Yi Zhonghai had no temper when he was knocked to the ground.

At this time, he looked at Xu Damao eagerly, and kept urging in his heart, "Say, you say quickly, say that you were beaten by Li Xiangdong." "

Seeing that Xu Damao did not speak, Yi Zhonghai got up and stopped in front of Li Xiangdong, turned around and said, "Damao, you don't have to be afraid, just say something." I'll call the shots for you. "

Li Xiangdong did not panic at all, leaning against the door with his hands on his chest.

"I accidentally hit the table myself, it's not about Brother Dong."

"Get out of the way, get out of the way quickly!"

Xu Damao pushed away the crowd of onlookers in front of him and staggered away.

Yi Zhonghai didn't hear the answer he wanted, and his face was a little ugly.

"Li Xiangdong, I Yi Zhonghai put the words here today."

"Don't think that if you are tall, you can bully people."

"Let me catch it, you don't want to continue to live, you are not welcome here."

When Li Xiangdong heard this, he shrugged his shoulders and looked indifferent.

"Three mothers, have I killed my duck?"

"Okay, okay."

The three mothers hurriedly sent the killed duck to Li Xiangdong.

The latter took it and said to Silly Zhu, who was hiding in the crowd to steal pleasure, "Silly Zhu, did you bring back the seasoning." "

"Brought back. Leave the duck to me and give you a whole scallion oil duck, guaranteed to be fragrant and delicious! "

"Pillar!" Yi Zhonghai frowned and shouted.

Silly Zhu happily took the duck, this time he was willing to cook for Li Xiangdong.


Simple, Li Xiangdong cleaned up his sworn enemy Xu Damao.

He looked cool.

Just make a dish, just as a celebration.

And this duck is so fat, it can't be seen without a few pieces of meat.

Silly Zhu walked to the public kitchen with duck meat, completely ignoring Yi Zhonghai's dissatisfied eyes.

The crowd was just watching the excitement.

It is really unpopular for Xu Damao.

In the past, there were still many people in the yard who were overcast.

Seeing Xu Damao being beaten, they all clapped their hands in their hearts.

And they didn't see Li Xiangdong committing violence against Xu Damao, and they didn't feel disgusted by the senses.

Yi Zhonghai knew that he couldn't drive Li Xiangdong out for the time being.

I plan to wait until after dark to go to the backyard to find Xu Damao.

Persuaded Xu Damao to accuse Li Xiangdong.

But after Xu Damao left, he did not return all night.


Silly Zhu made the scallion oil duck, and first secretly hid a few pieces.

After sending it to Li Xiangdong, he ran to find Qin Huairu.

"Sister Qin, try the dishes I made."

Qin Huairu hesitated, "This is what you did for Li Xiangdong, right?" "

"I cook for him, I can't get paid." You can't do it for him for nothing. "

Seeing Qin Huairu hesitate, Silly Zhu directly put the small plate on the table, "You can eat it with confidence." "

But a small hand instantly took the plate away, directly grabbed the meat with his hand and stuffed it into his mouth.

"Well, you're a stick terrier. Leave a piece for your mother! Silly Zhu glared, "Those with bones, eat slowly." "


The stick terrier poured all the meat into his mouth and grimaced, making the stupid pillar half angry.

"How did this kid become like this now."

Qin Huairu sighed lightly, not yet accustomed.

Now that she speaks, the stick terrier has stopped listening.

I still lose my temper at every turn, and if I can't get what I want, I cry to find my grandmother.

Silly Zhu wanted to say a few more words, but the words came to his lips and took them back.

"Actually, it's not to blame the stick terrier, I'll just make it a little more for you."

"Thank you."

Silly Zhu said with a smile, "Don't be polite with me, Dongxu and your mother-in-law are still in the hospital, and there is no one to take care of." Just tell me something. "

"They should be back soon."

"Hurt badly?"

"Sort of."

"Li Xiangdong really went too far, didn't he take a little meat from him and beat people to the hospital for so long."

Qin Huairu was silent.

I didn't know how to answer for a while.

In fact, the two woke up that night.

It is said that it is serious and a little serious, one tooth has been knocked off, and the cheek is blue.

One head buzzing, as if a little concussion.

The reason for not coming back is also simple.

I want Li Xiangdong to lose more money.

In addition, they want to escape the matter of taking pork privately.

So I have been staying in the hospital and not leaving.

But I still have to come back in two days, and the hospital is not a welfare home.

Meals and hospitalization cost money.

There was no savings at home, and it was impossible to be hospitalized every day.

And if Jia Dongxu does not go to work, there will be no salary.

I work a few days a month and receive a few days' wages.

Qin Huairu persuaded Jia Dongxu to go to work first, otherwise the family will not be able to open the pot next month.

But Jia Dongxu didn't listen, pretending to be dizzy, and was still annoyed.

Qin Huairu frowned.

Silly Zhu looked distressed, "What's wrong?" Is it a lack of money, I'll borrow you first. "

Then Silly Zhu took out two dollars and wanted to grab Qin Huairu's hand.

But was dodged by the latter.

"No, no thanks. Dishes wait, I'll wash them and return them to you. "

Silly Zhu was secretly annoyed that he was too anxious just now.

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