Li Xiangdong didn't know that Yan Xiecheng already had a grudge in his heart, but even if he knew, he didn't care.

He never regarded the Yan family as a friend or anything.

It's errands, chores.

He gave out a little bit of food, and the other party helped with the work.

That's all.

Moreover, the Yan family did not really work hard for him.

There is no benefit, it is not bad not to be left in the well.


Li Xiangdong went out not for anything else, but to see if Cai Quanwu was He Daqing.

What was the reaction to seeing He Yushui.

It took more than half an hour for He Yushui to find the tavern.

The timing is just right.

At this point in the morning, Cai Quanwu just came to deliver wine.

He Yushui also saw Cai Quanwu and hid on the side of the road to watch for a while.

Finally, he walked over slowly, his eyes filled with tears.

Here comes the show.

Li Xiangdong walked quickly to the corner, and then easily flipped into the yard with a borrowing force on the wall.

Cai Quanwu, who was moving wine at this time, did not know what was about to happen.

Xu Huizhen said, "You don't have to come so early, the tavern is not open until noon." "

"At your command."

Li Xiangdong was happy when he heard it.

This tone puts himself low and humble, as if he were a subordinate.

But Cai Quanwu's eyes obviously hid a real liking for Xu Hui.

Alternative licking dogs.

But in the end, it did.

Cai Quanwu saw Xu Huizhen bring a bowl of water, and he was overjoyed in his heart, but the expression on his face did not change at all.

"Thank you!"

"They all said that they don't have to be so polite."

"At your command."

It seems that these four words have become Cai Quanwu's mantra.

But only to Xu Huizhen alone.


Cai Quanwu's body froze suddenly, as if he wanted to turn his head and pause.


He Yushui hugged Cai Quanwu's body from behind.

Xu Huizhen was stunned.

"Didn't you say you didn't have children?"

Li Xiangdong inexplicably thought of a movie in his previous life.

It's really not a child, he has grown up, and he is about the same height as him.

"You recognized the wrong person."

A simple sentence broke through He Yushui's psychological defense.

She actually recognized it at first glance.

It took a long time to take the first step.

There is also a reason why the heart has not appeared in the past few years.

In fact, He Daqing did not leave, nor did he abandon the two brothers and sisters.

Instead, there is a last resort, and has been secretly guarding them.

But the cold phrase "you recognized the wrong person" reminded her of that day five years ago.

When I came home from school, the only thing in the room was my brother who dropped my things.

My father was gone, and there was not a word of farewell.

Leave nothing.

She later heard from neighbors that her father had run away with the widow.

I thought that seeing father and daughter again would make up for the vacancy in previous years.

Living another life as a family of three, a little bitter, but at least able to have fun in pain.

But why is it that he is obviously his own biological father and can say words without the slightest emotion.

"You recognized the wrong person."

This sentence is like a heavy hammer that smashed her vision of life!

Smashed her hopes.

He Yushui's body shook, and the whole person fainted, and fell to the ground with a "bang".

Cai Quanwu subconsciously turned around and squatted down to pick up He Yushui, "Rain." "

But after shouting this sentence, Cai Quanwu stiffly looked up at Xu Huizhen.

He knew he was exposed.

Xu Huizhen's face was extremely complicated.

Recently, she also felt that Cai Quanwu, like an old scalper, was an honest and trustworthy person.

Ugly is ugly, maybe get by.

I didn't expect it to be all fake.

The name is fake, and there is a teenager.

Xu Huizhen took a deep breath and said slowly, "Let's take it into the house first." "

This time Cai Quanwu, no, it should be that He Daqing never said "listen to your orders" again.

Instead, he silently carried He Yushui into the house.

This is the end of the matter, it is useless to pretend anymore.

He regretted it a little, and he knew it to the end.

Afterwards, he sent He Yushui away, and then slowly circled back.

However, if he came to this point, he would pretend not to know him, it would only reduce Xu Huizhen's impression of him again.

It's a failure!

After pretending for so long, he was soon able to capture Xu Huizhen's heart.

Now Xu Hui is the most helpless time, no matter how hard he works hard and shows it, he can hold the beauty and return home, and he can also own a pub.

There will be no worries about the rest of your life.

When the raw rice is cooked and matured, it doesn't matter if you see your children again.

At that time, Xu Huizhen will not divorce even if he is angry.


Now it's all gone!

It is only possible to save as much as possible and make up another lie.

Li Xiangdong looked at this absurd scene and was amazed.

He Daqing, who left his children behind, is quite good at acting.

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