Li Xiangdong took a car to a compound on Xinwai Street.

There are armed guards at the door, and a pass is required to enter the compound.

Li Xiangdong came for the first time, but there was no nervousness on his face.

He was invited, and he was not a crime.

However, Yang Wangping and Zhou Yunguang's level was probably higher than he thought.

Entering at the entrance of the compound, a straight road stretches to the west.

On both sides are gray buildings.

Green bricks and gray tiles, tall and large.

Much better than the courtyard.

There are nearly twenty buildings in the compound, some for offices and some for dormitories.

Li Xiangdong saw several placards, and finally realized that he had come somewhere.


It scares people to say it.

Finally, the car stopped in Building 13.

Li Xiangdong was taken to the third floor.

After entering the door, he saw Zhou Yunguang and Yang Wangping playing chess.

"Xiao Li is here, come to replace me, I'll go to the toilet." Zhou Yunguang beckoned.

"It's useless to ask Xiao Li for help, it's already a dead end." Yang Wangping took a slow sip of tea.

Li Xiangdong walked to the table and carefully looked at the chess game for a while.

It is indeed deadlocked.

But there may not be no way to break the game.

Rise from the ashes.

Only one cart and one horse remained, and Li Xiangdong used the horse general first.

"It's useless, he won't die."

Li Xiangdong ignored Zhou Yunguang and directly ate the taxi.

But the horse also died.

Zhou Yunguang shook his head and said, "It's a loss." "

But Li Xiangdong still didn't say a word, and moved the shuai a step.

Yang Wangping, who was sitting firmly on the fishing platform, changed his face.

At this time, he saw Li Xiangdong's intentions.

As long as the car is directly pounded into the base camp, handsome and the car cooperate, his mat is just a death throes.

"I lost."

Yang Wangping leaned back and said with a smile, "I really don't know who taught you such a demon!" Not at all according to the routine. "

"If you can win."

Then a dignified woman brought a cup of tea.

Li Xiangdong stretched out his hand and took it, "Thank you!" "

"Wife." Yang Wangping introduced, "Just call Aunt Xue." "

"Thank you, Aunt Xue."

The woman was a little surprised, and it was rare to see her husband invite young people to the house, and she was obviously very appreciative.

"You're welcome, I'll go wash some fruit, and you guys talk slowly."

Zhou Yunguang gave the two-seater sofa directly to the huge Li Xiangdong.

As soon as the latter sat down, the sofa suddenly sank deeply.

"Be careful not to collapse Lao Yang's sofa."

"Collapse means that it is not durable, just replace it with a new one."


"Don't worry, you don't have to pay if it collapses."

Zhou Yunguang asked, "Is the matter over?" "

"Sort of."

"I heard it was shot, right?"


"There are still some people who hold the early feudal ideology, thinking that they are the emperor of the soil, and this kind of should be shot!"

"It's good to die."

Zhou Yunguang sat up straight, "Those two corpses have already been found, saving us a lot of effort." During the previous pursuit, there were also those who were shot and injured by the two brothers. "

"Where did you come from?"

"Sanjin, killed a family of five, and flowed all the way. Three more people were killed halfway. "

"Full of sin."

"And thank you for justice."

"I just passed by and happened to see it."

Zhou Yunguang smiled and shook his head, "Forget it." You don't want to admit it, and we don't force you. "

After the body was exhumed, the fatal wound on the neck was presumed to be penetrated by a sharp blade.

But not a knife, a sword, more like a sharp arrow.

Combined with Li Xiangdong's identity, it is actually very clear.

However, Zhou Yunguang also knew what Li Xiangdong was worried about, and did not say more.

Trust is slowly built, and the two really deserve to kill.

I found many people who had been to Yuquan Mountain, and I saw Li Xiangdong with a woman.

Still a very beautiful woman.

The story of what happened can probably be deduced.

The cause of the incident also began with Li Xiangdong being arrested and dispatched.

That day, Zhang Hongxia was stunned, and Yi Zhonghai encouraged everyone to point all the spearheads at Li Xiangdong.

So Li Xiangdong persuaded Chen Haifeng to call Zhou Yunguang.

And arrange for someone to go to the hospital on duty to take care of Zhang Hongxia.

When Zhang Hongxia woke up, the truth soon came out.

Li Xiangdong owed favors, and Zhou Yunguang asked Li Xiangdong, who was a hunter, to do him a favor.

Investigate the two bandits who wandered to Four Nine City.

It happened to be the two people killed by Li Xiangdong in Yuquan Mountain.

Since he is a bandit, Li Xiangdong has no worries.

Then he told Zhou Yunguang where the people were buried.

However, Li Xiangdong never admitted that he killed him.

After all, he didn't know.

But everyone knows this.

Even if he really admits it, there will be no big thing, and the other party's intentions are bad first.

It's just that Li Xiangdong directly killed back.

For Li Xiangdong, it not only returned human favors, but also solved worries.

Best of both worlds!

Zhou Yunguang then arranged a task that did not count as a task to Li Xiangdong, and also gave Li Xiangdong a special status as a reward.

Li Xiangdong was very happy, because in this way, the scope of his hunting expanded.

And with the status of a "legal hunter".

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