Yan Bugui put down the wine glass, and when he saw the expression in the bangs, he knew that Li Xiangdong must have also looked for the bangs.

He now regrets that on the day Li Yulan died, he didn't let his two sons help.

Otherwise, there would not be so much trouble.

But this is the end of the matter, regret is useless.

Liu Haizhong sat and wanted to pour a glass, but the wine bottle was taken away by Yan Bugui.

"It's all done, don't be so petty."

Yan Bugui held the wine bottle and put it back in the cabinet.

"What's going to happen to this?"

"Isn't Li Xiangdong looking for you? What are you going to do? "

"What? Did I do anything? At that time, when you surrounded Zhang Da Niang, I also persuaded me to fight. "

"Don't talk nonsense! I don't. "

"Alas, it doesn't matter if there is any. Who let us both be stewards in the courtyard. "

"It's not what we instigated, it's all old and easy to do." Why should we help him take responsibility. "

"What do you mean?" Yan Bugui narrowed his eyes and said.

"Old Yan, don't pretend either. Could it be that you are willing to help him carry the pot? Your job is gone? "

"I just said it all. In short, I persuaded that on the day Li Xiangdong came, I also asked Xie Cheng and Jiefang to help, but I didn't expect Li Xiangdong to send people away directly. "

"Hehe," Liu Haizhong smiled, "I also said that I also let Guangtian and Guangfu help that day." "


"What I said is also true."

The two glared at each other, and then both sighed.

"What to do?"

"Are you going to the police station tomorrow?"

"There are classes tomorrow."

"You're not going?"

"I'm not fit to go, I'm too sensitive."

"You don't call this sensitive, this is being a thief with a weak heart."

"Fart! You are just a thief with a weak heart, what is my weak heart? I won't be arrested if you are caught. "

Liu Haizhong was angry when he heard this, and slapped the table and said, "You just fart, why was I arrested." I'll go and make it clear tomorrow. "

"Wait." Yan Bugui stopped the bangs who were about to leave, "What did you go to say?" "

"It's none of my business."

"You went, didn't you have three hundred taels of silver here?"

"So what do you say? It's better to take the initiative to confess than to be caught. "

"This Li Xiangdong, it really is..."

Neither wanted to go.

But they didn't dare not go.

Li Xiangdong's words were not a joke.

Yan Bugui's mouth did not clearly indicate whether he would go tomorrow or not.

But in fact, I was already afraid to death.

In case Li Xiangdong rushed to the school to arrest him, then he would be completely finished!

Otherwise he wouldn't have bought wine to drink.

In fact, I just want to be bold.

The two of them would be so red in the face that they would quarrel, and then sit together with the same illness and sigh.

In the end, they subconsciously did not talk about it.

They had a trace of guilt in their hearts for Yi Zhonghai.

But man does not perish for himself.

You can't put yourself in it because of Yi Zhonghai's fault.

They still have families, jobs, and many more years to live.


Li Xiangdong did not go to the door to look for it one by one.

Only Liu Haizhong and Yan Bugui were found.

He was not afraid of the two sitting together to discuss countermeasures.

Because he knows what the nature of the two is like.

The husband and wife were originally the same forest birds, and they flew separately when the disaster came.

This is still the case with husband and wife, let alone people who are not related by blood at all.

The residents of this yard always put their own interests first.

Maybe not everyone is rotten to the bone, but in most cases they choose to stand idly by.

Some who are afraid of endangering their own interests are even more desperate.

Therefore, Li Xiangdong told Chen Haifeng that it was not difficult to testify.

In the past, Yi Zhonghai's prestige may have been very high.

But once Yi Zhonghai is arrested, the end is already predetermined.

The wall falls and everyone pushes!

Never underestimate what those who do for their own self-interest and safety will do.


At night, the eldest aunt returned to the courtyard tired.

It took her most of the day to hear the news.

And this news left her at a loss.

Yi Zhonghai instigated people, incited emotions, and threatened public officials.

Characterize it as a crime of sabotage.

The consequences are serious!

There is often only one consequence to committing this great sin before.

That's shooting!

There was not even a chance to be exiled to the Great Northern Wilderness to clear the land.

The result has not yet been sentenced, and the aunt is already frightened!

She interceded in the office, but to no avail.

Said to wait for the trial.

So she came back, intending to ask for help from Liu Haizhong.

In the morning, Liu Haizhong said to look for Zhang Hongxia, but there was no news as soon as he went.

She waited in the house for a long time, and she didn't see a figure in her bangs.

The eldest aunt felt wrong, and hurried back with her body propped up.

She did not enter the drip for a day, but she saw Liu Haizhong eating scrambled eggs and drinking small wine as usual.

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