Although Yi Zhonghai sensed that something was wrong, the arrow had to be sent on the string.

He has already gone to report the crime, and there must be a result in this matter.

The injured were sent to the hospital, but many people present saw Li Xiangdong fighting Jia Zhang.

Actions speak louder than words.

With so many witnesses, he did not believe that Li Xiangdong could escape sanctions.

Yi Zhonghai pointed at Li Xiangdong and said, "It was he who knocked out the two residents in our yard, and now they are sent to the hospital for rescue." "

Li Xiangdong naturally also saw Yi Zhonghai, and he really went back more and more alive.

I actually went to the police station to report the crime.

"Are you?"

A surprised voice sounded, and Yi Zhonghai's heart clicked.

The two he brought quickly walked to Li Xiangdong.

"Comrade, it turns out that you live here. Finally found you! "

Chen Haifeng happily grabbed Li Xiangdong, afraid that the person would disappear again.

Li Xiangdong was stunned for a moment, and then reacted.

"What a coincidence."

"Thanks to you, we were able to catch that robber."

"You're welcome, it's all I should do. I can't see the road and pull out the knife to help. "

Seeing the two chatting happily, Yi Zhonghai was dumbfounded.

"Team Chen, this is..."

Chen Haifeng patted Li Xiangdong's sturdy arm and said with a smile, "There was a robbery at Dongzhimen this morning, and it was thanks to his presence that the robber was caught." By the way, I don't know your name yet? "

"Li Xiangdong."

"Good name."

The young police officer who came with him bowed to Li Xiangdong.

"Thank you!"

Li Xiangdong turned sideways, "I didn't do anything either. "

Chen Haifeng said, "Without you, Xiao Wang would definitely have been slashed. Anyway, thank you! "

The crowd of onlookers understood.

In the morning, Li Xiangdong helped catch a knife-wielding robber.

Yan Bugui suddenly thought of the blood stain he saw before, obediently, shouldn't that the blood stain not be a wild boar?

Seeing this, Yi Zhonghai quickly pulled Chen Haifeng.

"Team Chen, the person I'm talking about is him, who beat people into the hospital."

Chen Haifeng was slightly stunned, a little unbelieving.

This morning, Li Xiangdong was still eliminating violence and Anliang, sending people to the hospital in the afternoon, and obediently sitting in the yard waiting for someone to arrest?

And looking at the reactions of the people around him, how can he not be afraid at all, and constantly praise Li Xiangdong.

"Is that really him?"

"That's true! If you don't believe it, just pull someone and ask. "

Chen Haifeng frowned.

But since the Yizhong poster case is over, it must be dealt with.

However, Chen Haifeng's first impression of Li Xiangdong was very good, and it was just an ordinary inquiry.

"Xiangdong, you hit someone?"


"And beat people to the hospital?"


Chen Haifeng's brows furrowed tighter, and Yi Zhonghai's face was delighted.

I don't even fight myself.

No one can save you now.

Chen Haifeng said in a deep voice, "What's going on?" Talk about it carefully. "

"Team Chen, it's like this..." Yi Zhonghai interjected.

"I asked him to say it, but I didn't let you say it."

Yi Zhonghai could only shut up in anger.

Chen Haifeng saw that Li Xiangdong looked calm, not flustered at all, and felt that something was strange.

"One of the people I beat was a thief and the other was a burglary."


"You fart!" Yi Zhonghai couldn't help but shout, "They just took a little pork from you, how did they become thieves and robbers?" Simply ridiculous. "

"Shut up!" Chen Haifeng said sharply.

Yi Zhonghai was interrupted again, wanting to defend something, but was stopped by Cheng Haifeng's eyes.

Li Xiangdong began to explain unhurriedly.

"I came to visit my aunt and brought a wild boar."

"When the result came, my aunt was already gone, and I sent her for cremation."

"But when I came back, the wild boar was gone. What is this not stealing? "

The other residents of the courtyard subconsciously lowered their heads, and their eyes were a little evasive.

If you want to say so, then they are also thieves.

Everyone began to complain in their hearts about Yi Zhonghai, he was sick, why did he call the comrades of the people's police.

Li Xiangdong then said, "The thief took my pork and arrogantly came to the door to threaten me to leave my things behind. "

Chen Haifeng hesitated, "Who robbed you?" "

"Jia Dongxu. It's the family next door. "

"Nonsense." Yi Zhonghai couldn't help it anymore, "Dongxu is so small, how can he rob your things." "

"Then how do you have the audacity to take my pork?"


"In addition, is there anyone who just heard Jia Dongxu shouting in front of my door? Come out one. "

"I hear you."

Da Liu stood up, "What Brother Dong said is true, Jia Dongxu asked Brother Dong to leave the bow and leave quickly, don't want to go back." "

Li Xiangdong spread out his hand, "That's how it happened. "

Chen Haifeng glanced at Li Xiangdong meaningfully, and the latter's personality seemed to be quite the same as he thought.

But things are pretty clear.

Then Chen Haifeng asked several more people, and the answers were the same.

Yi Zhonghai's face was extremely ugly, and he actually resolved it like this.

And also turned the Jia family into thieves and robbers.

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