When night fell, Li Xiangdong did not stay long, got up and prepared to leave.

"Elder Yang, Elder Zhou, I'll go first."

"It's not early." Zhou Yunguang said, "I'm with you." "

"Come and sit down and play chess with our two old men."

"Forget about playing chess, you two stinky chess baskets, it's not interesting to win."

Yang Wangping scolded with a smile, "Roll, next time I find a master to follow you, I have to kill your arrogance." "

Li Xiangdong opened the door, but found a neatly dressed middle-aged man standing at the door, a little thin, but looking like a leader.

But there was a hint of apprehension on his face.

When the middle-aged man saw Li Xiangdong, he couldn't help but be stunned.

Li Xiangdong nodded and went out first.

Then I heard the middle-aged man shout, "Dad." "

But there was no response, Li Xiangdong glanced back, and Yang Wangping turned directly back to the living room.

Aunt Xue walked to the door, "Come back, come in." "

The middle-aged man was relieved and entered the house.


Walking downstairs, Zhou Yunguang explained.

"Just now, it was Lao Yang's son Jianye."


"Well, father and son seem to have very different personalities, but they are actually very stubborn in their bones."

"Most people are stubborn."

"Do you know how many years they haven't spoken? Ten years, a whole decade. Zhou Yunguang shook his head as he spoke.

"Untied now?"

"Not yet, you have to die to save face." It's all your Aunt Xue who is reconcile. "

"Why did Elder Zhou tell me this?"

"You are the first young man Lao Yang to bring home in so many years."

Li Xiangdong was stunned, "Shouldn't you say that I look like Elder Yang's grandson?" "

Zhou Yunguang nodded, "The personality is very similar, brave and resourceful, decisive, but the size is not as big as you." "

"What about Elder Yang's grandson?"

"Sent to the battlefield, this is also the knot that their father and son cannot uncover."

Li Xiangdong roughly understood, and did not know what to say for a while.

The family is righteous.

Everyone is bigger than a small family, but losing a family member is also a heavy blow.


A jeep was already prepared at the door, and Li Xiangdong did not choose to go to Chen Xueru's house.

Some things are not good and involve women too deeply.

So as not to cause trouble.

Li Xiangdong returned to the courtyard.

Two large pale lanterns hung at the gate.

A faint whimper came from the courtyard.

Li Xiangdong strode into the courtyard door.

In the past, there were people sitting in the courtyard chatting and cooling at this point.

But today there was no one, very calm.

Only the rustle of the locust trees in the courtyard was blowing by the wind.

Walking to the middle courtyard, Li Xiangdong saw a big aunt kneeling in front of the spiritual hall to guard the spirit.

The corridor of his house was also hung with white aya.

Li Xiangdong walked under Bai Aya and tore it off.

It has four big characters written on it.

[Don't die well]!

Li Xiangdong sneered, pretending to be a ghostly trick, and was not afraid of being caught.

The sound of Bai Aya being torn attracted the people in the spirit hall.

The eldest aunt held the urn and stared at Li Xiangdong deadly.

Next to him stood a deaf old woman.

If the eyes can kill, Li Xiangdong has probably been cut by a thousand cuts at this time.

Li Xiangdong calmly looked at the two.

Step by step approaching the deaf old lady.

Then put Bai Aya, who wrote "must not die well", in the hands of the deaf old lady and smiled slightly.

Not a word was said.

But Li Xiangdong won.

Went back to the house to sleep, not affected by the cold eyes of the two in the slightest.

The deaf old lady outside the house was holding Bai Aya's hand and trembling continuously.

This is!

"There is actually a face back!"

After the execution ground, she never saw Li Xiangdong.

I thought Li Xiangdong was afraid.

The result is not at all.

She also smelled a faint smell of alcohol on Li Xiangdong's body.

Today is the day Yi Zhonghai was shot, and after watching the killing, he was still in the mood to drink.

The deaf old lady also had a murderous heart at this moment.

The eldest aunt kept staring at Li Xiangdong's door.

"Let's go back first."

"He hasn't bowed down yet."

Auntie's voice was extremely hoarse, like a file slowly sharpening iron, which made people's scalp tingle for a while.

The deaf old lady grabbed her aunt and went back to the house.

"If you don't eat or drink water, how can you take revenge?"

There was a glint in Auntie's eyes.

"Don't worry, I'll make that damn pay."

The aunt, who had not dripped water for two days, finally drank a sip of water, grabbed the steamed bun with her hand and stuffed it into her mouth.

In addition to sadness, there is also a thick resentment in his eyes!

The silly pillars sitting next to them all felt a deep chill!

I'm afraid this is not to die with Li Xiangdong.

"Pillar." The deaf old lady suddenly shouted.


"Warm up for your aunt. Another bowl of white rice was placed in front of Li Xiangdong's house. "

Silly Zhu hesitated, but did it anyway.

Yi Zhonghai died, and the oldest in the courtyard was a deaf old lady.

And the deaf old lady is not thin to him, like to his grandson.

Silly Zhu carefully placed the white rice with chopsticks in front of Li Xiangdong's door.

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