Ying Xiaochang's mouth was full of cigarettes, and for the first time he didn't want to smoke.

I choked on tears, but I had to bear the cough.

He desperately wanted to finish it as soon as possible.

I even wish my brother-in-law could come sooner.

Li Xiangdong seemed to see through Ying Xiaochang's thoughts, and came closer and said.

"Waiting for your brother-in-law?"

"Isn't it strange why he hasn't come yet?"

"Have you ever wondered why?"

"You're just being used as a gunman by him."


Ying Xiaochang didn't want to believe this fact and whimpered, "It's impossible. "

"Oh, believe it or not."

Li turned to Shi Daye to the east and "opened the window for ventilation." "


Shi Daye had long lost his arrogant posture, immediately turned around and opened the window, and pulled to the far side in one breath.

Li Xiangdong waited for the thick smell of smoke to dissipate before entering the door, looking at the messy appearance in the house, he couldn't help frowning.

"Shi Daye."

"Here it is."

Li Xiangdong raised his chin, and the latter immediately noticed and began to pack his things.

The movements are very sharp, and there is no longer the look of the old man smoking.

It's like a horse boy working hard.

Ying Xiaochang finished smoking and ran away.

He waited for a long time, and did not wait for his brother-in-law.

Hurriedly ran to his brother-in-law's house, but was told that Zheng Dafei went out early today.

Ying Xiaochang's face was like ashes, and her sister asked what was wrong, whether she was bullied, and asked Zheng Dafei to help.

But Ying Xiaochang didn't say anything, left angrily, and didn't even go to the factory.

In fact, Zheng Dafei was already in the factory, in Li Xinmin's office.

"Li Xiangdong came to work today?"

"Here, I look at the gate he entered."

"Is it arranged?"

"It's all arranged. Li Xiangdong has such a temper that he will definitely have a conflict with Xiaochang. "

"Li Xiangdong is the deputy section chief, and if he says that Xiaochang does not respect the leader, it is of little use. What I want is for him to go straight away and suffer a little before leaving. "

"It's also arranged. I hid something in his cupboard, hehe. "

Li Xinmin nodded in satisfaction.

This is also why he is willing to reuse Zheng Dafei.

Not entirely courageous, loyal to him and a little clever.

"Do it as soon as possible, I don't want to see him."

"No problem, I'll go over and clean him up later."

"By the way, the surname Wang will retire next year, it's been too long."

"So let him retire this year?" Zheng Dafei tentatively said, "You should also be the deputy director." "

Hearing "deputy plant director", Li Xinmin smiled.

He coveted this position for a long time.

There is more than one deputy director in the plant, but he is not.

The other deputy directors have a bit of a hard background, and some have good friends with him.

Only Deputy Director Wang, who is in charge of personnel, is also his top boss, and intends to give up his position to his family.

Then he didn't know how long he had to wait.

Simply put down Deputy Director Wang, with his operation in the past few years, he can get enough support to become the deputy director.

Li Xinmin waved his hand, "Go." Don't make too much noise. "

"I know."

Zheng Dafei touched his huge bald head and walked out.

In his heart, he thought about how to get Deputy Director Wang down without affecting himself.

This matter is even more important.

But now clean up Li Xiangdong first.

Zheng Dafei clenched his fists, he hadn't beaten anyone in a few days.

Today he is going to beat Li Xiangdong well.

When they first met, Li Xiangdong didn't put him in his eyes at all.

In recent years, the people in the factory have taken a detour when they see him, all of which are the prestige he has accumulated.

I don't know how many stunned blues I don't know.

And there is a lot of oil and water in the security section.

Even if Li Xinmin didn't say it, he couldn't tolerate Li Xiangdong.

One more person, a little more.

Zheng Dafei came to the office of the security section, entered the door and retreated.

That's right.

But how much cleaner it is, it is completely different from before.

"What about people?"

Shi Daye, who was kneeling on the ground and wiping the ground, stood up, "Section, section chief." "

"What are you doing?"

"I'm wiping the floor."

"I know you're wiping the floor, and I asked you why."

"The ground, the ground is not clean."

Zheng Dafei's eyelids twitched, and he stepped forward and grabbed Shi Daye.

"Who let you wipe the floor? What about Xiaochang? What about Li Xiangdong? "

"Brother Xiaochang is gone, I don't know where to go."

"What about Li Xiangdong? Did you beat that bastard in the face? Was Xiaochang also beaten? "

Shi Daye lowered his head, "No, it's not. I fell myself. "

Zheng Dafei felt it and pushed Shi Daye back hard, "Waste! "

Then he turned to look at Li Xiangdong, who was standing at the door.

Li Xiangdong, who was tall, blocked almost the entire door, and the room became a lot darker.

A fierce light flashed in Zheng Dafei's eyes!

Li Xiangdong had a smile on his face, like looking at a prey that stepped into a trap without knowing it.

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