Silly Zhu actually didn't have any opinion about Li Xiangdong.

It's just that Li Xiangdong did what he really wanted to do.

Hit Jia Dongxu, slap Jia Zhang, and beat Xu Damao.

Although the name of "God of War" was snatched away, he did not care.

He now eats every day, and the joy of life is all in the courtyard.

Bullying and bullying Xu Damao, if you can touch Qin Huairu's little hands, it will be more beautiful.

Li Xiangdong appeared and gave him this opportunity.

He couldn't wait for Jia Dongxu to come back early to find fault, and then be beaten again.

However, in front of Qin Huairu, he still showed a common hatred.

Today is a good start.

Silly Zhu happily carried his hands behind his back to the room.

A girl in the room was writing her homework.

He looks very good, but his body is very thin and his face is a little sallow.

Silly Zhu took out a bottle of loose wine from the cabinet, and took out a small bag of peanut rice from under the bed, and sat at the table to drink.

Peanuts are a good thing this year.

You can only get tickets during the New Year holidays.

For example, the Yan family will only share a little when it is New Year.

Yan Jiecheng's brothers looked forward to eating some peanuts and meat-filled dumplings for the New Year.

But Silly Zhu works in the canteen and is one of the "eight great members" that everyone envies.

That is, the cook.

Usually you can eat enough by stealing something, and the huge rolling mill has a very large daily food supply.

Stealing some will not be discovered at all, and you can take some home along the way.

As long as it's not so blatant.

After all, it is public food, and it is not too much.

But after a long time, he was never caught, and the stupid pillar's courage also grew.

Start stealing something for the leader to eat.

When stir-frying meat dishes, you can also taste the taste and eat a few more pieces of meat.

Back home, drink some wine, and peanuts and rice, life is beautiful!

But only for himself.

Silly Zhu took a sip of wine and quipped, "Why are you so serious? It's over after another year, and I really want to go to high school. "

He Yushui wrinkled his nose and moved the workbook to the other side, ignoring the stupid pillar.

She has to go not only to high school, but also to college.

But she won't say it, because if she does, she will only be mercilessly ridiculed by her brother.

Seeing that He Yushui didn't take care of himself, Silly Zhu suddenly felt a little angry.

"I know that dead reading books is read as dumb." Finally study for a year and go to work in the morning. "

"I don't earn a dime, and I have to spend money every month for you to study."

"If you really study, you can get a good job and make a lot of money."


He Yushui's eyes were instantly moist, and he couldn't help it anymore.

"Are you still my brother?"

"I read books without spending you a penny. That was what Dad left behind before he left. "

"Why can't you study, you can assign a good job after graduation."

"You don't read yourself, don't care if I can't do it!"

Stupid Zhu Tiger's eyes widened, "What are you shouting about!" The wings are hard, right? "

"Don't mention that old man to me, bother!"

"You have to have the ability to study without spending money, that's called powerful!"

He Yushui wiped his tears and ran back to his house with his homework book.

She hadn't eaten dinner, but she was now full.

And just now Silly Zhu made the dish, she clearly saw that her brother would rather send it to other people's wives and children to eat, and she would not think of her own sister.

He Yushui was dead.

Silly Zhu huffed and poured a large gulp of wine, a little upset.

As soon as he thought of He Daqing who left, he wanted to beat someone to vent.

I thought I would be fine if I left a little money.

If he bumps into him, go up and beat him first.

Abandoning their two brothers and sisters, he ran away with the widow.

He has been ridiculed!

The more Silly Zhu thought about it, the more angry he became, picked up the wine bottle and smashed it on the ground.

The bottle fell apart in an instant.

But the silly pillar was still puzzled.

But I couldn't find anyone to get angry.

He Yushui just cleaned up the bed and closed his eyes to sleep.

No bathing and no shoes off.

The neat bed suddenly became like a chicken nest.

The aggrieved He Yushui cried for a while after returning to the house.

But he still wiped away his tears, took advantage of a little light from the kerosene lamp, and finished the rest of the homework.

She was going to high school, college and leave this broken home.

But in the middle of the night, I was so hungry that I couldn't sleep.

So he went to the yard to drink water and fill his stomach.

This is not the first time, but every time she drinks water to fill her hunger, she is very aggrieved.

Classmates and neighbors envied her for having a brother who was a cook.

But who knows how her brother treated her.

If it weren't for the early money stored in Yi Zhonghai, all the money she spent on school would have been taken to drink.

He Yushui shed tears while drinking water.

Tears kept dripping.

How nice it would be if you could change to a normal person to be an older brother.

When she is bullied, someone can stand in front of her.

Instead of drunkenly saying let her herself not look for trouble, a slap can't make a sound, why do others bully you.

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