangdong lightning-fast took the bow, buckled the bow, and aimed the arrow at the arrow.

The sharp arrow flew out with a "bang".


A flying wild duck was pierced through the chest by a sharp arrow and fell to the ground.

Chen Xueru was stunned!

This is followed by vigorous clapping.





Li Xiangdong smiled slightly and walked over to pick up the wild duck.

"Good luck."

Chen Xueru said in amazement, "How can there be ducks here?" "

"Normal. There are ducks in the forest, and there are hunting grounds on the other side of the mountain. It's not surprising that some run out. "

"So is this just wild or human-raised?"


Li Xiangdong had seen the red rope above the duck's soles, which should have escaped.

It's a pity.

If only it were pure wild.

The meat of wild duck is firm and tender, and it is delicious to eat.

Chen Xueru took a closer look and was surprised, "You shot so accurately!" Walking through the Yang at 100 paces? "

"It's not a hundred steps. Big brother good arrow method! "

The sudden two voices startled Chen Xueru, and she quickly hid behind Li Xiangdong.

Behind the tree walked two men, one tall and one short.

The one who praised Li Xiangdong was tall and carrying a roe deer in his hand.

Wildlife protection laws are decades away.

Many people who go hunting in the mountains like to hunt roe deer.

Although the tall man had a smile on his face, Chen Xueru was still a little afraid.

Because both had spears in their hands.

The short man on the side kept glancing at her.

Chen Xueru regretted it, and her body trembled slightly.

Li Xiangdong patted the back of Chen Xueru's hand and smiled gently.

Then turn to the two uninvited guests.

"The gains of the two of you are not small."

"Haha." The tall man said with a smile, "It's all shot by guns, and your skills are not as strong as your big brother." "

"Where, it's just luck."

Li Xiangdong turned his head and stared at the short man and said, "Why doesn't this friend speak?" "

The short man smiled, a little gloomy.

"You're not out of luck, hehe."

Then the short man took two steps closer, and his gaze became even more unscrupulous!

The tall man just stood on the side laughing with interest, and the gun in his hand was never put down.

Li Xiangdong also smiled, revealing a mouthful of big white teeth.

"Looking for something?"

The tall man shook his head and said, "Brother has a good time playing with the bow, but don't do something stupid." "

"Big brother, why are you talking so much! There is no one here. "

"I agree with that." Li Xiangdong croaked.

The tall man's face changed, "Be careful! "



Two breaking sounds sounded!


The tall man looked at Li Xiangdong with wide eyes, he didn't understand how Li Xiangdong dared to make a move.

They have two guns!

And can you shoot arrows without a bow?

Using a bow and arrow as a throwing knife was the first time he had seen it in his life.

But also the last time.

The short man covered his throat and couldn't speak, his eyes were full of disbelief, and there was a trace of regret.

Then the two brothers crashed to the ground.

No more silence!

Chen Xueru looked at Li Xiangdong, who stepped forward to draw his arrow, and couldn't help but take a step back.

Just now, when she realized that something was wrong, Li Xiangdong casually pulled out two arrows and threw them forward.

The two brothers who had misbehaved just like that, they fell.

Dead, to be exact!

Chen Xueru saw Li Xiangdong turn back, and subconsciously retreated and wanted to run.

She had just witnessed the killing.

But in a panic, she twisted her foot and fell directly to the ground.

Li Xiangdong stood in place, "Are you afraid of me? "

Looking at Li Xiangdong, who killed like a chicken, Chen Xueru nodded subconsciously and quickly shook her head.

Li Xiangdong pulled out a short knife from the tall man.

Chen Xueru was so frightened that she closed her eyes and screamed!

But after a while there was no movement.

She slowly opened her eyes only to find that Li Xiangdong had chopped a wooden stick with a knife and threw it in front of her.

"Go by yourself, slow down, just go down the mountain road."

Chen Xueru was stunned.

After a long while, he struggled to stand up and walked to Li Xiangdong's side without saying a word to help dig the pit.

Li Xiangdong smiled and said, "Don't be afraid of me." "

Chen Xueru tilted her head, "I'm not afraid of you!" "


Li Xiangdong pinched Chen Xueru's chin and kissed it.


Frightened, Chen Xueru struggled for a while, then closed her eyes and allowed Li Xiangdong to ask for a kiss domineeringly.

After a long while, Chen Xueru panted and sorted out her crumpled clothes, and rolled her eyes charmingly at Li Xiangdong.


"I see you seem to enjoy it."

"Bastard! Don't say. "

Then a pair of powder fists continued to fall on Li Xiangdong's chest, but it was no different from tickling.

Li Xiangdong grabbed Chen Xueru's wrist and hugged it into his arms.

"Okay, it's okay."

Chen Xueru, who was still a little spicy just now, cried in fear.

Li Xiangdong caressed Chen Xueru's hair, as if comforting a frightened little girl.

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