Zhang Hongxia knew that she couldn't listen to one side of the story, so she asked the other two stewards to talk about it as well.

The reason for the initial establishment of three stewards in the courtyard was the fear that something would happen to only one person in charge.

For example, there is a situation where there is a word.

Yan Bugui is a teacher, although he loves to take advantage, there is still no problem with integrity.

Zhang Hongxia still believes in Yan Bugui.

"If you don't ask, you can take your own way."

Yan Bugui said this.

He usually picks the door and takes advantage, but he never takes other people's things privately.

That's how children are educated.

He has also long said about the theft of stick terriers.

Steal needles when hours, steal cattle when they are big.

And maybe when will it touch his house.

No one can say for sure.

He believes that he is no match for the shrew Jia Zhang.

It is also impossible to strike as blatantly as Li Xiangdong.

This time I have the opportunity, just to take this opportunity to educate the stick terrier, as well as the Jia family.

Although Li Xiangdong is domineering, the Jia family is even more disgusting!

Yi Zhonghai didn't expect Yan Bugui to actually help Li Xiangdong speak.

"Second Uncle, it's not sure whether it's stealing or not, how to make a conclusion."

Zhang Hongxia frowned slightly.

Just now I said that it was greedy for fun, but now I am not sure.

"In the bangs, you say."

The pot-bellied bangs swallowed slowly to the middle.

"I was not at the scene just now, and no one confirmed what happened."

"But to the east are hunters. The things hunted should not be messed up, otherwise it is not easy to hurt yourself? "

"Isn't that true?"

After Liu Haizhong finished speaking, he glanced at Li Xiangdong meaningfully.

It's like saying, "I helped you and owe me a favor."

Yi Zhonghai frowned tightly, and secretly cursed the two pig heads in his heart.

Don't look at the current situation, actually help Li Xiangdong speak.

Yi Zhonghai spoke up again.

"So it's all speculation. It may also be that the stick terrier came into the house to play and accidentally touched the mouse trap. "

The public says that the public is reasonable, and the mother-in-law says that the mother-in-law is reasonable.

For a while, Zhang Hongxia was really difficult to judge.

"Where is the child now?"

"Sent to the hospital."

"What about the child's grandmother, are you awake?"

"I'll go wake her up." Yi Zhonghai said.

"Wait." Li Xiangdong suddenly spoke, "Xie Cheng, go and call people." "

Yan Xiecheng was called, and his heart was a little unhappy, but his body was very honest, and his legs walked towards the Jia family.

Li Xiangdong looked at Yi Zhonghai with a smile.

Obviously, just ask someone to call Jia Zhang, but you have to go in person.

Li Xiangdong knew Yi Zhonghai, and he thought with his toes that Yi Zhonghai wanted to communicate with Jia Zhang in advance.

But he wouldn't give that chance.

Silly Zhu must have said it again just now.

Li Xiangdong glanced at the silly pillar who was hiding in the crowd to watch the play.

What is usually whistling, today there is no sound at all.

I really want to sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight, and finally the fisherman will profit.

Silly Zhu's body shook and forced a smile.

After a while, there was a sound of abuse in the room.

Then Yan Xiecheng hurriedly ran out, cursing in his mouth, "The dog bites Lu Dongbin, shame!" "

Jia Zhang's hair ran out, and the redness and swelling on his face had not yet subsided.

It looks hideous and ugly!

Zhang Hongxia saw Jia Zhang's snarky triangular eyes, and immediately remembered who Jia Zhang's was.

When the three stewards of the courtyard were set up before, Jia Zhangshi went to the street office to make trouble several times.

It has to be Lao Jia to occupy a place, and it has to be a big master.

But how could she promise Jia Zhang.

If you really agree, something will definitely happen.

Zhang Hongxia was too impressed by the brutal and vicious Jia Zhang.

Even after so many years, I remember it all at once.

Seeing the dirty words that kept coming out of Jia Zhang's mouth, Zhang Hongxia became ugly and turned to Yi Zhonghai.

Leaving aside anything else, this attitude can be seen.

Yi Zhonghai hurriedly walked to Jia Zhang's side and persuaded.

"Old lady, stop scolding. Director Zhang of the Street Office is here, you can explain clearly what happened today. "

The crazy Jia Zhang only converged a little.

But did not respect Zhang Hongxia's meaning very much.

"You came just in time, this heavenly killing caused my good grandson to break his hand!"

"He also started beating me, quickly arrest him!"

"Ten years and eight years first."

Zhang Hongxia's face lost that kind look.

"What's your grandson's name? Why go to Lee Xiangdong's house? "

"Don't care what my grandson's name is, my good grandson has already been sent to the hospital, you hurry up and arrest people!" Why are you stunned! "

"I'm going to get to the bottom of the matter."

"What I'm saying is the truth, aren't you doing it on the street? Don't you just take money? Or did you receive the benefits of this bastard. "

"Old lady! Don't talk nonsense. Yi Zhonghai scolded.

"What are you fierce about? If you don't arrest Li Xiangdong, you will murder me, an unarmed woman and Taoist family, right? There is no heavenly reason yet! You guys are just ganging up to bully our Jia family!" Old Jia, take a look..."

Jia Zhangshi began to lie on the ground again, crying that Old Jia had a spirit in the sky and did not let everyone go.

Li Xiangdong was relieved.

Give you the opportunity to be useless, push the neutral street office outward.

It looks like a pig, and the brain is no different from a pig's brain.

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