Li Xiangdong walked out of the gate of the police station and walked towards Chen Xueru, who was bright and dignified not far away.

"It's over?"

"Not yet."

"I helped you this time, how are you going to repay me?"

"Make a promise."

Chen Xueru took a sip, "Who is rare." "

"You are not rare, then I will find someone else."

"You dare!"


Li Xiangdong hugged Chen Xueru and kissed her forehead, startling the latter.

"To die, you, so many people, be careful to arrest you."

"Yesterday was the first and last."

Chen Xueru looked around and pulled Li Xiangdong to the corner.

Then wrapped his hands around Li Xiangdong's waist and said softly, "Don't be like this next time, it's scary." "

"Don't worry, it won't."

"How can I rest assured, Yuquan Mountain..."

"Don't worry. Already solved. "

"Solved?" Chen Xueru was stunned.

"Well, those two are bandits, and if they are killed, they will be killed."


"Or I'll go get the wanted warrant to show you."

"No, it's okay. I haven't slept well for a while, but now I can finally sleep more soundly. "

Li Xiangdong touched Chen Xueru's soft hair, "Okay, go back and rest well, you didn't sleep last night." "

"What about you?"

"I still have to go back and do something."

"Be careful."

"No one hurt me, don't worry. By the way, this dress fits perfectly, and when it is empty, help me make another set. Li Xiangdong patted his new clothes and smiled.

"The second set is going to collect money."

"You can say as much as you want."

"That's what you said, don't regret it."

"No remorse."

Bidding farewell to Chen Xueru, Li strode east towards the courtyard.

Halfway there, I met my bangs.

"Second Uncle, are you in such a hurry to turn yourself in?"

Liu Haizhong was scared to take two steps back, "What to turn yourself in, I didn't commit a crime." "

"Don't you have one? Think for yourself. "

"You caught Lao Yi?"

"Well, he said he was waiting for you to go in and accompany him."


Liu Haizhong took two steps back again, "Impossible. "

"If you don't believe me, ask yourself. In addition, you are also the steward of the courtyard, or the second uncle, and the responsibility is second only to the first uncle. "

"I, I didn't do anything."

"When my aunt died, why didn't you, as the steward, come forward?"

"No one wants to say it, what can I do." Liu Haizhong defended, "Even if I really have responsibility, at most remove me from my position as a steward, why arrest me." "

Li Xiangdong is approaching step by step!

"By what? Let me ask you, were you present when Yi Zhonghai instigated everyone? "


"You what you!" Li Xiangdong's eyes widened, "Why didn't you stop it?" Or do you have a good relationship with Yi Zhonghai? "

"I don't, it's all done by Lao Yi, it has nothing to do with me."


"Really! I swear! "

Li Xiangdong nodded, "Give you a day to explain it yourself." If you don't go before sunset tomorrow, I'll catch you myself, don't say I didn't give you time. "


"Get out of the way, I'll go find Yan Bugui now." He is the same, you yourself think clearly, if he explains first, then it will be different from yours, and you will bear the consequences! "

The bangs were so frightened that his legs went limp, and he slumped on the ground.

It took a long time to come to his senses.

He had also wanted to go to the police station to see the situation.

But now I don't dare to go at all, for fear of throwing myself into the net.

So I stayed outside for a while before returning to the courtyard.

He thought about it and felt that something was a little wrong.

According to Li Xiangdong's character, if he can really be caught, he will be arrested directly with a high probability.

Instead of saying anything, let him turn himself in and explain the problem.

After thinking carefully, Liu Haizhong came to a conclusion.

Zhang Hongxia should only mention Yi Zhonghai, so she directly arrested Yi Zhonghai.

And did not mention the other people in the yard.

Otherwise, it will be fine.

After figuring it out, Liu Haizhong was very angry, and was almost tricked by Li Xiangdong into going to the police station to explain the problem.

Back in the courtyard, Liu Hai Zhongma sensed that the atmosphere was not right.

Liu Haizhong walked into Yan Bugui's house and found that the latter was actually drinking.

Usually Yan Bugui does not drink alcohol at all, and generally rubs a little alcohol when some rub, but there is no alcohol addiction.

It won't cost money to buy alcohol to drink.

"Old Yan, what's wrong with this? Borrow wine to pour sorrows. "

"Li Xiangdong is back."

With a bang in the center of the bangs, could it be that Li Xiangdong is really looking for Yan Bugui?

"What did he say?"

Yan Bugui took a sip of wine, and the spicy white wine made him frown.

"He didn't look for you?"

Liu Haizhong was a little hesitant, not knowing what to say, he wanted to set things up.

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