As soon as Li Xiangdong entered the courtyard, he heard a crying cry.

"Li Xiangdong killed that day!"

"It's so vicious!"

"My good grandson!"

"Lao Jia, if you leave, others will bully our orphans and widows, I'll go with you."


Li Xiangdong was overjoyed when he heard this.

It seems that some prey has taken the bait, and the emperor does not pay off.

"Li Xiangdong is back."

The residents gathered in the courtyard turned their attention to Li Xiangdong.

There is disbelief, fear, resentment, malice in the eyes

Li Xiangdong completely ignored everyone's gaze and walked straight to his door.

Everyone subconsciously gave way to a path.

Li Xiangdong looked at the weeping wolf howling Jia Zhang on the ground, as well as the blood at the door, and roughly guessed what happened.

Jia Zhangshi, who had triangular eyes, wiped his tears and said viciously, "Li Xiangdong, you killed the heavens, return my good grandson's hand!" "

It turned out to be a small rat, and Li Xiangdong had some pity.

I looked left and right, but I didn't see the stick terrier.

"What about your good grandson?"

"Went to the hospital. You didn't mean it! You said. "

"What on purpose?"

"Put a clamp in the house and break my good grandson's hand!"

Li Xiangdong pretended to be puzzled, "What is your grandson doing in my room?" I used it for mice. And some of them I hunt. "

"Fart! You did it on purpose. I don't care, lose money. "

"How much to lose?"

Jia Zhangshi was stunned, as if he didn't expect Li Xiangdong to be so cheerful.

"Three hundred, no, five hundred dollars."

"Is five hundred enough? Or a thousand, and I will pay you this house. "


The crowd was stunned.

When they heard that Jia Zhang asked for five hundred yuan, they thought that the lion had opened its mouth.

Unexpectedly, Li Xiangdong also mentioned a thousand yuan, and even had to build a house.

Human lives are not worth that much these days.

The average person's salary is only thirty to fifty yuan, and after deducting expenses, there is not a few dollars left in a year.

More than 90 percent of households can't even get 300 yuan in savings, let alone 1,000 yuan.

Jia Zhangshi couldn't figure out for a moment whether Li Xiangdong was serious.

"You're not kidding me?"

"You joked with me first, not enough to add, enough when I didn't say."

Jia Zhangshi instantly understood that he had been played, and said angrily, "You broke my good grandson's hand, and you are still laughing here, is your heart black?" "

"Does anyone care!"

"Bullying us like this, no one cares?"

"I'm dead!"

Li Xiangdong smiled, "If you really hit your head to death, I will really lose a thousand yuan, and the house will also give your son." No kidding, the whole hospital can testify for me. "

Everyone opened their mouths, and things became more and more outrageous.

But his gaze couldn't help but turn to Jia Zhang.


Died for sons and grandchildren, a thousand dollars!

Not to mention a house.

Jia Zhang was dumbfounded.

She was just talking, and when she died, there was nothing.

Jia Zhangshi froze for a moment, looked at Yi Zhonghai again, and cried, "Then I will die and forget it, there is no king's law." Don't stop me. "

"No one stopped you."


Jia Zhang couldn't be confused, just cried and shouted.

Never mention the word "dead" again.

Li Xiangdong had long guessed how could Jia Zhang, who was selfish to the extreme, really die.

There are a few people who can have the courage to die.

There are many military people, but there is not one in the courtyard.

Yi Zhonghai finally stood up.

"Li Xiangdong, how can you call people to death?"

Li Xiangdong was still waiting for Jia Zhangshi to pounce and then slap him.

But this time, it seems to have learned well, so he lies on the ground and rolls.

It's a pity.

The moral Heavenly Venerable is here again.

But Li Xiangdong still did not panic, and ridiculed, "She said that she would die, and I am willing to pay a thousand yuan and the house." Death also benefits future generations. "

"This is a disciple for the benefit of future generations, as far as the matter is concerned, the hand of the stick terrier was injured because of you."

"Why did that stick terrier get hurt?"

"Children, playing crazy everywhere, just entered your house."

Li Xiangdong suddenly realized, "It turns out that children can enter other people's homes and steal things at will, right?" "

"My good grandson won't steal things, you don't want to spew blood."

"I didn't steal anything, I didn't have points in my heart. Where are my shelves located? "

Jia Zhang's face changed, "The stick terrier is still small, and I don't understand." I like hide and seek. "

Yi Zhonghai echoed, "That's right, stick terriers occasionally come to my house. "

"Who are you playing hide-and-seek with?" Li Xiangdong glanced at Jia Zhangshi and Yi Zhonghai, "With you, or with you." Which kid in the yard plays with stick terriers? "

The stick terrier has a bad temper and likes to do it.

Plus Jia Zhang, who protects the calf, no children are willing to play with the stick terrier for a long time.

Not a single person answered.

Yi Zhonghai said in a deep voice, "Anyway, the stick terrier was injured in your room, and it was also because of your broken hand that was clipped by the beast. You are certainly responsible. "

Not again.

Facts aside, to say who Li Xiangdong hates the most, it is undoubtedly Yi Zhonghai.

It seems to be standing on the moral high ground, but in fact it doesn't make sense.

Li Xiangdong directly stunned back, "If he wipes my neck with my knife in my room, people will be killed by me, right?" "

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