After the district leader left, a factory-wide report criticism about Jia Dongxu's cheating and slippery behavior sounded in the factory.

Liu Haizhong was very surprised after hearing this, and when he inquired at lunch, he knew that it was Li Xiangdong who was arrested.

That's not surprising.

In the eyes of Liu Haizhong, Li Xiangdong is a person who does things without scruples.

It's Jia Dongxu who fell into bad luck!

was actually caught by Li Xiangdong.

Liu Haizhong even suspected that Li Xiangdong was a relative of Director Li.

But what made him wonder was that Li Yulan was dead, and Li Xinmin should also be present to mourn him.

Liu Haizhong thought about it, but decided to report to Li Xinmin.

First, to find out the relationship between the two.

Second, let's see if there is a chance to get promoted and be a small leader.

Now that he has been removed from his position as the steward of the courtyard, he is uncomfortable.

The courtyard is completely run by a deaf old lady.

Taking advantage of the lunch break, Liu Haizhong came to Li Xinmin's office.

"Director Li, hello."

His hair was meticulously combed, and Li Xinmin, who was reading the newspaper, raised his head, "You are?" "

"Hello." Liu Haizhong bent down and smiled, "I am the bangs of the workshop." "

"What's the matter with me?"

"Report a few questions to you."

"You say."

"Our workshop..."

Liu Haizhong picked a few news he heard, combined with touting the leadership policy, and said a bunch of nonsense that was not nutritious but Li Xinmin liked to hear.

"Several problems you reported do exist, and Deputy Director Wang has a bit of an omission in his work."

Liu Haizhong's eyes lit up, "Deputy Director Wang is old, and he occasionally gets confused. It has to be a young and strong fit like you. "

"Where, this is not appropriate."

"Director Li, I don't have any heart, I speak straight, don't be surprised."

"Nope. I see that this old comrade of yours has a very high ideological consciousness and is very capable of leadership. "

Liu Haizhong straightened his waist, "Director, I don't hide from you, there are more than two dozen households, and seven of them work in our factory." "

"There are more than 100 people in the whole hospital, all under my leadership. You know that Xu Damao, the projectionist, who usually respects me very much. "

"There is also an eighth-level fitter Yi Zhonghai, who was also led by me before."

"There is also the kitchen silly pillar, He Yuzhu, the one who makes the best dishes, and it is also led by me."

Li Xinmin raised his hand and interrupted, "Wait, you said Yi Zhonghai is your hospital?" I heard that he had recently been shot, and the director asked about it. "

"Yes. This has to mention another person in our courtyard, Li Xiangdong, who arrested Jia Dongxu today, all from our hospital. "

"Jia Dongxu?"

"Today's factory-wide report criticizes that."

Li Xinmin frowned, "This is against Li Xiangdong, either dead or arrested?" "


Liu Haizhong said while observing the change in Li Xinmin's face.

There was a little muttering in his heart, as if it wasn't what he thought.

"How is Li Xiangdong usually in your courtyard?"

Liu Haizhong felt that Li Xinmin seemed to be a little dissatisfied with Li Xiangdong, so he boldly said, "He, alas, half of the people in the courtyard were beaten by him. "

"Huh? Is there such a thing? "

"Really, just those people I talked about, Xu Damao, Stupid Zhu, and Jia Dongxu have all been beaten by him."

"How is it like a thug, aren't you the leader of the yard? Left alone? "

Liu Haizhong quickly explained, "When he first came, he caught a thief, he knew the people at the police station, and he knew the people from the street office, and I was difficult to deal with, I didn't have much real power." "

Li Xinmin took a deep look at Liu Haizhong.

"Comrade in the bangs."

"Hey." Bangs subconsciously stood up.

"I now appoint you as the deputy captain of the picket team, and if there are comrades who violate the discipline, they will be dealt with seriously."

"Yes!" Liu Haizhong patted his chest and cut to the chase, "I must complete the task arranged by the leader." "

"Then go get busy, but don't make a noise about it. You know? "

"Understood, thank you leader!"

Happy eyebrows in the bangs!

I didn't expect it to really be.

And also the deputy captain of the pickets, the real leader.

The kind that has the power to catch people.

He left the office with his head held high.

After so many years, I finally realized my dream of leadership.

Thinking of Li Xinmin's words just now, Liu Haizhong confirmed one thing.

Li Xinmin is definitely not related to Li Xiangdong, and he is very dissatisfied with Li Xiangdong!

A large part of the reason for making him the deputy captain of the picket team was to pull Li Xiangdong's pigtails.

"Li Xiangdong, you are dead!"

"Hahaha, but I still have to thank you."

Bangs are holding their hands, like a leader's posture.

From this moment on, his life is going to be different.

As long as Li Xiangdong is captured, his position will be stable, and he can still become Li Xinmin's person.

Thinking that he could continue to climb up in the future, his bangs couldn't help but laugh.

But he never thought that his official career would be cut off in a few days.

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