Yan Xiecheng wanted to say that Li Xiangdong would not send meat for free.

Every time, I help run errands and work to get a little paid.

However, thinking of the aroma of meat, and the taste of large pieces of meat, Yan Xiecheng closed his mouth.

The meat is really fragrant!

He seemed to have smelled the aroma of meat.

When running errands and eating no meat, Yan Xiecheng finally chose the former.

Not long after, Silly Zhu hurried over with the two people from the street office.

"Lady, you are here, how are your bones lately?" , Yi Zhonghai greeted him, with a smile on his face.

Many people have never seen Yi Zhonghai's flattering expression.

The contrast is too big from usual, which makes people a little disgusting.

Yi Zhonghai doesn't care what others think, whether he can rectify Li Xiangdong today depends on Zhang Hongxia.

Zhang Hongxia said with a smile, "It's good, by the way, this is Fan Jinyou." My nephew, the deputy director of the street over the big front door. Jin You, this is Yi Zhonghai, the eldest master of this courtyard. “

"Director Fan is really young! So young to become a deputy director. "

"Where, the grandpa is polite."

"Get down to business first." Zhang Hongxia asked, "Who beats people?" "

"Wait a minute, I'll call him out." Yi Zhonghai stood in the middle of the courtyard and shouted into the house, "Li Xiangdong, come out!" "

Fan Jinyou was slightly startled, and was very surprised to see Li Xiangdong, who was tall and horse-tall, walk into the door.

The latter was also a little surprised when he saw Fan Jinyou, and nodded slightly as a hello.

"Lady, that's him. Not only did he kill a child in our yard and send him to the hospital, but he also knocked the child's grandmother unconscious. People are still lying in the house. "

"What!" Zhang Hongxia said angrily, "Bullying children, and beating old people, lawlessness!" "

Li Xiangdong did not rush to explain, but asked, "Which one are you?" "

"You don't know me? I am Zhang Hongxia, the director of the street office. Who are you again? How did you live in, how I didn't have any impression of you. "

Yi Zhonghai answered, "He suddenly came to the door a few days ago, claiming to be Li Yulan's nephew, and we are not sure whether it is true or not." I didn't expect to hit people three times and twice when I first came. "

"Yulan's nephew?" Zhang Hongxia was puzzled, "Why haven't I heard her say that she has a nephew." "

"Who knows, maybe it's an impersonation."

Zhang Hongxia frowned and asked, "Show me your documents." "

Li Xiangdong handed over the documents casually, and his documents were all genuine.

If you want to make a fuss about his identity, die this heart early.

Zhang Hongxia and Yi Zhonghai looked at it several times and determined that there was no problem with the documents.

"Even if you are Yulan's nephew, you have to go to the street office to register."

"Okay, I'll go after this matter is handled today."

"Yi Zhonghai, you tell me what happened."

"Well, that's it..."

Yi Zhonghai said what happened.

Saying that the stick terrier entering the house is greedy, and Li Xiangdong has a lot of dangerous items in the house, and he places them at random.

The playful stick terrier accidentally touched the clip and broke his finger.

And after Li Xiangdong returned, he was willing to take on any responsibility.

It also knocked the grandmother of the stick terrier unconscious, which may also leave sequelae.

Zhang Hongxia was angry at first, but after listening to it, she slowly calmed down.

And Li Xiangdong's calm appearance was unexpected.

It doesn't look like it would hurt people at will.

Even let Yi Zhonghai explain the situation, but did not refute a word.

Van Kim has the same.

But hearing the back, I felt more and more wrong, and I couldn't help asking.

"The kid went into the house to the east and broke his hand? Now the child's family is going to lose money to the east, and then they are beaten? "

"Roughly so. However, Li Xiangdong's attitude is very bad, and this is not the first time he has beaten someone. "

Although Zhang Hongxia is very satisfied with Yi Zhonghai's management of the courtyard, she is not a person who pulls the sidelines.

After working as a street manager for so many years, she has seen all kinds of problems.

I've seen all the shit and frivolous things.

Some are even absurd.

Zhang Hongxia's experience told her that there should be other hidden secrets in it, so she said to Li Xiangdong, "Come on." "

"My version is very simple, the stick terrier went into the house to steal something, touched my rat-proof clip, and then went to the hospital, and the old man did not die to make a claim, and I cleaned it up, it's as simple as that."

Zhang Hongxia's brows furrowed, "Is it greedy or stealing?" "

This question is important.

Yi Zhonghai hurriedly said, "The stick terrier is still small, playful, and not sensible, but he can't steal." "

Li Xiangdong smiled and asked, "How old is the stick terrier?" How many people in the yard have not been walked by the stick terrier? "

"The stick terrier is gluttonous and playful, but its nature is not bad."

"It's not bad yet, hehe, it has to rot to the bone to be called bad, right?"

"Okay, stop arguing!" Zhang Hongxia raised her hand and said, "Yan Bugui, Liu Haizhong, you two are also in charge, let's talk." "

Yan Bugui stood up with a smile and only said a word, and Yi Zhonghai was angry.

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