Li Xiangdong calmed Chen Xueru and began to dig the pit.

It took less than half an hour to dig two deep pits.

During this period, Chen Xueru kept looking, for fear that someone would appear again.

I am also afraid that someone will pass by and bump into this scene.

But Li Xiangdong didn't care at all, just cared about digging a pit.

Deep in the mountains and old forests, not so many people come.

Li Xiangdong casually threw the two brothers into the pit, and then picked up the Type 53 rifle on the ground and looked at it.

Do not know how to maintain the gun, waste.

Two guns became funeral objects.

And a silly roe deer.

Li Xiangdong did not take the silly roe deer to avoid any accidents.

Later, the traces of the two brothers' arrival were erased.

Only then slowly carried Chen Xueru down the mountain.

Resilience is really good.

Chen Xueru put her arm around Li Xiangdong's neck and said softly, "You can't leave me in the future." "

"You can't run if you want to."

"If you don't run, I'll follow you."

Just dug a pit together, Chen Xueru is already an accomplice.

But in Li Xiangdong's eyes, this is nothing.

He had encountered it before.

Is this legitimate defense?

Otherwise, I don't know what the two brothers will do.

As for whether it was excessive defense, Li Xiangdong did not think about it.

In the face of life and death, how can you manage so much.

And he is doing evil for the people.

Chen Xueru was infected by Li Xiangdong's calmness and slowly slept.

Even with a person on his back, Li's steps down the mountain to the east were still steady.

The expression on his face did not show that he had just killed two people.

Within ten meters, I really thought the gun was fast.

When the gun was raised and aimed, the yellow cauliflower was cold.

Even before eating the Cleansing Pill, Li Xiangdong was sure to kill the two.

It's just not that easy.

Never underestimate a hunter.


More than half an hour later, Li Xiangdong patted Chen Xueru on his back.


"It's time to wake up."

Chen Xueru woke up in a daze and found that she had gone down the mountain.

But feeling that there were two hands underneath, his pretty face suddenly turned red.

"Let me down."

"Not a word of thanks?"

"Then how do you want me to thank you? Pledge by example? "

"Just invite me to drink."

"What do you mean? You dislike me? "

Chen Xueru's white and tender little hands had already touched the soft flesh around Li Xiangdong's waist.

If you don't hear the answer she wants, hum.

Li Xiangdong picked up Chen Xueru and put it on the 28th bar.

"How dare I dislike you."

"Count you acquaintance."

"Let's go."

"Wait, I'm not going to sit in the front, I'm going to sit in the back."

"It's too late."

"Ah! You slow down. "

Chen Xueru held the handlebar of the car and asked Li Xiangdong to stop.

But then gave up.

It's also good to sit in front, and the scenery is different.

Chen Xueru rubbed Li Xiangdong's chin with her head.

The stubble was a little prickly, but it made her feel at ease.

Today was the most exciting day of her life!

It's also the most memorable day!


After returning to the city, Chen Xueru had changed to sitting in the back.

Sitting in front, someone's hands are not honest.

There were so many people in the city, she was embarrassed.

Li Xiangdong originally planned to send Chen Xueru to the hospital, but his ankle was slightly swollen and red, and if he was not treated early, it would hurt for several days.

But the latter refused, saying that he would just go back and wipe some potion.

Li Xiangdong thought he was going home to rub the potion.

The result is in the store.

"You open a silk shop, why do you still put bonesetting potions?"

"We're going to move the cloth too, okay? Injuries are inevitable. "

"You'll also help move the cloth?" I thought it was Xiaohong who did all these jobs. "

"Occasionally she goes back to the country, so don't I move? Hmm~"

At this time, Chen Xueru took off her shoes and was enjoying Li Xiangdong's massage, and the bonesetting potion slowly turned into a warm current.

She could feel the fiery heat of Li Xiangdong's big hand.

"Hiss, tap."

"It's useless to tap."

"It hurts!"

"Just endure it."


Xu Damao, who came to get clothes again, was stunned at the door.

What's going on inside?

How is the voice a little familiar, it seems to be Li Xiangdong and Chen Xueru.


Wouldn't be in that, would it?

Xu Damao wanted to go inside, but was stopped by Xiaohong.

"You can't go inside."

"I'll get the clothes."

"The clothes are not good yet, I told you not so quickly."

"I'm still so slow to add money?"

"It's not that fast to add money. Others are also in a hurry. "

Xu Damao was angry, "Then what's the use of me adding money?" Return the money to me. "

"Why are you yelling so loud!"

Xu Damao was taken aback, only to realize that he might not be Xiaohong's opponent yet.

Xiao Hong's fist seemed to be bigger than his.

"I didn't make a loud noise." Xu Damao said weakly.

"What's going on?" Li Xiangdong walked out, "Xu Damao, what are you shouting about?" "

Xu Damao subconsciously took a step back, "No, I didn't shout anything." "

"Don't shout here and delay people's business."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I was wrong."

Xu Damao saw Li Xiangdong waving his hand, and he was instantly frightened!

For fear that the slap hit him in the face, he would have to go to Jia Dongxu at that time.

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