The deaf old lady was so angry that Li Xiangdong trembled!

Without crutches, I could only walk slowly back to the courtyard.

But if you look closely, you will find that there is actually no problem without the old lady's feet.

The middle courtyard has already hung up the white aya, and the spiritual hall has been arranged.

Liu Haizhong and Yan Bugui saw the deaf old lady returning, her face was extremely ugly, and she hesitated whether to step forward.

Originally, they didn't plan to help decorate the spiritual hall today.

They are all waiting for the news of Yi Zhonghai's execution.

But in the morning, the deaf old lady knocked on the door one by one with a cane and drove them out to help.

I didn't even go to class, and I had to stay in the courtyard.

If you don't go to work, you will be paid today.

But everyone dared to be angry and did not dare to speak, because this is the "ancestor" of the courtyard.

Greater authority than Yi Zhonghai!

But it is not difficult to see from the face of the deaf old lady that everything is over!

He's dead.

Really dead.

The central plot of bangs is somewhat complicated.

No one could have imagined that such a thing would happen.

Everything was too sudden!

It can only be said that Yi Zhonghai floated and provoked people who shouldn't be messed with, it was too inflated!

Liu Haizhong looked at the photo of Yi Zhonghai in the middle of the spiritual hall, and couldn't help but sigh secretly.

"Lao Yi, you go all the way!"

Yan Bugui had a dark blue on his face, which looked like he had been beaten with a wooden stick.

"Lao Yi, go well."

The eldest mother walked into the spiritual hall with a pot of ashes like a walking corpse.

Then he cried.

She didn't even see the last of Yi Zhonghai.

The prisoners who were shot were somewhat horrible after death, so they were all in the form of cremation.

Families can only receive ashes.

The aunt holding the ashes suddenly lost her voice and cried!

Yan Bugui couldn't help but say, "Sister-in-law, mourning is smooth. "

The eldest aunt turned back suddenly, and her fierce eyes startled Yan Bugui.

Yan Bugui is not leaving, and it is not if he does not go.

He was worried that if he stayed here, he would be beaten by the deaf old lady again.

My face still hurts.

Yan Bugui subconsciously looked at the deaf old lady, but found that the crutches were gone.

This is also found in the bangs.

"Old lady, where did your crutches go?"

"It was broken by Li Xiangdong."


The two were shocked!


"He didn't bully you, did he? Are there any injuries? "

"Damn Li Xiangdong, even you dare to make a move, it's too unbelievable!"

The deaf old lady said in a deep voice, "What's more, he still wants the life of this dead old woman of mine!" "


The expressions of the two changed again and again, and it was difficult to be shocked!

"Did he really say that?"

"Does Li Xiangdong really think that no one can cure him?"


The deaf old lady glanced at the two obliquely, "Don't talk about it, go and arrest people." "


The two instantly looked like ducks pinched by the neck.

"Old lady, how can I catch him with this small body." Yan Bugui took a step back and let his bangs out.

Bigger bangs also dare not.

But he saw with his own eyes that Li Xiangdong kicked Jia Dongxu and slapped Jia Zhang.

Even the most capable fool couldn't go through a round in Li Xiangdong's hands.

Although he looks big, he is no different from ordinary people compared to Li Xiangdong.

Having seen Li Xiangdong's fierceness, no one would think of using brute force.

Liu Haizhong began to find himself under the steps.

"Li Xiangdong has already entered the security department, it's not easy to arrest people." And if there is no reason to arrest him, he will definitely not give in. "

"Are you scared by him?! Something that didn't work! "

The deaf old lady subconsciously wanted to hit the ground with a crutch, only to find that the crutch had been broken, and she had not picked it up in the Nansha tube.

The two of them did not dare to refute in the scolded bangs.

Keep your head down and scold obediently.

At least he will not lose a piece of meat if he is scolded, but if he casually catches Li Xiangdong, he may be beaten one by one with his backhand, and he will have to be arrested.

Liu Haizhong had already inquired that Li Xiangdong not only entered the security section, but also became the deputy chief of the security section.

He doubted whether Li Xiangdong and Director Li were distant relatives.

He gave the money from the sale of pork to Director Li and bought a position as a deputy section chief.

Liu Haizhong also wanted to check this matter.

But now you have to deal with the old lady first.

If the old lady could really deal with Li Xiangdong, he wouldn't mind making a move.

If it weren't for Li Xiangdong, his position as steward would not have been removed.

Liu Haizhong lowered his posture, "Old lady, we can't help it." Li Xiangdong has the right to arrest people, and Zhang Hongxia supports him, and we can't help Lao Yi if we want to. "


A cup smashed at the feet of Liu Haizhong and frightened Liu Haizhong and Yan Bugui!

"Did you help? me! You are not welcome either! ! "

The eldest aunt got up and pushed the two until she threw them out the door.

The deaf old lady got up and stopped the eldest aunt.

"Okay, don't worry. I'll get justice. "

Liu Haizhong and Yan Bugui glanced at each other and left quietly.

In the huge spiritual hall, there were only two people left.

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