After Liu Guangtian and the two brothers learned of Zhang Hongxia's cerebral infarction, they happily returned home.

The two of them knew it.

Visit, send some fruit, and it's impossible to really change to a good job.

Zhang Hongxia suffered a stroke and fell into a coma, which is the best result.

It will not be settled after the autumn for the time being, and Li Xiangdong will not think of it in a short time.

They may even be twisted directly to a detention center.

That's not everyone's happy.

The two also ate fruit on the way back.

Zhang Hongxia was in a coma, and the fruit was also put away, so it was better to eat it for herself.

Usually, the two of them are reluctant to spend money on fruit.

When the two returned home, they found that Liu Haizhong had been sitting in the living room waiting.

"How did it take so long?"

"Dad, good news!"

"What good news?"

"Zhang Hongxia was so angry that she had a stroke, hahahaha"

"yes, now I'm in a coma again."

Liu Haizhong was stunned when he heard this, "Really? "


Liu Haizhong looked a little disappointed and a little happy.

But after smelling the alcohol on the two of them, he frowned, "You guys drank?" "

"I met a friend on the way back and went for a drink."

The two brothers did not dare to say that they spent half of the money to buy wine, and the other half also went into their stomachs.

Otherwise, you will be beaten up one by one.

Lying is already a common thing.

Liu Haizhong said suspiciously, "Shouldn't you two have gone and taken the money for drinking?" "

"Going, really going! The nurse also said that he could not visit the patient after nine o'clock. "

"Then when will Zhang Hongxia wake up?" Do you wake up conscious? "

"I didn't say this, but I heard her say it was quite serious."

Liu Haizhong nodded and waved his hand, "Go to sleep." "

The two brothers walked in, both with smiles on their faces.

So cool tonight!

Liu Haizhong sat for a while, walked to the middle courtyard, and gently knocked on Yi Zhonghai's door.

"Lao Yi, Lao Yi, did you sleep?"

After a while, there was no movement in the house.

Liu Haizhong muttered, "Such a big thing happened, and I slept so peacefully, my heart is really big." "

The aunt behind the door listened to the footsteps and gradually faded away, and only then did the hanging heart land.

Then he went to the window, quietly opened a crack, and looked in the direction of the door.

It's like waiting for someone to come back.


The aunt, who had not slept all night, had bloodshot eyes and a pale face.

When everyone went to work, they didn't see their husbands come back.

Without the intention to make breakfast, the eldest aunt waited for nearly an hour, and finally couldn't sit still.

Hurriedly left the courtyard to find Yi Zhonghai.

I didn't look around.

The eldest mother rushed to the hospital.

Just happened to bump into Qin Huairu, who came out to buy breakfast.

"Huairu, have you seen our family Lao Yi?"

"Uncle? I didn't see it. "

Qin Huairu's eyes were also bloodshot.

Last night, the stick terrier cried out in pain all night, and she stayed with her for the whole night.

Jia Dongxu, who slept for one night, went to work, and she came out to buy something to eat for Jia Zhang and the stick terrier.

Auntie was even more worried.

"By the way, how's the stick terrier? Are you okay? "

Qin Huairu shook his head with a bitter expression, "The hand is connected, but it may be disabled." "

"It's so serious! All blame Li Xiangdong, what clips to put in the house. "

Qin Huairu didn't speak.

Does she hate Li Xiangdong?


But she only learned last night why the stick terrier went to Li Xiangdong's room.

She hated herself even more for not discipline the good terrier.

Jia Zhang and Jia Dongxu, who hate spoiling and teaching bad stick terriers.

Fortunately, the hand took it back, although it will have an impact in the future, and I can't do heavy work.

But there is nothing wrong with life.

The matter of compensation was discussed last night, but Qin Huairu felt that it was difficult to ask for money from Li Xiangdong.

She didn't know what to do.

Only turn to others.

"Auntie, our family stick terrier hurt like this. Li Xiangdong will compensate us, right? "

"You'll definitely have to pay. Didn't you say that they were all left disabled? "

"Yes, it will be difficult to find a daughter-in-law in the future, and it will be difficult to find a job."

"This is serious! Gotta get him to pay more. "

"Then we have to trouble you to tell our grandpa that my mother-in-law asked Li Xiangdong for money, and she was beaten."

The eldest aunt stood on Qin Huairu's side, but when she thought that Jia Zhang's mouth would ask for five hundred yuan and a suite, it was difficult to support.

"You guys discuss it yourself, if there is too much, Li Xiangdong will not necessarily compensate. And he's in the game now. "

Qin Huairu sent the stick terrier to the hospital yesterday, and did not witness what happened next.

I only listened to what Jia Zhangshi said.

"Li Xiangdong went in, he should lose us money, right?"

"I can't say well, you guys wait. Or go to the police station yourself and ask about the situation. "

"Okay, then I'll take a look."

"By the way, did our family Lao Yi look for you last night?"

"Nope. Yesterday, I saw Xu Damao coming. "

"Xu Damao? What is he mixing with again. The eldest mother frowned, "You stay away from Xu Damao, this guy is not a good thing." I went first. "

"Okay, thank you, Auntie."

Qin Huairu looked at the eldest aunt leaving in a hurry, feeling that something was wrong.

Uncle seems to have had an accident.

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