As Yi Zhonghai expected, the first one in the bangs was anxious.

"Director, this is not appropriate, right? I live in the backyard and I don't know. "

"Yes, Director." Yan Bugui also said, "I live in the front yard, and I know too well. "


Yi Zhonghai is short of breath.

Only he lived in the middle courtyard like Li Yulan.

However, the establishment of three stewards is not to manage the front yard, the middle yard, and the back yard separately.

These two old six!

Yi Zhonghai was so angry that he vomited blood!

When are you still thinking about keeping yourself.

Suddenly Yi Zhonghai was shocked, the two may not simply want to keep their stewardship positions.

Most likely trying to throw the pot on his head.

He was removed from his post, and the position of the eldest master was relinquished.

Things are also backed, the best of both worlds.

The more Yi Zhonghai thought about it, the more likely it was, and the eyes of the two of them changed when he looked at Liu Haizhong.

This will make him no longer able to take care of much.

"Director, you can't listen to Li Xiangdong's words. There are dozens of people in our whole hospital. "

"He suddenly appeared, in fact, he wanted Li Yulan's house."

"And Li Yulan was ill for a long time before she died, and the money was spent a lot, and I also borrowed her money to see a doctor." There is not much money left. "

"I think Li Xiangdong wants both a house and a money."

"The most problematic person is Li Xiangdong!"

"Director, don't listen to rumors."

When Zhang Hongxia heard this, she hesitated.

Yi Zhonghai's words are not unreasonable.

But it takes time to find out the truth.

"The three of you are temporarily suspended, if it really has nothing to do with you, you will naturally resume your duties, and Li Xiangdong will not be able to escape."

Even a temporary suspension is unacceptable to Yi Zhonghai.

Repeated pleading will not work, so I can only do it in a different way.

"Director, you shouldn't really believe Li Xiangdong's words, right?"

"Think that the whole hospital watched Li Yulan die, and finally did not collect the body?"

"If it gets out, our entire yard won't be able to be human."

"Big guy, you guys have a word too!"

When everyone heard this, they first looked at each other.

It was like that, everyone's reputation was ruined.

In the end, it may well become true.

Outsiders will not care whether it is true or not, they will only avoid it.

So the residents of the courtyard reached an agreement at this moment.

"yes, we don't know."

"Li Yulan died in the house, we usually have to go to work, we don't know at all."

"That's it, and Li Yulan died of illness."

"That day, we also wanted to collect the body, but Li Xiangdong directly took the person away."

"It's all a misunderstanding."

"We didn't do anything wrong."

"The eldest uncle is impartial, and he cannot remove the eldest uncle from his post."

"There's no reason to do that."

"Even if it's a street office, you can't mess around."

"It is recommended to check Li Xiangdong well, maybe where the fugitive came from."

"That is, how can Li Xiangdong not care about beating people?"




Zhang Hongxia, who caused everyone to be angry, was surrounded by groups.

It's like being in a wolf's den!

There were even people who shoved secretly.

"Get out of here!"

A loud shout exploded like thunder!

Liu Guangtian and Liu Guangfu, who were engaged in small actions, were directly thrown aside and let out a cry of pain!

Li Xiangdong's big hands swung to the side, and the crowd suddenly fell to the ground like dominoes.

Seeing this, Jia Zhang shouted, "Kill!" Kill! Kill Li Xiangdong. "

The silly pillar found an opportunity to step forward and kick out.


Li Xiangdong picked up the bench at his feet with one hand, and the stupid pillar was hit in the body and flew back upside down!

Smash a large piece with the trend.

"Who dares to be presumptuous!"

Everyone was shocked by Li Xiangdong, who was like a god of war.

"Whoever does it again, I'll beat his brain pulp out, believe it or not?"

Zhang Hongxia covered her chest in fear.

She could never have imagined that everyone would dare to besiege.

Fortunately, Li Xiangdong is there.

Otherwise, I am afraid that I will lie down and go out today.

In the past, she had cleaned up the rogues who wanted to do it, but she didn't expect that the whole hospital was complicit!

But Zhang Hongxia is not a big one.

I used to kill small days.

"Stop! Whoever does it again, I will take back the house today and let him enter the detention center!" "

Zhang Hongxia looked at Yi Zhonghai, "Let you help manage the courtyard, is that how it is managed?" "

There was chaos just now, but Zhang Hongxia didn't see the three of them make a sound, let alone help pull the fight.

On the contrary, it also fanned the flames.

Otherwise, it would not have been the current situation.

Yi Zhonghai already had confidence at this time.

Anyway, the rest of the courtyard is already tied to the same boat.

Even if it is the director of the street office, he is not panicking now.

Yi Zhonghai approached Zhang Hongxia and said in a low voice.

"Lady, I advise you not to get involved with Li Xiangdong anymore."

"Otherwise, it would be unjust."

"If we complain and report together, you will not be guaranteed later!"

Zhang Hongxia's eyes widened and she looked at Yi Zhonghai in disbelief.

"You, you!"

Zhang Hongxia, who was angry, fainted.

A mocking smile appeared at the corner of Yi Zhonghai's mouth, but it quickly converged, pretending to be concerned, "Big lady, big lady, are you okay?" Come, send the eldest lady to the hospital. Tie Li Xiangdong! "

Li Xiangdong smiled, and he heard all of Yi Zhonghai's words.

Is it already so bottomless?

Okay, I really thought that a group of beasts that were inferior to hyenas could fight against the king of the steppe.

Li Xiangdong pinched Yi Zhonghai's neck, and Yi Zhonghai, who was more than a hundred pounds, was picked up like a chicken, and his face was quickly engorged, and the red oozed people!

Yi Zhonghai's eyes widened, unable to believe that Li Xiangdong dared to make a move in this situation.

Yi Zhonghai, who was picked up, kept struggling, kicking his feet and gradually rolling his eyes.

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