Liu family.

Liu Haizhong ate scrambled eggs and took a sip of wine.

The two brothers, Liu Guangtian and Liu Guangfu, also wanted to grab a piece to taste, but as soon as they stretched out their chopsticks, they were opened.

Eggs for five cents are a delicacy for one person in bangs.

But today there is one more dish on the table.

Cabbage pork.

The shiny pork on the surface makes people want to drool when they see it.

Liu Guangtian said without hesitation, "Dad, there is meat to eat today, why don't you even divide us with eggs." "

"Did you spend money? Have the ability to earn it yourself. "

The second aunt persuaded, "Either let the two of them eat some cabbage and taste the meat." "

"It's okay to eat. But there is one more thing to say in advance before eating. "

"What's going on?"

"Li Xiangdong."

The expressions of the two brothers changed, and a trace of fear flashed in their eyes!

Liu Haizhong frowned, reaching out to hit, "Look at the two of you." He is all in the game, what are you afraid of? "

Liu Guangfu muttered, "The Jia family is in the hospital, and the stupid pillar is also lying down, and the eldest master was almost strangled, who is not afraid of him." "

Remembering that Yi Zhonghai almost died, Liu Haizhong was also a little scared.

But what he was afraid of was not Li Xiangdong's violence, but Li Xiangdong's eyes when he pinched Yi Zhonghai.


It is a disregard for life.

Ordinary people don't even dare to strangle a chicken or duck.

But Li Xiangdong's expression was clear that he did not regard Yi Zhonghai as a person.

It's like watching your prey dying.

Even before the prey dies, it is necessary to play with it.

Gather your emotions in your bangs and try to keep your mood stable.

"Li Xiangdong was arrested, but this matter is not over. Director Zhang is still in the hospital, so you two will visit after eating. "

"We don't know her well, and she probably doesn't know us both."

"Isn't it ripe to go twice?"

"No, Dad, she's going to remove you from your post today, and you still let us go."

"You know a fart. The vision is bigger, her power is not small, Lao Yi completely offended her today, but I didn't. Understand? "

"Then why don't you go alone?"

"I'm not suitable, and it's good for you. If she's happy, it's not hard to get the two of you into the street. "

The two brothers looked at each other and said in unison, "Let's go." "

Liu Guangfu rubbed his hands, "Dad, we can't go empty-handed." "

"Buy something." He pulled out two dollars in his bangs and pulled out another one.

"Dad, isn't one piece missing."

"One piece is still less, can you two add up to earn one piece a day? Hurry up and find a formal job, don't steal chickens and dogs all day. "

Liu Guangtian's face turned red, "We don't have it, dad, don't talk nonsense." "


A large chestnut was rewarded in the bangs.

"Hurry up to eat, go quickly after eating, don't say it's going to the hospital when you meet someone."

Liu Guangtian, who was struck in the head, dared to be angry and did not dare to speak, and after accepting a dollar, he picked up a white-faced steamed bun and ran.

Liu Guangfu immediately grabbed the last one and ran away.

So angry that he threw chopsticks in his bangs, "Mess with things!" Didn't show up. "


As soon as Liu Guangtian ran out the door, he bumped into Xu Damao, who was walking in front of him.



"Xu Damao, you won't look at the way."

To Liu Guangtian's surprise, Xu Damao climbed up without saying a word, and entered his house without looking back.

Before it was changed, it must have been arguing twice.

"Xu Damao's brain won't be broken by Li Xiangdong, right?"

"I don't know if my brain is broken, anyway, there is one missing front tooth."

"Hehe, no wonder you don't like to talk, your speech leaks."

"Let's go, go early and return early, and the rest of the money will buy some wine to drink."

"Then it's better to drink some before going."

The two brothers smiled in silence and left the compound happily.

Xu Damao, who had just returned to the house, kept gasping for breath, then blocked the door, did not turn on the light, and lay on the bed like this.

In the dark room, Xu Damao showed a weird smile.


The middle courtyard was the quietest, and there was no one in the Jia family.

Silly Zhu had a bandage on his right hand, and from time to time there was a burst of pain in his arm, cursing in a low voice.

"Oh! Gou Ri's Li Xiangdong. "

"Crack the arms of labor and management!"

"Sooner or later clean you up."

In the next room, Yi Zhonghai's neck wrapped around his headscarf.

But where it is inadvertently exposed, you can still see a trace of dark blue.

The eldest aunt said worriedly, "What should I do? What to do? "

"Don't keep asking what to do, you're bored."

The aunt closed her mouth, but after a while, she whispered "what to do?"

The director of the street office is already a very big official for the residents of the courtyard.

The kind with real power.

Now Zhang Hongxia is in the hospital, if she wakes up, the accountability will be finished.

Yi Zhonghai's face was gloomy, and he knew this too.

But the words have already been spoken, and there is no way to take them back.

At this point, a choice must be made.

"I'll go out and you'll stay home."

"Where are you going?"

"Why ask so much. No matter who came to me, they all said that we were right, and everything was Li Xiangdong's fault. "

Yi Zhonghai explained and left the courtyard in a hurry.

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