While the residents of the courtyard were waiting for a feast, Li Xiangdong was already eating a big meal in Fengzeyuan.

The famous rice restaurants in Sijiu City are basically opened by Qilu people.

Among them, the most famous is Fengze Garden.

Every generation has a celebrity chef at the helm.

This generation happens to be Mou Changxun at the helm.

Silly Zhu's cooking skills are good, and later he is the best chef in the Red Star Rolling Mill, winning the appreciation of the leader.

But it is completely incomparable with Mou Changxun.

The gap is too big.

Li Xiangdong had eaten the pot wrapped meat made by silly pillars before, and although the seasoning was a little less, it was indeed a little worse.

Today, Li Xiangdong specially asked Mou Changxun to take the helm.

The taste is a must!

Crystal clear fillets of rotten fish that tremble but do not break when clamped, and melt in the mouth.

The brightly colored grilled sea cucumber with green onions is not juicy when you see the juice, and it is tender and muscular.

Braised mullet eggs with moderate sour and spicy, slightly spicy in sour, slightly sour in spicy in spicy in spicy manner.

One word.

Break off!

Li Xiangdong himself is a master cook, but he still sighs to himself!

No wonder it's a culinary master comparable to a national treasure!

Li Xiangdong ate happily and ate with relish.

Chen Xueru, who was dressed in a blue and white cheongsam beside her, smiled with her eyebrows and behaved elegantly and charmingly!

"It's the first time I've seen someone like you, going to Nansha to watch the execution in the morning, and coming to Fengzeyuan to eat in the evening."

"Hahaha," Li Xiangdong laughed heartily, "Happy today!" "

"Then have another drink."

Chen Xueru took a bottle of 3 yuan a bottle of bamboo leaf green and continued to serve wine.

The two clinked glasses.

Li Xiangdong drank it all in one go!

Chen Xueru took a sip of her ears, and her face turned red.

This is already the third bottle.

Rao is that she drinks well, but she is also a little unbearable.

Li Xiangdong is too strong.

Drinking alcohol is like drinking water.

The two bottles were down, the face did not change in the slightest, and the eyes did not float.

Twenty-eight yuan for a meal, half a month's salary for ordinary people.

The reason why Li Xiangdong is happy is not only because the moral Tianzun is dead.

He also received a diamond chest.

Coupled with the previous "fishing and hunting", the stick terrier stole something and broke his hand, and obtained a gold treasure chest.

On this happy day, he opened both treasure chests.

The harvest was unexpected.

【Golden Chest】Reward music mastery!

He now has an absolute sense of sound and his singing skills have improved dramatically.

The reward of the [Diamond Chest] made him even more overjoyed!

【Holy Hand of Chinese Medicine】!

All kinds of Chinese and Western medical theories are well understood, and familiar with various herbal formulas.

Whether it is acupuncture or medical surgery, you can perform it yourself.

Solving incurable diseases is also not a problem.

Li Xiangdong just wants to say that it is worthy of being a diamond-level treasure chest!

And he now has a rough inference.

The reward level of the chest should be the execution of the prey and how he disposes of it.

When the two are superimposed, the benefits can be maximized.

Once he was fishing in the moat.

But that time he only obtained the bronze treasure chest, and opened a very chicken ability, which was completely useless.

So either hunt large prey, or like this one.

Li Xiangdong already had several candidates in his heart.

All the sins committed are enough to be shot.

He is not in a hurry now, wait for things to ferment first.

Whether it is a deaf old lady or the Jia family, they will not give up.

But the more so, the happier Li Xiangdong is!

Dogs jump off walls in a hurry.

People will go crazy when they are forced to rush!

Just add fire at the right time.

At that time, there will naturally be prey sent to the door.

"What are you thinking? A bad look. "

Li Xiangdong came back to his senses, "I was wondering where I slept tonight." "

"You're not going back?"

"In the past few days, there will definitely be condolences in the yard, noisy people, and they can't sleep well."

"So you sleep in a guest house? I don't have that big bed for you to sleep in. "

"Is it? How do I remember that you had a carved bed in your house. "

Chen Xueru's eyes flowed, "I want to sleep there, dream!" "

"If you don't take me in, I'll find someone else."


"So where are you letting me sleep?"

"You have to make sure first."

"No, I can't do things that are inferior to animals and animals."

Chen Xueru was slightly stunned, then reacted and lightly punched Li Xiangdong's strong chest.

"You're dead!!"


Li Xiangdong finished settling the account and left with his arm around Chen Xueru.

But he was stopped shortly after he went out.

Chen Xueru, who had just been a bird, changed her expression and was overbearing, "Who are you?" "

Li Xiangdong patted Chen Xueru's jade hand, "It's okay." Own people, I'll take a trip. "

Chen Xueru's expression slowed slightly, "Then I'll wait for you to come back." "

"It's so anxious."

"Go quickly, go early and return early."

Li Xiangdong nodded and said to the person who stood in the way, "Lead the way." "

Then Li Xiangdong got into the jeep on the side of the road and walked away.

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