Yi Zhonghai had no choice but to hope for the Yan family and the Liu family.

It's a pity that he doesn't have a son himself, and he originally wanted to let Silly Zhu help with the elderly.

But he never thought that Silly Zhu only had Qin Huairu in his eyes, and now he actually offered his courtesy to Li Xiangdong, who had just arrived.

Now there is no way to hope that the stupid pillar will get the hang of it.

Usually there are tricky things, and he is the last to come out to solve them.

Just now he watched for a while.

But it turned out that things weren't the way he thought.

Li Xiangdong's body is too large and full of deterrence!

As a result, no one dared to come out and resist.

Originally, he thought that the stupid pillar would rush up, and then he would come forward to block it.

But not only did the stupid pillar not make a move, but everyone else also died down.

Yi Zhonghai first glanced at the three great masters Yan Bugui.

The latter looked at Li Xiangdong with a smile, and asked his two sons to collect the wild boar.

Then Yi Zhonghai looked at Liu Haizhong again.

In the whole yard, the strongest is in the bangs, and he likes to beat his son when he has nothing to do.

Use force to show his status, and he likes to fight official language when something happens.

But this bangs were just standing in the crowd, as if they were shorter.

Yi Zhonghai sighed in his heart.

How is it all so stupid!

If you really let Li Xiangdong live in, then you still have to get it?

The days in the courtyard are about to change.

Taking advantage of Li Xiangdong's unpopular support, it is the best policy to hurry away.

Otherwise, the status of the three stewards will definitely not be guaranteed in the future.

Or it was erected by Li Xiangdong.

If they can't deal with Li Xiangdong, the biggest thorn, then where is their prestige?

Yi Zhonghai will never allow this to happen.

After so many years of operation, the courtyard is already his back garden.

Now that someone wants to trample on him in his face, how can it be tolerated?

Yi Zhonghai cut through the crowd, walked to Liu Haizhong and whispered a few words.

Then Liu Haizhong said in a deep voice, "Guangfu, Guangtian, send people to the hospital first." Old Yan, let your two sons help as well. "

Yi Zhonghai took a deep look at Li Xiangdong and followed him out.

But in the other direction.

Originally, he had been controlling things in the courtyard.

But not today.

Li Xiangdong's force value was too high, and he directly suppressed everyone.

The young and strong old and young of the courtyard went together, I am afraid that they would not be able to beat Li Xiangdong.

And that's the worst thing to do.

Even if Li Xiangdong is driven away, those injured may still blame him and rely on him.

Yi Zhonghai would not do such a loss.

So he chose to look for foreign aid.

But it's not a street office.

In recent years, the power of the street office is very large, and even their three "uncles" are subordinates of the street office.

Let three people help manage the courtyard.

However, Yi Zhonghai would never have gone to the street office to deal with this matter.

Because that shows that he is not well managed and incompetent.

Maybe he will be removed from the title of steward.

Although there is no salary, there are actually many hidden benefits to being a steward.

For example, the selection of outstanding young people and the reporting of poor households to receive subsidies and benefits.

These are all controlled by him.

With power in hand, the people of the yard will submit to his hand.

Yi Zhonghai has always considered himself the day of the courtyard.

But Li Xiangdong, who was born out of thin air, directly stabbed the sky with a brutal and unreasonable attitude!

Now he can only turn to the police station.

Directly suppress it by force, and then take it away for a few days.

After the subjugation, everything is done.

His prestige can also be re-established.

To manage the courtyard of nearly a hundred people, he never relied on the value of force, but on brains.

Yi Zhonghai quickened his pace and rushed to the Chengdong Police Station.


In the courtyard.

A few young guys were moving in and out, cleaning the room.

Li Xiangdong was still sitting in the doorway, with a small bag of money in his hand.

Wild boar was divided quite a bit.

A pound of pork outside is seven cents and six, and the price is not particularly expensive.

The reason why it is rare to eat meat twice a year is that there is no meat ticket.

In this era, everything is needed.

Meat tickets, cloth tickets, food stamps, fuel stamps, etc.

Chai, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea, all need a ticket to buy.

Scarce materials such as white noodles and pork are even more difficult to find.

So there is a black market.

Li Xiangdong didn't spend time dealing with the whole wild boar, and he couldn't finish eating it in a short time.

Simply sell meat on the spot.

Three pieces per pound, no meat ticket is required.

Love to buy or not to buy.

Originally, everyone who thought that Li Xiangdong was like a black-faced god was robbing one after another.

What a joke, don't say three pieces a pound, no matter how expensive they will buy.

Just hate yourself for not saving enough.

There is a limit on meat tickets per household.

It's already good to have two taels of meat tickets a month.

When to buy weighing pork can weigh pounds to buy pork, they never dreamed of such a good thing.

Yan Bugui is responsible for helping over, there will never be more points, a lot of meat is not bad.

The best-selling ones are fatty meat, the kind of fat that flows oil.

The meat of wild boar is relatively firm, but this does not prevent people from rushing to buy it.

There is pork to eat, and I wake up laughing at night in my dreams.

What else to do fat and lean.

And the sooner you buy, the better the meat you can pick.

In the interest of fairness, Li Xiangdong announced that there was a limit of three catties per person.

While everyone cheered, they squeezed even more!

More than half an hour later, Yi Zhonghai hurriedly brought the comrades of the police back and found that the atmosphere was a little wrong.

Why did he gather around Li Xiangdong one by one, and when he left just now, wasn't he scared half to death?

In less than an hour, how did it all change as if it were a person?

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