Because the incident happened too suddenly, He Daqing was caught off guard.

Now that the identity of a child has been revealed, I can't find too good a statement for a while.

He has been incognito in recent years and knows a truth.

To say one panic, it takes countless panic rounds.

Less talk and less mistake.

So he disguised himself as an honest and taciturn image.

Others think he is not good at words, but people are actually very good.

As for now.

A daughter suddenly appeared, and was seen by Xu Huizhen with his own eyes.

He Daqing could only temporarily pretend to care about his daughter, but he had an indescribable expression of bitterness.

Xu Huizhen was really deceived by He Daqing for a while.

But anyway, she was the one who was deceived.

Xu Huizhen, who was in a complicated mood, walked into the courtyard.

Not long after, He Daqing also walked out.

"Thank you! Can I bother you to get some water and food? "

"There is one in the kitchen, get it yourself."

"Thank you!"

"You don't have anything to explain to me?"

"I'll explain to you in a few days after settling down, three or two sentences are not clear."

Xu Huizhen waved his hand.

He Daqing walked into the kitchen familiarly.

Suddenly, Xu Huizhen thought that his key was returned to He Daqing.

Now I don't know who He Daqing is, which makes her very uneasy.

Thinking about what reason to get the key back later.

If it really doesn't work, change a lock, and say that the original lock is broken.

Xu Huizhen stood in the courtyard and saw that He Daqing was busy, and felt that maybe He Daqing was not so bad.

Li, who was hiding in the corner, looked east for a while and left.

The show is ahead.

When He Yushui wakes up, how should He Daqing deal with it.

What if another silly pillar?

Silly pillars are not like He Yushui.

He Daqing has a great deal of resentment, and usually annoys others to mention He Daqing.

When he was young, he often fought with others because someone said that his father had run away with a widow.

This is how the "God of War" was trained.

Li Xiangdong decided that good people would do it to the end.

After all, it is a family.

Where is the knot that cannot be untied.

The family should be tidy.

A happy reunion is the best ending.

Li Xiangdong was not in a hurry to go back and tell Silly Zhu.

Let the bullets fly for a while first.

He was sure that He Daqing would not take He Yushui in, nor would he return to the courtyard for the time being.

When He Yushui is swept back, no matter how dull the stupid pillar is, he can find out that something is wrong.

If Stupid Zhu really ignored He Yushui, then he would strike again.

Otherwise, if you run out so directly, you may suspect that he has ulterior motives.

It is a pity that who can know his "painstaking efforts".

Lee Xiangdong kicked off a family tragicomedy.

What follows will only be even more exciting.

He found it much more interesting than watching TV.


Lee left east and came to the park.

He was ready to unpack again.

Yesterday after cleaning up Xu Damao, he was rewarded with another [Golden Treasure Chest].

With the experience of the last time.

He still chooses to come to the park to unpack boxes.

See what good things can be prescribed this time.

Li Xiangdong's heart moved, and he opened the box.

[Congratulations to the host for obtaining the Bajiquan Mastery! ] 】

A stream of information about Bajiquan flooded into Li Xiangdong's mind.

In an instant, Li Xiangdong knew all kinds of Bajiquan moves.

Li Xiangdong was a little surprised.

He also thought that this golden treasure chest did not say that it opened a grandmaster-level skill, at least it was a master.

Related to martial arts, it should be [Guoshu Master].

Otherwise, how can it be worthy of the [Golden Treasure Chest].

But soon he understood that he underestimated the power of [Bajiquan Mastery].

Wen has Taiji to secure the world, and Wu has eight poles to determine Qiankun!

Bajiquan, the strength of the fist can reach far away in all directions.

Since ancient times, the eighth level has not been on the ring.

Unpretentious but fierce in action, close to the body short play is a must.

Beat, help, squeeze, lean, collapse, shake.

Every word weighs as much as a thousand words!

And it is very suitable for Li Xiangdong's figure.

Bajiquan is extremely explosive, coupled with the physical fitness beyond ordinary people, I am afraid that he can now punch and kill wild boars.

Fight with the blind bear.

Li Xiangdong straightened his body, closed his eyes and began to practice the moves of Bajiquan, while silently chanting the boxing duel in his heart.

[Fist like shooting star, eyes like electricity, waist like snake and feet like drill].

[Lu tail is full of spirit, rigid and flexible circle is alive up and down].

[The body is loose and restrained, and the head is hanging from the head lightly].

[Yin and yang are changing rapidly, and the source of fate is in the waist].

Bajiquan pays attention to strength and close-fitting short fights.

The requirements for footwork are also particularly high.

Li Xiangdong squatted slightly on both knees and grabbed the ground with ten toes.

Rushed forward.

Left and right lifting, turning the palm of the circle, big entanglement, small entanglement, falling step smashing.

The moves have all been completed.

Not far away, the two old men were stunned.

"Old Yang, can the strongest soldier under you ever beat him?"

The black-shirted old man shook his head, "Only after fighting do I know that some of them are killing techniques." Simply competed, his winning face is higher, and his physical fitness is too strong. "

"He's fighting Bajiquan, right? There are quite a few killing skills. "

When the black-shirted old man was about to say something, Li Xiangdong used the [Sticker Mountain Back] in the Bajiquan.

Li Xiangdong, who is proficient in Bajiquan, seems to have practiced this move since he was a child, and he continues to practice this move in the mountains day after day.

It has long been to the point of pure green.

Subconsciously, a thigh-thick weeping willow uses [sticking to the mountain].


With a loud bang, the weeping willow slowly fell.

The black-shirted old man opened his mouth and said nothing.

It turns out that upside down weeping willows is real.

Someone easily broke a tree alive in front of him.

This is a humanoid beast!

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