Li Xiangdong's words suddenly left Yi Zhonghai speechless.

People ran to Li Xiangdong's room to commit suicide with a knife, does it have anything to do with Li Xiangdong?

If there is a grudge, it should be responsible.

What kind of hatred and grudge will run to Li Xiangdong's room to commit suicide.

No grudges, no grudges, naturally not.

Yi Zhonghai said in silence, "Li Xiangdong, these are fundamentally two different things. "

"How can it be two different things? It's the same thing in my opinion. "

"The stick terrier is still small after all..."

"Still young? I already know how to enter the house and steal things, I don't have a long memory, what should I do in the future? If you want me to see it, you have to thank me. "

The last sentence was addressed to Jia Zhang.

The latter heard that his brain was down for a while.

"You're crazy! You sent my good grandson to the hospital, and we still want to thank you? "

"It's not. Otherwise, in the future, I will steal chickens and dogs now, and I will have to grow up. Do you have to wait until the official meal in the future to think that I am right? "

Yi Zhonghai frowned, "The stick terrier didn't steal anything, it was just greedy and greedy." "

"Third Master, what is self-fetching without asking?"

"If you don't ask, you are a thief."

Yi Zhonghai looked at Yan Bugui with dissatisfaction, who was still smiling.

It seems to have nothing to do with him.

In fact, stick terriers don't steal things once or twice.

Why is the communal kitchen so clean, there is not even an extra match.

The reason is that no matter what is put there, it will definitely disappear the next day.

Even go back and get a bowl, and there will be fewer dishes.

It's not that I haven't said it before, but every time I prevaricate on the grounds that the stick terrier is still small.

Small children do not understand.

There is also the arrogant and unreasonable Jia Zhangshi scolding the street.

In the end, it was all gone.

Today, the stick terrier had an accident, and at first the onlookers were a little unbearable to see the stick terrier's bloody hands.

He was incited by Jia Zhangshi and Yi Zhonghai, and subconsciously felt that Li Xiangdong was indeed responsible.

But Li Xiangdong's words made them unable to make mistakes.

The discussion gradually became quieter.

Yi Zhonghai noticed the change in the atmosphere and gloomy face.

"In that case, let's hold a plenary meeting and let everyone evaluate together."

The whole hospital assembly is Yi Zhonghai's trick to press the box.

He is one of the three stewards appointed by the street office, and he is also the grandfather in the highest order.

A few years have passed, and authority has long been established.

And it is mainly decided by him and Yan Bugui and Liu Haizhong.

Yi Zhonghai believes that the two are just as domineering as Li Xiangdong.

This time, it happened to take advantage of the matter of the stick terrier to hold a meeting of the whole hospital and rectify Li Xiangdong.

But Li Xiangdong didn't care about the plenary assembly at all.

"I object."

Yi Zhonghai's face became more and more ugly, "Since you live in this courtyard, you are a member of the courtyard." "

"Everyone is obliged to attend, no one is exempt."

"Why don't you dare to participate? Is it a weak heart? "

Li Xiangdong raised his chin, "What are you?" I really thought I had the power to enforce the law. It's just that the street office asked you to help manage, and you really treated yourself as an onion. "


In a word, the hall is full of shock!

Yi Zhonghai trembled with anger, no one had ever dared to talk to him like that.

The eyes of everyone looking at Li Xiangdong all changed.

This is a chaotic demon king!

Don't follow the routine at all.

They were just thinking about holding a plenary meeting, and Li Xiangdong would definitely be punished.

Unexpectedly, Li Xiangdong actually refused directly, and openly opened up!

To be precise, it was riding Yi Zhonghai's face and scolding.

Everyone was in an uproar!

Too rigid!

This has never happened before.

The eldest aunt held Yi Zhonghai and accused, "Why are you cursing?!" You are also responsible. "

"What is my responsibility?" Li Xiangdong said forcefully, "I have no responsibility at all, and I still have to hold the Jia family accountable." Is it reasonable to steal something and get hurt? "

"Who said my good grandson stole something? He won't steal. "

"I don't have points in my heart, I think it's you old witch who taught it." The stick terrier becomes bad, it is all connived at by you, and you are the culprit that caused the stick terrier to go to the hospital! "

"You, you!" Jia Zhang, who was angry and corrupted, lost his mind and rushed towards Li Xiangdong again.

"I'm going to tear your mouth!! You bastard! "

"Snap !!"

Another crisp sound.

Then the world went quiet again.

Jia Zhangshi was directly slapped by Li Xiangdong and flew to Yi Zhonghai's feet.

But Li Xiangdong did not have an angry expression, but was very calm.

It was this calm that made everyone shudder.

Li Xiangdong said lightly, "Now there are two choices, one, the street office or the police station, feel free to report the case, I am waiting here." "

"Second, apologize to me and compensate for the loss. Otherwise, I will personally arrest and punish people. "

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