Yan Bugui and Liu Haizhong were both afraid and happy.

Yi Zhonghai's verdict came down the next day.

The crime of sabotage.

And it will be executed in three days.

The people of the courtyard were terrified!

The eldest aunt went to Zhang Hongxia, but no, no one could see her.

They also have no relatives, so they can only ask the people in the yard for help.

She has also been waiting for Yan Bugui, who received her money, to find someone to rescue Yi Zhonghai.

I didn't wait for good news.

But waiting for the bad news that Yi Zhonghai is going to be shot!

When I heard the news for the first time, my aunt fainted directly.

When I wake up, I go to the front yard.

As a result, the Yanbu nobleman was not there.

Said to help, but more like avoiding her.

Not only Yan Bugui was avoiding her, but the whole courtyard was avoiding her, even Silly Zhu.

It was as if she was a plague and would be cursed when she touched it.

The eldest aunt couldn't wait for Yan Bugui, and went to the backyard to find bangs.

I didn't even think that I wouldn't even let in the door this time.

Liu Haizhong stood at the door and looked at the aunt coldly.

The verdict has come down, and he no longer has to deliberately disguise.

What is more important now is not to be implicated by Yi Zhonghai.

"Sister-in-law, why are you still looking for me? In the past two days, I have seen Lao Yi a few times. "

Looking at the bangs whose attitude has changed greatly, the eldest mother is very angry in her heart.

"Liu Haizhong, in the past, our family was not thin on you, and I recommended you to be the second uncle. Now that something happened to him, you just stood by and watched, do you still have a little conscience? "

"Well, you're saying that wrong. My position as a steward is given by the street, not by the old man. The street office asked us to manage the courtyard well, and as a result, Lao Yi regarded himself as the emperor of the soil. "

"Everything in the courtyard is decided by the three of you together."

"Oh, the little things are his decision, and the big things are also his decisions. When will it be our turn? And he shouldn't have gone against the street, that was openly against Zheng Yan! There is no ideological consciousness at all. "

"In the middle of the bangs!" Auntie gritted her teeth and said, "I can see through you, wolf heart dog lung thing." The three great masters are good to help me run the relationship, you will only fall into the well! Sooner or later, you're going to be finished. "


The bangs laughed, and the tears were about to burst out.

"You said Lao Yan? Hahahaha, laugh at me, you go and see what the hell he is doing. "

"What do you mean?"

"It's not interesting." Liu Haizhong's face turned cold, "Don't come to me, for the sake of the old neighbor, I will send Lao Yi the last ride." "

"Bah!!" The eldest aunt spat into her bangs, "I don't need you to send it!" "


Liu Haizhong directly closed the door, and did not care about the abuse outside.

"Alas." The second aunt sighed, "Why did it come to this point." "

"This is self-inflicted, if it weren't for Lao Yi, he would have swelled and could have done this? Your mental consciousness should also be raised. "

"What do you say I do?"

"I'm telling you not to do stupid things, what's the situation now! You still have pity on people, you want me to go eat guns together!" "

"I, I didn't say that."

"A bit of a brain. Don't talk to her, wait and be relied on. "

"I know." The second aunt said in a low voice, "Yi Zhonghai is dead, so have you become a grandfather?" "

"Fart's uncle, Zhang Hongxia has already removed the three of us stewards."

"Huh? So what to do? "

"Let's wait a while, it is estimated that there will be a replacement."

"Who is it?"

"You can change anyone, not Li Xiangdong."

"But Li Xiangdong is so young."

"Now it is popular to be a young steward, you look at Zhang Hongxia's nephew, so young is already the deputy director of the street office, and he should be able to mix with it in two years." Liu Haizhong said enviously.

After this incident, he can also be regarded as seeing clearly.

On weekdays, he was called "Second Uncle" in the courtyard, but in fact, he had no rights at all.

If there is something to blame.

Liu Haizhong hit the idea on the security section of the rolling mill.

Recently, he heard that someone gave Director Li a gift and took a good position.

He saved some money in recent years and planned to give it a try.

If you can mix a small leader, it will be much more majestic than the "second master".

And there are so many people who live in the rolling mill in the yard, they will still have to listen to him in the future.

Liu Haizhong no longer thinks about Yi Zhonghai's affairs.

It's too late to hide, who will get together.


The eldest aunt scolded outside the door for a long time, and the door did not open when she was tired of scolding.

Thinking of what Liu Haizhong said just now, he buried his head and walked to the front yard.

But the door was actually locked, and it was locked from the inside.

Auntie thoroughly understands what it means to go to tea and cold.

What made her most angry was that Yan Bugui also lied to her, collected money but did not do anything.

Now he is even more avoiding her.

The angry aunt began to drop things in the yard.

Picked up the flower pot that Yan Bugui picked up and threw it towards the gate of Yan's house.


The pots are falling apart!

But the door still didn't open.

The courtyard was also broken at this moment like a broken flower pot.

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